Escaping the Narcissist: Why we just Don’t See the Signs | S5 Ep18

Breaking free from a manipulative narcissist is never easy but understanding why it takes longer to get out of a relationship can help you reach freedom faster.

Confessions of a Narcissist – Understanding How to Deal With Them with Leon Walker

If you’re looking for advice on dealing with a narcissist, we’ve got the answers! Listen to a real-life confessions of a conscious narcissist in this episode and find out how to effectively manage your interactions.

5 Signs you are an Empath: Messages from Ascended Masters | Ep 121

How To Be More Sensitive to Spirit’s messages. Highly sensitive people have a heightened awareness of other people’s emotions and feelings. They tend to be more empathetic and compassionate.
Empaths often feel overwhelmed by others’ pain.

How to Recover from Divorce from a Narcissist without Losing your Mind | Ep 120

Discover what you need to do to recover from divorce without going crazy. Learn how to stop feeling like a victim from the narcissist, gain your freedom and start living again.

The Four Steps to Cleanse and Protect Yourself from the Narcissist | Ep 118

What if there was a way to live life on your own terms? Would you be interested? You, empath, feel others’ feelings deeply. They often struggle with self-care because they’re so sensitive to other people’s emotions.