Awakening the Inner Goddess & Claim Victory over the Narcissist | Ep 108

“When we remember that this power to love is a gift that we can best give others by first giving it to ourselves, we will feel our strongest and most inspired from within.” Ananta Ajmera Empath & The Narcissist Ep 108

The Way of the Goddess by Ananta Ripa Ajmera Illustration by Gaby Gohlar

How do you claim victory over the Narcissist? The light and power within you is strong Empath. This is what they were attracted. Then they convinced you that your strengths are your weaknesses. But this is false and only is a tactic to hold you down and imprison you in their control under them. 

The light and power from the goddess within will help you overcome the common trap of seeking love in all the wrong places.

Today I share a conversation with the Author of The Way of the Goddess, and spiritual teacher, Ananta Ripa Ajmera.

Awaken the Inner Goddess and Claim Victory over the Narcissist with Ananta Ajmera

Her story with eating disorder and reconnecting with her roots

[9:03] She started looking at the age of 12 for the solutions to her problems. She experience untold trauma at a very young age. And she went to yoga classes, online forums, she spoke to a talk therapist, and tried different kinds of diets out. This journey went all the way through to college. And then feeling more traumatized after reading the kind of posts that people were writing on there.

The talk therapy was good but didn’t help her with her physical digestion recovery. She thought there has to be something holistic, that puts all of these things together that really helps us body, mind, and soul. And she wasn’t content to settle for anything less than that.

Her yoga practice then led me to discover Ayurveda, which is the sister science of yoga and the world’s oldest system of holistic healing.

She also went back to India where her lineage is from. In learning social entrepreneurship. She felt called to live a life of service. Creating pattern breaking change in a sustainable way and being able to scale that in the world.  

Photo by Mohnish Landge on Unsplash

How can I create pattern breaking change in my own life? Then how can I scale how I have healed to reach more people. 

She met a young girl named Lakshmi, the most widely worshipped Hindu goddess of wealth. It struck her so much, this young girl who experienced so much abuse and here she was named after this goddess. She couldn’t help think:  

“Why couldn’t we all find that goddess within each of us, no matter what kind of difficulty or what kind of trauma or abuse we’ve gone through? I saw a lot of myself in that young girl, and so I just wondered what if we could actually. Do this right. And there has to be something more to this whole goddess tradition than I would’ve ever even known as a child who is dressed up as goddesses.” — Ananta [13:28]

Igniting the Fire of Transformation through the Ancient Goddess

Photo by Manyu Varma on Unsplash

She greatly benefited from the yearly Durga goddess celebration tradition that she felt, “why stop at celebrating this once a year if I can make every day a celebration of the divine feminine in myself and others?”

And that was really the basis from which this book was then birthed.

It’s lovely to celebrate once a year to remind you because we get so caught up in life and busy-ness and all of the different things that really are clouding us from our spiritual journey. So taking this nine day celebration and having it on a rotational basis of every day you go through the spiritual practices is a beautiful cycle.

“words that we speak as a potent tool of transformation and creating the reality in the world we live in .”— Ananta [40:52]

Expressing Yourself to liberate the power of your voice

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Ananta shares a beautiful message about victims and the struggle or speaking up. 

“I am just drawn to my emotions to see what naturally arises, what needs to be experienced, observed, and then let go. And then when I sit longer in that silence, then what kind of reflections come up. And allowing ourself the space to have those reflections. And then really, engaging with them, writing them.

Making them our reality. Then we build our conviction in them, and then that conviction itself leads to the courage to then be able to express what is our truth. I feel that so often with this whole empath and narcissist dynamic, our voice gets suppressed. Our truth cannot even, first of all, be known because there is so much confusion, but then it can’t for sure be expressed even if we do.

Within, and there’s so much need today, more than probably ever before for empaths with wisdom and compassion to be out helping people. 

But we can’t do it unless we can speak and express the truth and the truth is that which sets us all free.” [ 41:16]

The Art of Loving Your True Self through Boundaries


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“On page 139 it says, ‘Western psychologists reveal how there are typical three E’s involved with narcissism, exploitation, entitlement, and empathy impairment.’ And then you list a whole bunch of actual telltale signs of narcissism, which is so beautiful cause it’s so needed today.” — Raven

The Heart Chakra is the Ayurvedic energy center for love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. 

Intuition is seeded in the Third Eye chakra. And it is through your intuition that will guide you out of the darkness into the light. 

“on page 143. In fragrant boundaries, which are limits through which we can assert ourselves with strong actions that are guided by a pure heart and wishes for the highest and best for others.” [47:03]

If we’re just getting angry within ourselves and don’t do anything externally, then you continue to suffer in silence and dis-ease crops up. 

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“This is particularly important in a world full of stories and ideas we may have about ourselves, many of which are simply not true. So often, we can be on the receiving end of gaslighting, in which someone tries to deny our reality and our experience of the world even when our intuition says the opposite. But our truth is an intuitive realization that comes about through the work we do, so it is essential to listen to our inner voice and follow where it leads.” The Way of the Goddess Pg. 134

Photo by Jingxi Lau on Unsplash

“we can also set those limits in a fragrant way that expresses that inherent compassion and empathy, which makes us impact, right? So I feel that that’s a good sign to know that you’re getting to a point of resolution. … And we can all start to see narcissists in that way.

That these people are not to be feared, they’re to be understood. And when we really understand, We can really understand that they are our greatest teachers and they are the ones who really push us to own the light and to protect the light so that it can continue to shine and lead the way for many others in darkness.” [49:10] — Ananta

“Everyone, including people who may be narcissists right now, has the spark and potential of divinity within them. Everyone comes to spirituality and comes to knowing themselves and unlocking that power in their own timeline. I feel as an empath, that was a huge lesson I needed to learn was that it is not up to me. It is not okay for me to get so caught up in my compassion and empathy that I will try to kind of help someone grow before they’re ready to grow.”  — Ananta 

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Don’t wait! Connect with your inner goddess (no matter what gender you are) today! And every day! 

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Ananta Ripa Ajmera is an award-winning author, spiritual teacher, co-founder and CEO of The Ancient Way, an organization that supports you to embody ancient wisdom in a way that unfolds your true Self. The Ancient Way offers a Spiritual Warrior Certification Program, Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador Program, and spiritual wellness retreats. Ananta is also advisor of Ayurveda at THE WELL, a modern wellness club, where she writes articles, offers workshops, and works with a team of integrative medical practitioners. The author of The Way of the Goddess: Daily Rituals to Awaken Your Inner Warrior and Discover Your True Self (Penguin Random House September 2022) and The Ayurveda Way (Storey Publishing 2017), she lives in southern Florida.

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