8 Ways Empaths Can Heal from Gaslighting & Embrace their Superpowers

I had the pleasure to share the 8 ways you can heal from Narcissistic Abuse on the podcast: People on Dating with Will Morales.

Ep 37 : 8 Ways Empaths Can Heal From Gaslighting & Embrace Their Superpowers W/Raven Scott
About Raven: A narcissist abuse survivor now a happily married mom of two, and passionate about preventing young people…player.captivate.fm

Here are a few of the key ways I shared. 

1. Heal your inner child

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I have found that healing exercises such as Inner Child Meditation and investing in what your inner child wishes to do that day are highly helpful in owning your empath power. They are a conduit for relieving all of the guilt, the shame and the burdens from your unhealed, ancestors, parents, and society.

This is why I included all of the healing exercises that worked for me in my book Empath & The Narcissist: How to Overcome narcissistic abuse, and recover from PTSD, codependency, gaslighting, manipulation.

2. Your power is within you

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So many cases in victims of Narcissists, even if they are confident, they are just vulnerable in a moment in their life. And the victim seeks love and comfort outside of themselves. It goes back to seeking a “mothering comfort” from a wound, and that is missing in your life. And to overcome this is to embrace the Mother archetype for yourself. 

The power to be uniquely you is within you. 

The power to rise up against manipulation is within you. 

The power to know the truth is within you. 

You just have to stop receiving the outside messages, and sit quietly with yourself and develop your emotional strength. 

3. Re-parent yourself

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Due to the aforementioned Mother wound, becoming your own parent to your inner child is key to being needy. 

Because the formula to be sucked into the Narcissists trap is: 

Needy + Vulnerable = Narcissists prey 

When you feel lost and alone. Meditate and go within. Hold your own hand in the dark. Because your path is yours alone. No one outside of you can show you the way on your own path. 

Do a ritual and shift out of the Maiden energy, and discard the low vibe emotions of desiring to be loved from outside sources, Ego rules , Feel lonely, Jealousy, Numbing, Distracted, Vain, Judgmental, Low self esteem, Naive, Self sacrificing, and Resentful. (just to name a few)

And shift into the virtues and emotions of high vibration of unconditional love, seeing each human as a soul, feeling self sufficient and content, abundance, inclusivity, steadfast, focused, discerning, confident in your unique power, and a boundary lover.

Get out to nature and relax

Change is part of nature. If you are afraid of what may come next and the future when considering leaving the Narcissist, observe how the leaves fall and then return in the spring. Observe how the clouds move, the wind blows, yet the ground and tree remain rooted and grounded. 

Find a favorite tree nearby and go to her often. Sit under her and ask her questions. Listen and know her wisdom is truth. …

Because her wisdom is you. 

Start journaling

When you hold in all your trauma, anxiety, and anger it creates dis-ease in your body. The most cathartic way I have found to release that is through journaling. 

Write everything down. 

You can keep a record of what they have done to you, so that when you start to feel crazy and blame yourself for the abuse. You can go back and read the evidence that they are the ones abusing you. 

Once you have gathered enough evidence and have moved out. Now on your healing journey you can burn these transcribed emotions. This transmutes them up to the Universe, freeing you of that emotion and lifting another layer of trauma and burden off your shoulders. 

Journaling is the most freeing exercise I have ever experienced in my healing journey. 

There are 2 more points in the podcast. Make sure to listen and let me know how it landed. 

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining. 

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