Has a book changed your life?

I love a good self development book, and many have changed my life. In fact books and stories have taught humans many things over the centuries. But when I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon my heart opened up. … I was a young mother of two babies in diapers and was determined not to abandonContinue reading “Has a book changed your life?”

When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed

Sparkle Reminder: You are Strong The holidays are at their conclusions. Bye 👋🏼 2022.  Hello 2023!!!  I’m so geared up to provide you amazing support in 2023. And although I may be excited.  I acknowledge you may not be and are so exhausted from this year and your life circumstances and challenges.  Dealing with theContinue reading “When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed”

The Power of Spiritual Poems: How they help you Heal after Narcissistic Abuse

Find yourself reflecting with spiritual poems that connect you to your inner self, inspiring contemplation and creating an intimate relationship with yourself.

5 Signs you are an Empath: Messages from Ascended Masters | Ep 121

How To Be More Sensitive to Spirit’s messages. Highly sensitive people have a heightened awareness of other people’s emotions and feelings. They tend to be more empathetic and compassionate.
Empaths often feel overwhelmed by others’ pain.

The Four Steps to Cleanse and Protect Yourself from the Narcissist | Ep 118

What if there was a way to live life on your own terms? Would you be interested? You, empath, feel others’ feelings deeply. They often struggle with self-care because they’re so sensitive to other people’s emotions.

The Inner Work Is Necessary for Your Dreams to Come True 

Do you have dreams but feel like they’re not coming true? You may be attracting negative energy from others who don’t believe in you or your goals. Family trauma bonds established subconscious energy blocks from your knowing you are worthy of your dreams. This article will share with you what the inner work looks like after Narcissistic Abuse and how to magnetize the Law of Attraction for peace and abundance.

How to Heal Trauma From Narcissism Using Shadow Work

shadow work is a powerful tool that can help people overcome emotional wounds and move forward in life. It involves working on healing old hurts by looking at the parts of yourself that were damaged during the abuse.

Awakening the Inner Goddess & Claim Victory over the Narcissist | Ep 108

Everyone, including people who may be narcissists right now, has the spark and potential of divinity within them. Everyone comes to spirituality …. read more