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Hi, I’m Raven, a narcissist abuse survivor now a happily married mom of two, and passionate about preventing young people from entering into toxic relationships and helping beings recover from narcissist abuse through my book, Empath & The Narcissist, and speaking on my YouTube show & Podcast, and human design analysis. I share meditations, healing exercises, and human design to fully embrace your soul’s uniqueness and shine! Thanks for visiting!


Head, Ajna, Throat

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Raven Scott Show on Narc Abuse TV
Raven Scott Show on Narc Abuse TV Episode 1

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  • "You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite." This Mantra Removes negative energy and eliminate enemies such as narcissists and block the impact of animosity. Sign up for waiting list of Healing your Black Sheep wound 8 Week Plus Bonus content Program. Email me. During your most difficult times, […]
  • "She believes that women can take action towards realizing our true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be. When we reveal the truth of who we are, we return to our “original design” and with the practice of self love and compassion, we become aligned, opening […]
  • "It's crucial to do your own self-development work to even be able to achieve goals. Number one, to be able to heal from an abusive relationship number two, and like all of it, just intertwines, it's not something that you do." -Raven Scott Strengthen your emotional intelligence, remove Self Doubt & Negativity through stoicism to […]
  • Rise Up against the covert narcissism that hides behind extreme religion.Energy Update Human Design Gate in 23 Assimilation May 10-15 2022 Today I share the Human Design Gate Transits for this week. Here are some key moments: Sun Gate 23 Assimilation: This energy is of evolution and blowing up old systems. Earth in Gate 43 […]

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About Me

Hi, I’m Raven. Previously an interior designer and victim of my own dark fears & a toxic codependent lifestyle. After an awakening and a 10 year personal spiritual journey, I became a spiritual mentor, podcaster and author in 2020. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love writing about my fascination with human design, astrology, narcissist awareness, self development and living your most abundant life! Read more

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When it comes to your life. Let no one hold the pen.

I know how it is to feel like you can’t breathe without someone. I know the very real fear of the unknown. I know the sense of being paralyzed by fear and receiving threats from the love of your life who has turned against you because you finally chose to stand up for yourself. I cannot bear the silence any longer. ...
I write this now as a woman, full of peace, joy, and contentment. Do not be fooled, I do still struggle with patterns that continue to emerge. It is like cleaning out a closet, you can address one pile at a time. I catch and observe my ego making me feel sad, and I have my moments of darkness. However, I am always striving to stay mindful, heart centered and tuned into my soul’s worth. - Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers