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My History

Raven Scott is a survivor of an abusive relationship with a narcissist.  From people pleaser to kick ass author, podcaster, & spiritual mentor, she has earned her certificate as a meditation teacher and Destiny Coach. She teaches you how to shed negative patterns and energy one step at a time to find your power & potential through healing so you can kick ass in THIS life.  (The slogan of her own podcast – The Thriving Intuitive w/ Raven Scott) Her focus is to help you tune into your soul’s healing, strategy & purpose with tried and true healing tools, meditations, Astrology & your Human Design. She shares with you your unique blueprint, life purpose, and areas of growth. , draw boundaries, and learn how to find your voice and inner authority. 

Her “why” is, if she survived and experienced pain, emotional abuse & suicidal thoughts, and came out stronger than before then you can too. She feels destined to empower others struggling to find their purpose in their life. She believes your soul is here for a purpose and to evolve. After her awakening and 11 years of soul transformation work, she is equipped and willing to help those who are seeking on the spiritual journey and ready to find their truth, heal and walk in their purpose to rock their unique and powerful self!  – Shining their magnificent light out into the world through their relationships and their business. 

Mission Statement: Shedding negative patterns one step at a time to find your power & potential through healing so you can kick ass in THIS life. 

Her favorite thing to do in her coaching is reading client’s human design charts and astrology charts to find their life’s purpose. Combined with her clairvoyance and expert talent in seeing solutions, she helps you remove the blocks through meditation and homework exercises and empowers you to tap into your own superpower – which is your intuition and inner authority.

Some of her unique philosophies/core beliefs are: She is passionate about creating a 🌙This is a safe haven of soulful female entrepreneurs & soul seekers to an awakened life of purpose and alignment through her Facebook Group (Thriving Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs) , her podcast Unlock Your Destiny with Raven Scott,and through her workshops (Walk in Your Purpose) She can speak about red flag signs that you are dealing with a narcissists since that was the type of person my abuser was.

 She also believes in reincarnation and multiple lives and has discovered a couple of my past lives, had my Akashic Records read and cleared to evolve my soul into the next level of enlightenment. 

She believes we all have a karmic journey and we are stronger than we think. Experiencing and healing from trauma sucks, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, boosts your life lessons in this life. She advocates that your soul is on a Karmic journey and you are uniquely here for a purpose that your soul is waiting for you to wake up to!

She guides her clients on their self development journey to elevate their heart centered business, through teaching them how to listen to their intuition and inner authority.

In her community she supports heart-centered female entrepreneurs to shine their  light and share about their business and offers on Spotlight Saturdays! And provides a container for them to ask for feedback to hone in your offers.

💫You can expect from her guided meditation videos Affirmations in your insta feed, soulful questions, healing and empowering tips (in her podcast audio and visual), one on one coaching sessions, and an upcoming app with the Heal the Black Sheep Wound course and support.

She wrote her book as a memoir combined with an empath healing guide, Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers

Read her memoir and gain healing tools for yourself!

“I had another incredible coaching experience with Raven this morning. I invite all of my friends and you all, to get coaching with Raven Scott. I know that today I’ve turned a corner from not thriving to creating, really creating my life and career.”

Barda Allen

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1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd
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