Escaping the Narcissist: Why we just Don’t See the Signs | S5 Ep18

Breaking free from a manipulative narcissist is never easy but understanding why it takes longer to get out of a relationship can help you reach freedom faster.

When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed

Sparkle Reminder: You are Strong The holidays are at their conclusions. Bye 👋🏼 2022.  Hello 2023!!!  I’m so geared up to provide you amazing support in 2023. And although I may be excited.  I acknowledge you may not be and are so exhausted from this year and your life circumstances and challenges.  Dealing with theContinue reading “When Life is too Heavy to get Out of Bed”

Empaths Beware!! – Your Empathy could be codependency of a Narcissist | Ep 79

Empaths know things, they just need to trust their sixth sense to guard against dark energy of the narcissist… Read More.

How Empaths Can Heal from Being the Black Sheep | Ep 77

For centuries Empaths have felt shame and guilt for being different and “being too much”. But our guest today helps us dare to be different and embrace our uniqueness as a power not a curse. Read More.

How to Recognize and Heal from a Narcissistic Mother | S4 Ep 75

Acknowledging that your mother is incapable of the love you deserve is the first step to liberating yourself and removing the blocks to your ultimate happiness.  Read More.

How to Gain Confidence After Religious Trauma from Your Narcissist Parent | S4 Ep 73

What do you do when you Narcissistic parents do not accept who you truly are? It is traumatizing, and damaging to your self esteem. Learn how to find confidence and healing from religious persecution of queer ( LGBTQ) identity. Read More.

Why Didn’t You Leave the Narcissist? | S4 Ep 71

Why didn’t you leave the narcissist sooner? I get it, I didn’t leave the narcissistic partner in my life for eight years! The challenge is to be unapologetically you AF,. Read more

How to Release Unconscious Patterns that Keeps the Empath Pleasing the Narcissist | S4 Ep 68

How empaths can release unconscious shame and people pleasing patterns that are stuck in a pain cycle with the narcissist. And how to find your confidence and pleasure in life.