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Hi, I’m Raven, a narcissist abuse survivor now a happily married mom of two, and passionate about preventing young people from entering into toxic relationships and helping beings recover from narcissist abuse through my book, Empath & The Narcissist, and speaking on my YouTube show & Podcast, and human design analysis. I share meditations, healing exercises, and human design to fully embrace your soul’s uniqueness and shine! Thanks for visiting!


Head, Ajna, Throat

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  • " It is not light that we need. But fire, it is not a gentle shower, but a thunderstorm." – Frederick Douglas.Signs We have poor boundaries with narcissists in a narcissistic system Today I share a minisode in celebration of pride month and Juneteenth and my musing about the toxicity going on in America. And […]
  • "Narcissists. They can pick us out. We are the ones that express more joy. We are the ones that can make a rainy day into a sunny day." – Maria VerdeschiToday I share a conversation with Psychic Medium Maria Verdeschi shares how our loved ones on the other side help us realize we are dealing […]
  • “Codependency is driven by a lack of identity” @yourrelationshipresetUnhealed childhood trauma manifests into people pleasing, codependency, and empaths basing their self worth outside themselves leading to a dangerous and vulnerable emotion state to be in with a narcissist. "You have this deep wound and it triggers you and it upsets you and you spiral and […]
  • "Just because you are guarding from certain people doesn't mean you have to guard for everybody." – Anna RodinHealing from Narcissistic Parents | Mental Health Tools for your twenties (and older) Today I share a conversation with Anna Rodin Instagram: @http://instagram.com/thisisforyourtwenties_ (thisisforyourtwe)http://instagram.com/foryourtwenties_ (nties_) Anna is an author, student, yoga teacher, friend, sister, and daughter. She […]

Raven Scott Show Premiere on Narc Abuse TV!

Raven Scott Show on Narc Abuse TV
Raven Scott Show on Narc Abuse TV Episode 1

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About Raven Scott

With personal experience of being her family’s black sheep, she has embraced her solo path and dominates breaking toxic ancestral patterns. 

She is an Ambassador of gain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse. 

Through grounded and heart centered teachings she elevates the spiritual journey and concepts that you are uniquely magnificent and contrary to your doubts, you are here for a purpose. 

Her unique approach to addressing the souls journey v the ego’s protection mode, gives men and women hope and clarity of their themes they are meant to grow from. 

As an international author, narcissist abuse recovering coach, Podcast host of Empath & Narcissist and creator of Embracing your Black Sheep Workshops she is dispelling  the  narcissist power one soul at a time. 

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Let’s hang out

When it comes to your life. Let no one hold the pen.

I know how it is to feel like you can’t breathe without someone. I know the very real fear of the unknown. I know the sense of being paralyzed by fear and receiving threats from the love of your life who has turned against you because you finally chose to stand up for yourself. I cannot bear the silence any longer. ...
I write this now as a woman, full of peace, joy, and contentment. Do not be fooled, I do still struggle with patterns that continue to emerge. It is like cleaning out a closet, you can address one pile at a time. I catch and observe my ego making me feel sad, and I have my moments of darkness. However, I am always striving to stay mindful, heart centered and tuned into my soul’s worth. - Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers