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This does not replace professional therapy. If you need immediate emergency assistance, dial 988 for the suicide prevention hotline.
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Better Help provides choices of therapist at your convenience.

Empaths take on the pain of the world. And try and solve the narcissist’s problems. 
But it backfires on you.  Professional therapy helped me to identify how what I was going through was abuse In order for me to springboard. Into my new life of health, love and abundance I found therapy to be life changing.  
This is why I chose Better help as a sponsor for the podcast.

Better Help offers licensed therapists who are trained to allow you to talk to your therapist in a private online environment at your convenience, Finding a therapist is easy. Just fill out the questionnaire to help assess your specific needs. And then you get matched with a therapist under 48 hours. 
Everything you share is completely confidential in therapy.

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The Empath Rising Workbook

The number one tool to help you recover from narcissistic abuse is journaling. It uses the power of your thoughts to make sense of the crazy cycle you have been stuck in.

  • Shadow work with the Goddess Inana
  • Moon Energy for each Zodiac and rituals to do during the New and Full Moon
  • Spiritual exercises that heal the soul that worked for me
  • How to understand your Human Design chart step by step (gate by gate)


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