The Forces that Drive Narcissism and How Unhealed Childhood Trauma Manifests | S3 Ep 58

“Codependency is driven by a lack of identity” Read/ Listen to learn how Unhealed childhood trauma manifests into people pleasing, codependency, and empaths basing their self worth outside themselves leading to a dangerous and vulnerable emotion state to be in with a narcissist.

The Bizarre Truth Behind Trauma Bonding In Relationships and Ancestral Healing | S3 Ep 32

Trauma Bonding in Relationships is passed down through ancestry. Learn how to Heal Yourself, Heal Your Inner child through a Holistic Approach.

Dealing with Trauma: How to Dissolve Negative Energy as an Empath | S3 Ep 29

Narcissist Abuse can tear your self esteem to shreds. You are made to believe love only is given when you act and look the part. Heal from the emotional abuse by transmuting the negative energy through journal and burn full moon ritual. article linked below.

Heal Trauma from Narcissistic Abuse with Sky Breathing Technique| S3 Ep 27

How all humans can heal trauma, vacate negative emotions and attract joy, love and abundance in your life after narcissistic emotional abuse through Breath work meditation by The Art of Living Sky Breath meditation.

8 Steps to Heal Toxic Relationship with Parents | S3 Ep 22

“The harder the road, the greater the lesson and the greater the lesson, the greater the blessing.”
8 Steps to Heal Toxic Relationship with Parents

Today I share a conversation with a friend Amber Legato

Important Advice That Empaths Should Know About Childhood Trauma Causing Memory Loss S.3 Ep.11

As the Buddhist Monks, Stoics, and greatest teachers shared… Our happiness comes from contentment in the present. Worrying about retrieving what is lost in the past is frivolous.

Empath Guide to Surviving The Narcissist S3 Ep 8

Understanding how unhealed childhood trauma wreaks havoc in adults relationships. 1. Fixing others 2. people pleasing 3. codependency 4. external validation needs 5. living on high alert 6. fear of abandonment 7. deprioritizing your own needs 8. need to prove themselves 9. tolerates abusive behavior 10. attracts narcissistic partners 11. difficulty setting boundaries