Human Design Head Center: What it is & How It Makes You Prone to Narcissism |S5 Ep39

The 1st in 9 episodes examining each human design center and explains how it can make you more prone to narcissism AND how to guard your energy and break the cycles of the narcissistic relationship trap. 

How to Free Yourself from a Destructive Relationship with a Narcissist S5|Ep 38

Are you stuck in a destructive relationship with the narcissist? Discover unknown advice that will help you get unstuck, regain your power and embolden yourself to move forward. Read more…

Understanding the Toxic Interactions in Human Design Types: Manifestor vs. Generator |S5 Ep35

Understand the difficult interactions between Unconscious Manifestors and Generators in Human Design and their toxic interactions in this insightful episode!

Separating Your Self Worth From What a Narcissist May Think of You S5|Ep33

Life with a narcissist can over time erode your sense of worth and self-value, but you mustn’t forget who you are. Gain inspiration and empowerment in this episode.