How to Make your own Happiness

Make happiness happen for yourself. How do you do that?…

Are Narcissists born or made?

Due to the insidious nature of the narcissist, they rarely ever change their behavior. Some may ask, were they born this way? Will they ever change?  How can this small little, innocent baby contain such hate, manipulation, and violence towards another? It cannot be born into them, can it? While this beautiful miracle, does notContinue reading “Are Narcissists born or made?”

How to Receive Love Unconditionally S.3 Ep.2

Send out real love to reduce cruelty and receive real love in return. “Send out real love, real love will return to you, either that person or an equivalent.” – Florence Shinn – The Game of Life and How to Play it. Send out real love to reduce cruelty and receive real love in return.Continue reading “How to Receive Love Unconditionally S.3 Ep.2”

External Validation: Why it is a PLUS not a MUST

with Ana Jones @anacjones & I went live together on IGTV talking about how self work and inner spiritual practices are so important to boost your self esteem. Because all the external validation can hinder us from thriving and “your like is extra” the exterior validation that we are doing good is a PLUS notContinue reading “External Validation: Why it is a PLUS not a MUST”

October Energy Update

Balance Listen to October Energy Update 2021 Watch October Energy Update 2021 I was putting together the astrological calendar and really seeing a lot of Mars activity and Venus activity. Mercury right now is in retrograde by the way. So you will be feeling a bit of, rework, right. Or redo going back on thingsContinue reading “October Energy Update”