The Inner Work Is Necessary for Your Dreams to Come True 

Do you have dreams but feel like they’re not coming true? You may be attracting negative energy from others who don’t believe in you or your goals. Family trauma bonds established subconscious energy blocks from your knowing you are worthy of your dreams. This article will share with you what the inner work looks like after Narcissistic Abuse and how to magnetize the Law of Attraction for peace and abundance.

What is Coercive Control? How is it Orchestrated by the Narcissist? | Ep 109

and these abusers, what their goal is, is again, to strip us of our autonomy. So as we keep giving, They keep taking, and so the boundary just keeps getting pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed….

How to Heal the Narcissistic Mother Wound and Release the Pain | Ep 106

How to heal the mother wound and set boundaries with toxic family members will allow you to release the pain bottled up inside. with Courtney Hanson of Sweetest Little Life podcast

Raising Your Vibration To Heal from a Narcissist | Ep 105

Doing the Inner Work to heal through the womb and stop attracting the Narcissist and find the magic of flow in your life is key to attracting peace, love and abundance.
Today I share a conversation with Jaguar Womban.

Get Wise to the Tricks of the Covert Narcissist — They Can Break | Ep 103

The covert narcissist can show up as a spiritual influencer, or a cult leader. And Jude’s personal experience presents evidence of the dark side of a “light worker” who manipulated her…

The 13 Most Common Traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder with Victoria Coure | Ep 102

Fake intimacy to keep you . Now you’re locked in. Now you’re on the shelf. So he can drop down his mask and really express how he truly feels…

The 5 Stages of Forgiveness of the Narcissist | Ep 101

The tricky part about this is we have to go back to the core idea of maybe the belief that we have more than one life. And the ones who accepted the reality a lot quicker were the strongest mentally throughout the whole experience….

How the Golden Child is not relishing in the Narcissist’s praise. | Ep 99

How to Stop chasing the narcissist and toxic patterns. And an enlightening perspective from the Golden Child. Read more how to be free from the guilt…

Escaping the Narcissist seems Impossible…Ep 98

We understand it is HARD to escape the Narcissist / Toxic relationship you may be stuck in. Let us be your life line and pull you out, in the Trauma to Triumph Summit on Oct. 30, 9 am pst — 12 pm pst. Marcia Martin & Raven Scott invite you…