7 Steps to Emotional Growth

You may not realize it, but emotions play an important role in your life. They affect everything from your relationships to your career.

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Emotions are powerful forces that shape our lives. But sometimes we’re unaware of how much emotion affects us. In this article, you will learn about the different types of emotions, why they happen, and how to manage them.

Taking control of your emotions and mastering your triggers is the key to breaking free from toxic relationships and the narcissist.

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There’s no doubt that emotions play an important role throughout our lives. We feel them when we’re happy, sad, angry, excited, and more. And these feelings influence what we do and say. Sometimes, though, we aren’t aware of how much emotion affects our behavior. The narcissist will use this unawareness and your fears against you to keep you bonded to them. They convince you they are the only one who truly gets you, who will ever love you, because you are so imperfect, or “losing you mind”. 

Just listen to my episode 119 on the Empath and Narcissist podcast, Being with an Empath be like…(being in a horror film)

Being with a Narcissist Be Like … – Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

This can lead to emotional breakdown, depression, and thoughts of suicide. And some point you crack open and have a spiritual awakening. This leads to your emotional growth journey, as well as personal development.

Accept Yourself as You Are.

It’s easy to fall into negative thinking patterns. If you find yourself feeling down, frustrated, or anxious, try to identify why you’re feeling that way. Then, take steps to improve your mood. 

Thoughts form our reality. And the brain finds evidence to always prove the thought correct. That in turn generates a feeling, and that in turn drives your actions, and you get a result that is either favorable, or negative. 

You can start to rewrite your thoughts by writing one down, seeing how it makes you feel, then rewriting that thought to produce a positive or neutral feeling. And your results in your life will mold into favorable scenarios. All by the practice of you going to pen and paper (the brain gem). 

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For instance, if you’re feeling stressed out at work, try taking a break every hour or so. Write down the thought, your feeling, as a result write down your current negative actions. Then rewrite the thought into a constructive one to achieve your newly desired feeling. And then feel the stress dissipate. 

Or, if you’re having trouble sleeping, make sure you’re turning off screens and lights an hour before bedtime in order to produce the melatonin you need get enough rest.

Let Go of Negative Thoughts.

Once you’ve identified what’s causing your feelings, you’ll need to let go of those thoughts. This will help you feel better. Try writing down your thoughts, then reading them back to yourself. Ask yourself whether these thoughts are true or false. If they’re true, ask yourself how you can change them. If they’re false, ask yourself why you believe them. Finally, ask yourself what you’d do differently if you knew the truth.

Here is an example: 

T: thought — write down your thought. 

F: feeling — write down how it makes you feel in one or two words

A: actions — write down what actions you do as a result of these feelings

R: result — brain always proves thoughts right. 

Then rewrite T,F,A,R starting with F: feeling. How you desire to feel. Then rewrite the T: thought. Predict which A:actions you then would do. And R: result what result you will get. 

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Learn to Love Yourself.

It’s easy to fall into negative thinking patterns when we’re feeling stressed out or upset. We might think things like “I’m ugly,” “Nobody likes me,” or “I’m stupid.” Then the narcissist magnifies these and takes tiny digs at us the prove these thoughts true. 

These thoughts aren’t true. They are not helpful because they make us feel bad about ourselves. Instead, try focusing on positive aspects of your personality. Think about something you love about yourself, such as your sense of humor or your ability to solve problems.

A beautiful example from the book Mothers Who Can’t Love by Susan forward, PhD with Donna Frazier Glynn, are some Lies v. Truths: 

Lie: You’re so unforgiving

Truth: I’m forgiving if people take responsibility for their behavior and make amends.

Lie: You’re too sensitive

Truth: I have feelings and vulnerabilities that make me a more open and loving person.

Lie: You can’t survive without me. 

Truth: Just watch me. 

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Be Kind to Yourself.

If you find yourself having negative thoughts, try to replace them with more positive ones. This will help you develop a healthier outlook on life.

“- Worthy

To all you empaths out there chasing fake love, this is for you. I feel your anguish. The trick in breaking that painful cycle, with a love, a sibling, or a parent is to stop chasing and start fostering love for your own self. Relationships are a two way street. A game of tennis. If you find you are always serving and “the ball” (effort) is not being hit back over the net, then you are currently investing in a one sided relationship. What is meant for you will be. The people that want to be in your life will show up and be present. You don’t need to convince, manipulate, or figure out how to have someone present. If this resonates and you feel a slight ache in your gut as you read this, you have experienced this unpleasant interaction. You are worthy of true love, worthy of light, worthy of truth, worthy of joy, worthy of laughter in the bedroom, worthy of delight and worthy of living your truest self’s purpose. Start searching and looking within yourself to find your treasures within yourself designed by the Divine to bless other people in this world. And those who aim to bring you down are already below you.” Chapter 4 From a Narcissist Magnet to a Narcissist Repellant — Empath and the Narcissist book by Raven Scott

The narcissist is dimming your light, holding you back, and sucking your energy dry. Before you know it, you will be a shell of a person with no passion, no will, no autonomy, and no soul purpose.

The time is now to let go and move on!

The Universe rewards the brave.

And remember. Know your worth and keep your unique light shining.

Raven Scott

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