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How to et powerful boundaries with the Narcissist and Toxic People.

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What are some good boundaries to set in a relationship?

Healthy boundaries protect you and nourish you.

Boundaries are not just walls you put up to keep bad people out… 
They also are self love and care disciplines to nourish you. 
You can have boundaries in place to keep negative energy out. And you can have boundaries in place to hold yourself accountable to radically loving yourself. 


You can free yourself from the narcissist’s negative emotion cycle and create a positive life with the hidden truth very few people know about.. 
Discover the secret that millions of others have, that enables you to live in safety, have a place you belong, and be seen, nurtured and heard.
You will gain the bliss of indifference, and you won’t care about the narcissist anymore. 

Are you tired of their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde behavior? 

I know your pain, before I found out this secret, I felt trampled on, guilt ridden and stuck. I had so much pressure to act perfect and always walking on eggshells to not trigger him. 
That’s not a lifestyle to live!
Your nervous system is always on hire alert. 
You are working so hard at your job, to keep the house clean, and their emotions happy, and the food prepared just right, you can’t take anymore! 
You have adopted the role of people pleaser and caretaker while they sit on their *ss numbing and consuming technology ALL DAY!!! 
And the thanks you get is a scolding that you didn’t do something right. 

NOW is the time to say NO MORE! 

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The first step is to create some boundaries / rules so others cannot treat you like a doormat anymore! 

But there is a key power source that gives your boundaries potency. I reveal this and more in this workshop.

The second step I’ll show you in this workshop.

Then I unearthed the mystery to this boundary thing. And I reveal to you the hidden gems that empowered me to transform from the meek, timid people pleaser, to a strong role model and leader in the fight against narcissism, while living my carefree life. – free from the narcissist’s emotional undertow. I reveal this and more… in this FREE workshop.

It’s about d* time for you to love life, have fun, and be free to drop a towel on the floor every so often!  

Victory over the Narcissist, for me, looks like light hearted freedom. No one controls you anymore! 

Raven Scott

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This workshop I created guides you to find your own pathway out. It shows you that your courage lies within, you just need to do this simple exercise that has helped thousands transform their lives. It’s a timeless principle that allows you to wield powerful boundaries with the narcissist,  and this workshop empowers you to do just that. 

It works because:

“When it comes to the story of your life, let no one else hold the pen.” I’m just a guide for you on your path.

Raven Scott

This free workshop features:

Downloadable Workbook

A 21 page workbook you can print and spiral bind at local copy shop.

In order to never become complacent by keeping track, journaling your thoughts, and taking notes.

4 Ways to Set Powerful Boundaries audio lesson

 To become a powerful, confident being who loves yourself

Guided Meditations

 To connect and awaken to your authentic self within.

To visualize your intentions and actions in order to practice and follow through on them.

Journal Exercises

 To take inventory and map out what you desire, tolerate, and your needs so you can fulfill them and manifest the boundaries necessary to enjoy a peaceful vibrant life. 

Analyze and set intentions.

Bonus Empath Aura Shield Meditation

 To ground your body to Mother Earth, connect to your higher self, establish your aura shield, and daily strengthen it in order for your boundaries to have potency.

You can have a life of freedom from the anxiety of walking on eggshells. Once you know how to build powerful boundaries you will feel at peace and deflect their negativity, projections, and eventually not ever put up with it again! 

You will be able to do fun things you couldn’t do before like going out with girlfriends, watch your own TV shows, pursue hobbies that they mocked, pursue the goals that you couldn’t do before because they said you weren’t smart enough, being messy, and eating food they hated the smell of.

How to master your boundaries
How to envision yourself saying NO
How to feel the power of your self sovereignty
How to step into your courage, pushing through fear, and taking action to say NO.
How to release responsibility for the other’s emotional response
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Being that we are empaths and possibly people pleasers, we need to work on our boundaries with narcissists, toxic people and energy drainers. This is a wonderful time, starting today for the next four months for us to really focus on strengthening our boundaries, our self development, and our inner authority.

Now that you have identified that there may be a narcissist in your life, this is a good time to strengthen the four ways of self healing and growth in order to set powerful boundaries with the narcissist and toxic people in your life.

This Workshop will cover:

  1. How to identify your own needs
  2. How to pause, and check your inner authority and know what it is in your Human Design Chart.
  3. How to shift your perspective – heal from childhood emo neglect.
  4. How to block their reactions to your boundaries
  5. How to deepen your self love to free you from codependency

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