How Spirit Guides Help Loved Ones Get Rid of Narcissists | S3 Ep 59

Spiritual Hygiene and how loved ones guide us on our life’s journey with Psychic Medium Maria Verdeschi

The Forces that Drive Narcissism and How Unhealed Childhood Trauma Manifests | S3 Ep 58

“Codependency is driven by a lack of identity” Read/ Listen to learn how Unhealed childhood trauma manifests into people pleasing, codependency, and empaths basing their self worth outside themselves leading to a dangerous and vulnerable emotion state to be in with a narcissist.

Healing from Narcissistic Parents | S3 Ep 57

“Just because you are guarding from certain people doesn’t mean you have to guard for everybody.” Healing from Narcissistic Parents with Anna Rodin

Empaths How to Be Adaptable when Narcissist ruins your Plans during Full Moon in Sagittarius | S3 Ep 56

“Be prepared to be adaptable as plans you have laid out may take an unexpected course.” Empaths Learn to NOT care to be adaptable when Narcissist ruins your plans.

The Emotional Burnout Antidote from Toxic and Narcissistic Relationship | S3 Ep 55

“There is a grieving period. Because your whole body remembers in order to stay safe, you need to make sure this person is happy.” Guest Anne Berube

Four Ways Empaths Can Set Powerful Boundaries with Narcissists | S3 Ep 54

Being that we are empaths, people pleasers,… we need to work on our boundaries with narcissists, toxic people and energy drainers. This is a wonderful time, starting today for the next four months for us to really focus on strengthening our boundaries, our self development, and our inner authority.

Taking Control of your LIFE from the Narcissist | S3 Ep 52

“Hurt me. Shame on you. Narcissist hurt me again. And again, shame on me.” – Raven Scott Accepting and HEALING to Attract Love and Healthy Relationships