The Narcissist is Gone but you are Still Ruminating | S4 Ep 72

Low Self esteem and self worth is the root cause of being vulnerable to narcissistic abuse. When the narcissist is gone, it should be a sigh of relief. But you are still ruminating. Why? and now what? Listen in today to learn what to do.

Signs Empaths Emotional Needs are Not being met in current relationship | S4 Ep 70

In a current relationship, or in a past relationship there are ways you can determine your emotional needs are not being met. 

Signs Your Breakup with Narcissist is Temporary| S4 Ep 67

The signs to watch for in yourself that your attempt to leave the narcissist is temporary are. Codependency, separation anxiety, feel guilty, keep communication open and more.

Can Narcissistic Personality Disorder be Cured? | S4 Ep 66

What is narcissism, How it infiltrates family, workplace, politics.
Why Gina Dobson felt compelled to write her book Scapegoat No More. Can Narcissists be cured?

Why Leaving the Narcissist is Hard! | S4 Ep 65

There are a few factors at play, so while you are in this battle for your mind and sanity, be patient with yourself, and know when you are ready the time will come.

 What is Projection? and How Narcissists use it to Manipulate| S3 Ep 64

What is projection in narcissistic abuse and how to narcissists manipulate the empath? Narcissists project their errors and flaws onto you, convincing you they are perfect and you need to improve; Tips to deal with projection.

Four Tricks Narcissists use to make Empaths the Problem| S3 Ep 63

Four Tricks Narcissists use to make empaths the problem and perpetuate the emotional abuse cycle. Today I share with you important knowledge and insight to battle narcissism.

How a Relationship with the Narcissist Wreaks Havoc in the Empath’s life | S3 Ep 62

The emotional paralysis and the aftermath of interacting with a narcissist with Nikki Eisenhauer M.ED, LPC, LCDC

Let Go of the Narcissist Causing your Inner Turmoil – 6 Ways to Nurture Yourself in Cancer Season | S3 Ep 61

“The biggest effect on your love life is to love yourself as you wish they loved you. ”  Let Go of the Narcissist Causing you inner Turmoil 6 Ways to Nurture yourself in Cancer Season