Why Empathy Is Your Superpower, Not Your Shortcoming

Empathy is your superpower. It’s what makes us human. But empathy isn’t just about being nice. It’s also about understanding others’ feelings.

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Empathy is an important part of our social lives. We need to understand other people in order to connect with them. But sometimes we’re too quick to judge someone else’s actions. Or too quick to justify someone else’s actions. 

It’s something we all have and should work on developing.

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If you think about it, there are two sides to every story. You might not agree with how someone else feels, but you still care about them. That’s why empathy is so powerful. It helps us relate to each other better.

We all have empathy. Just as Steven Twohig shared in Episode 111 of Empath and the Narcissist podcast: 

“We’re all empaths at some level. The problem is, is that most people aren’t conscious of it. And so that I’m not conscious that I’m feeling somebody else’s feelings. Now I’m feeling a feeling that I think is my feeling, but it’s not my feeling, it’s theirs. And so now that I’ve got this charge in my body, this emotion in my body. The mind then has to make meaning cuz that’s what it’s designed. And it filters through your lens of pain or trauma. And you conclude, I am the problem.” — Steven Twohig

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Some of you have felt tremendous pain and the narcissist has used your empath abilities as a weapon against you. And you harden your heart and want to turn it off. 

The trick is to install your empath aura shield so that negative energy does not enter, and you can still shine love and empathy out while exercising wise discernment. 

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Empathy is about having compassion for them.

In fact, research shows that people who feel more empathy toward others tend to make healthier choices. They’re less likely to smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs. They’re also more likely to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.

As empaths dealing with narcissists, beware and use your intuition and help to know when it is time to cut off the empathy. 

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The Importance of Empathy.

So how do we develop empathy? One way is through practice. We learn by doing. And when we see other people making mistakes, we can try to understand why they made those mistakes. This helps us empathize with them. 

For you super empath, getting muddled in others emotions thinking it is your own. 

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The first step is awareness. Pause and identify if this emotion is your own or foreign. It is foreign if it came out of nowhere and doesn’t correlate to what is happening in your life. 

The second step is intention. Set an intention to put up your Empath Aura Shield every morning. You can close your eyes and invision it going up. You can say out loud, “Shield up.” And you are set to be a screen as an empath rather than a sponge. 

The last step is strengthening your intution. In order to know which emotion is yours takes self awareness. And self awareness comes from mindfulness practices. These practices could be meditation, walking, getting out in nature, tarot card reading, journaling, and just plain quiet time. Listen to your self and your higher thoughts, those will guide you correctly. 

In conclusion, empathy is your superpower. It’s how you relate to others. But empathy isn’t about people pleasing, it is about understanding you are feeling others’ feelings, discernment, and shielding yourself from negative toxic narcissists. 

And remember. Keep your unique light shining. 

Raven Scott

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