When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed

Sparkle Reminder: You are Strong The holidays are at their conclusions. Bye 👋🏼 2022.  Hello 2023!!!  I’m so geared up to provide you amazing support in 2023. And although I may be excited.  I acknowledge you may not be and are so exhausted from this year and your life circumstances and challenges.  Dealing with theContinue reading “When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed”

Trauma Signs and Healing — What Are They? | Ep 123

Trauma is an emotional wound that leaves lasting scars on our bodies, minds, and spirits. It can affect anyone at any age, even children.
Learn how to recognize signs of trauma and what to do about it.

7 Steps to Emotional Growth

You may not realize it, but emotions play an important role in your life. They affect everything from your relationships to your career.This is your weekly Sparkle Reminder: Sign up to receive emails every time I post and to receive every Saturday. 

How to Manifest Anything you Desire

In the simplified version manifestation is the intention of bringing what your imagine and desire into reality. This is the same concept as re-reading your past and feeling into the vibration of “I am a victim”….

 What is Projection? and How Narcissists use it to Manipulate| S3 Ep 64

What is projection in narcissistic abuse and how to narcissists manipulate the empath? Narcissists project their errors and flaws onto you, convincing you they are perfect and you need to improve; Tips to deal with projection.

How a Relationship with the Narcissist Wreaks Havoc in the Empath’s life | S3 Ep 62

The emotional paralysis and the aftermath of interacting with a narcissist with Nikki Eisenhauer M.ED, LPC, LCDC

How Spirit Guides Help Loved Ones Get Rid of Narcissists | S3 Ep 59

Spiritual Hygiene and how loved ones guide us on our life’s journey with Psychic Medium Maria Verdeschi

Healing from Narcissistic Parents | S3 Ep 57

“Just because you are guarding from certain people doesn’t mean you have to guard for everybody.” Healing from Narcissistic Parents with Anna Rodin