Narcissist Abuse Support

Hi, I’m Raven Scott,
a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach
who loves to share different viewpoints from experts in the mental health field.

Q: Is it possible to fully recover from narcissistic abuse? It can take years to fully recover, but from my experience and our expert guests’, it IS possible to fully recover and thrive after emotional abuse by the narcissist.

Q: How long does it take to heal from narcissistic abuse? Each person’s experience and healing process is unique. This process typically takes one down a journey of addressing childhood trauma. It could take months or even years. Be patient with yourself and the process.

Here at Raven Scott Show Podcast, every Thursday, we have the gift of speaking with the most amazing guests who are shedding light on narcissism, how to see the red flags, how to heal, and stop the perpetuating cycle.

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Self care is essential when recovering from emotional abuse, because the abuser has written a false and negative narrative onto your mind. Leaning into loving yourself, taking care of your mind, body and spirit will enable you to erase that toxic code and rewrite a new story for yourself. Every time the Sun illuminates each zodiac we can harness that energy and lean into each sign specific self care. And where ever you Sun is in your Natal astrology chart is the place you can nurture and focus on. Click below to dive deeper into your self care with yoga poses, health tips, essential oils, activities, and wellness therapies.

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Every Tuesday Raven shares Tips and Empowering advice how to leave, deal with, and recover from the narcissist. Find her Empath & The Narcissist book on Amazon.

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New Guest Episode

Every Thursday & Sunday

Episode 90…Why do Narcissists like to control? Narcissists who do these things may or may not control unintentionally. Tune in to How to embrace your Queen Energy and Shed the Narcissists from your life with the one and only Lady Portia / Marcus Hunter Neil Thursday

91. coming Sunday Emotion Code Expert Madhvi Mathur. What is the emotion code and how can It help stop the pain cycle and feel joy, peace and abundance. During an Emotion/ Body Code session we are working with the subconscious mind. Through muscle testing …

Listen to Episode 89, as I go in-depth about my experience of receiving help from the emotion code.

88. Do you have IBS? Get Pit in your stomach stress?

How the fear and anxiety of empaths after narcissistic abuse can spark anxiety in us and how we can take care of that is to heal it through our gut health, nutrition, and even mental health practices.

Listen to this amazing, and informative episode to know how to relieve anxiety from narcissistic abuse through your gut.

87. The Soulmate Coach. Do you find you seem to attract toxic people or narcissists? Does your sensitivity block you from your ultimate happiness? You will love this conversation with Jeanne Sullivan Billeci on Why Empaths Attract Narcissists.

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

85. Were you told to obey and confess in order to be good, To be Loved? Was your upbringing a push and pull toxic environment cloaked in dogma and guilt from GOD? Then this podcast is for you! Religious trauma, and spiritual abuse has the same negative effect on our lives AND the social structures just as the narcissist does in their personal relationships. Covert Narcissism is hidden behind good deeds, missionary “work”, gaslighting, and The Cult of Christianity.

John Verner ep 85 How to draw boundaries from toxic narcissist

83. How to Set Boundaries from Toxic Family Members. Have you ever been at your lowest and your parent or sibling has ignored your condition and create drama and reacts so offended when you do not have energy to be so wrapped up in their problems? And then blame you for not caring about them, taking them seriously and you are a bad person for not caring about when they were suffering. And all the while you are laying there completely weak to even respond. Sound familiar? Listen to this episode with Keresse Thompson, a badass LCSW psychotherapist, author, podcaster, single mom and Marine Corp Vet.

Keresse Thompson ep 83 How to draw boundaries from toxic narcissist

77. Have you felt ashamed of who you are when you are around your family and free around your friends? Black sheep is defined as a disfavored or disreputable member of a group. How do you heal from being the black sheep in your family? Kathi Hennessey LICSW shares how in episode 77.

Kathi Hennessey LICSW

79. Empaths Beware!! Your empathy could be codependency in disguise. Have you stopped trusting your gut and chased happiness with the narcissist to no avail? Are you a hot mess and feel like you are taking crazy pills. Well, you are in good company. Our guest Jennifer was right there with you years ago. She found herself overwhelmed with other peoples feelings as her own and carrying the world on her shoulders. You don’t have to. Listen to her podcast to help you understand how to protect against the dark energy and thrive.

Jennifer Moore Ep. 79 Empaths Beware!!! Your Empathy could be co-dependency

81. How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist After Divorce. Do you find yourself in fear and anxiety losing sleep at night that the narcissist will file custody? hurt your child? or cause what drama tomorrow? Our guest in this episode, Sarah Kamoto, is a High Conflict Co-Parenting coach who gives you amazing advice and guidance in this area. Listen by clicking her photo below in order to know how to create a narc proof home for your child. More Episodes below…

Sarah Kamoto Ep. 81 How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist

Ep 71 Why didn’t you leave the Narcissist? be unapologetically AF, and giving yourself grace that your experience didn’t happen to you, but happened through you. Find support to leave the relationship with the Narcissist.

Ana C Jones Ep 71

75. Narcissistic Mother Who Can’t Love. Have you ever felt off about the love and guilt cocktail you receive from your mother? What does a narcissist mother look like?? And how does she manipulate everyone around her to support her and keep you down feeling like the black sheep? Listen in to this conversation because it will bring to light all of the selfish tactics and share with you how to heal and break free from that toxic relationship.

Ep. 75 with Michele Johnson

73. How to Gain Confidence After Religious Trauma from the Narcissist Parent. How to stand up to a family unit that tries to fix your “queer problem”? When you know deep down you do not have the problem. or not sure. But their beliefs are the problem. Christina has struggled with this very problem, raised by a Pastor of a Christian church. She was able to embrace who she is as a member of LGBTQ, and live a life full of joy, freedom and fulfillment. Learn more.

Ep 73 with Christina Douglas

Ep 64 What is Projection? And How Narcissists Use it to Manipulate you. Narcissist’s projections reveal their bad qualities when they are shoving them onto you.

Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro, Intl Best Selling Author Ep 64

68. How to Find your confidence, releasing shame, and responsibility, placed by the Narcissist.

Karine Brule – Clairvoyant healer who is an expert in unconscious Beliefs

66. Can Narcissism be Cured? How to heal from being the Scapegoat

Gina Dobson – MA, MEd, MS, Mdiv & Author

Ep 62 What is the aftermath of narcissistic abuse? How a Relationship with the Narcissist Wreaks Havoc in Empath’s Life. The Biggest thing in managing the aftermath is stop thinking that something’s wrong with you. Let it go. What if nothings wrong with you?

Nikki Eisenhauer – Life Coach, Psychotherapist M.ED. LPC, LCDC Ep 62

Ep 59 How Spirit Guides Help Empaths Get Rid of Narcissists with 5 Spiritual Hygiene Tips

Maria Verdeschi – Psychic Medium

Ep 55 The Emotional Burnout Antidote from Toxic and Narcissistic Relationships

Anne Berube – PHD, Author

Ep 53 Hold Boundaries through Love

Avital Miller – Neurolinguist Programming Practicioner, Speaker, Author

Ep 57 Healing from Narcissistic Parents – Mental Health Tools for your Twenties

Anna Rodin – Author, Yoga Teacher

Preorder your copy Now : For Your Twenties: A Guide to Staying connected amidst the chaos. Develop self-awareness and a strong connection with yourself to build healthy relationships.

Ep 51 Narcissists were a conduit for Spiritual growth

Natasha Von Salza

Ep 48 Overcoming Anything: Awaken your Inner Strength against the Narcissist

Jeevan Mathuri – Mensa Member, Life Coach

Ep 38 Eliminate Your Fears and Grow to rid your life of Narcissist

Why is Leaving the Narcissist so hard?! 1. They normalize their abuse 2. They sprinkle in good times with the bad 3. They use your good nature against you to make it feel your fault 4. They threaten you with violence, words, money, taking your kids, and turning people against you. Learn more HERE

Mark V Smith – Radio Host of The Process

Ep 46 Own Your Divine Light in your Soul’s Journey & Heal from Narcissistic Abuse

Yarra Atlantica Janet Miller

Ep 42 When you Cry in Font of a Narcissist they BREAK Your Heart

Amanda Kline Narcissist Abuse Victim

Ep 27 How to heal trauma from narcissistic abuse with Sky Breathing Technique

Dr. HItu Jugessur

Ep 49 How to Learn to Radically Love Yourself & Leave a Narcissist

Monica Rodgers Self Love Advocate

Ep 32 The Bizarre Truth Behind Trauma Bonding in Relationships and Ancestral Healing

Amanda Monnier Holistic Healer