How to Deal with Difficult People | Meditation Practice S3 Ep16

And you don’t want to leave frustrated, angry, drained, or triggered. This meditation is going to allow you to enter into this scenario with this person.

And you’ll be able to leave refreshed with a new viewpoint, with a different perspective, and just with the tools to emotionally handle this situation.

“Have you felt panic attacks from dealing with difficult people? “

– Raven Scott
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How to Embrace your Queen Energy and Shed the Narcissist's Control with Lady Portia Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

"Don’t give two shits about what anybody else thinks dance to the beat of your own drum. " – Marcus Hunter NeilLearn how to rid yourself of the toxic narcissist in your life and step up into your own queen power. Today I share a conversation with Marcus Hunter Neil pioneer drag queen Lady Portia Instagram: (@ladypandme) Marcus is a MindValleys Irish Ambassador, Coach, TedTalker, Podcaster, Pioneer Drag Queen, Ambassador for the NSPCC Here are some key moments: Being with a narcissist is like Grey Gardens pretending to be glitterati while you’re living in a dilapidated house. “ No one sets out to actively be a narcissist and the victim of a narcissist. It just happens.“ It's the narcissists personality. Be your own wing man, defend yourself and take no mistreatment Relationship should be a want not a need No matter how much self work you do if you and the other person are not a fit you are not a fit Know your values know your worth. Because if you don’t have standards then you will shape shift for whomever you’re with. Do not put anybody even royalty on a pedestal because we are all human beings at the end of the day Here’s a test exercise can you list five things that you love about your narcissistic partner? if not then you are stuck in a scenario in the wrong environment and you’re making excuses each day as to why you will not break up with them.  Love yourself radically. Be secure enough in your own skin no matter what happens when you come out on the other side it will all be fine. (Trauma 2 Triumph FREE Ticket) Follow and DM me (@ravencottshow )"free gift" to get your FREE Draw Powerful Boundaries Workshop Better Help : (Empath get 10% off your first month) Empath & The Narcissist (Book) : Support the Show Get Human Design Reading: ( SHOP ) Grab coaching sessions and more FREE Gifts on the website ( Madhvi – (Emotion Code FREE Inquiry Call) Music YouTube Library: Til I Let Go by Neffex Mentioned in this episode: Trauma 2 Triumph Summit (Trauma 2 Triumph FREE Ticket)
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1.Show Transcript

Welcome to the thriving intuitive [00:01:00] podcast where you regain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse.

[00:01:38] Raven Scott: I chose you for that very reason, you were perfect. A blank canvas. I could create you into my own creation of a woman. I stood in shock and disbelief. I thought this whole eight years together, I’ve been pawn in your game. How was your play thing? [00:02:00] I was so dumb enough to let you. Page 1 42 in my book and path.

[00:02:06] And the narcissist. Have you felt that have you felt so played? The narcissist is very accurate in choosing you because you’re open, gullible, whatever you want to call it, but you’re just a kind hearted person. And for me, I was a blank canvas. My self-worth was zero and I so desire to seek outside, grow into a human being.

[00:02:34] I am your host, Raven Scott, and we are talking today about, how we can deal with difficult people.

[00:02:42] And I was so sheltered in such an extreme religious environment. Yeah. I was a blank canvas. I was prime target. And a narcissist will find us.

[00:02:52] Today’s meditation is all about how we can deal with [00:03:00] difficult people, because we all don’t have the luxury of cutting out the narcissist completely from our lives. And sometimes other narcissists will come in. Maybe they’re a sibling, maybe they’re part of your family, mother, whatever it is, right.

[00:03:15] Maybe it’s a new friend who you thought was kind, but they’re a narcissist. Those are a lot easier to cut out, right? Friends, but someone who you can’t cut out, maybe you’re co-parenting. This meditation is going to give you the tools to be able to deal with difficult people. Um, first-hand, I’ve experienced that this meditation can allow you to do so.

[00:03:41] It really can open up your eyes and maybe they’re not a narcissist or maybe they don’t really affectively hurt you, but sometimes they’re in your life and you have to deal with them once a year. Okay. And you don’t want to leave frustrated, angry, drained, or triggered. This meditation is going to allow [00:04:00] you to enter into this scenario with this person.

This meditation is going to allow you to enter into this scenario with this person at ease.

[00:04:00] Raven Scott

[00:04:03] And you’ll be able to leave refreshed with a new viewpoint, with a different perspective, and just with the tools to emotionally handle this situation. So let’s get diving in.


[00:04:16] so we’re going to get settled into our mat. Okay, comfy cozy, sitting straight with your spine up nice and tall. Shoulders back. Rolling down, reading deeply from your belly, starting to soften your eyes and close your eyes, breathing in and I’ll breathing in and I’ll, your eyes are closed [00:05:00] now. Breathing.

[00:05:03] And I’ll leaving a deep breath out of your mouth, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. One more through your nose, deep breath and out through your no. Now breathe easy. Picture this difficult person who is making you angry is hurting you. Maybe he’s not listening to you. It’s just so difficult to resolve.

[00:05:41] See yourself staring into their eyes, take a deep breath and, and in deep breath Al now see time. See this difficult person as a [00:06:00] teenager, then as a child. And then as a baby, this person was innocent and vulnerable. At one point in time, this person was dependent on their mother. Now imagine them back at the age of six or seven, they are still vulnerable.

[00:06:22] This person was dependent again. They had hopes and dreams. They have been hurt and embarrassed, see their pain, maybe they’re lonely or ignored or scared. This little one is inside of them still. And when their ego lashes out know that it is their fear, their shame and their defense mechanism. See yourself, removing some of their burdens from their arms and [00:07:00] assure them that they’re going to be fine.

[00:07:03] You forgive them. You see that when it is time to see or speak to this difficult person, visualize them as a child with their fears and hold grace in your space for that. Be curious why they are saying these darts of era,

[00:07:29] if they cannot soften, you know, you have tried your best with your eager, with your ego lowered. You can draw boundaries for yourself and limited time with them. Maybe not talk about certain times. And pay for your own items. Zero slowly, take a deep breath in [00:08:00] and out.

[00:08:12] Sit in the space that this difficult person. Has no power over, you does not need to affect any parts of your emotions because their difficulty and their prickliness ours is their pain. It’s their armor. And all you have to do is stop bumping into.

[00:08:51] Stop trying to win. When you lower your ego, trying to win, you can’t get through that prickly spiky [00:09:00] armor. Why, why even try? So you can be proven, right? Cause they’re wrong. Really? They’re not difficult at all. You start to be curious about them and enjoy the time as a science experiment, asking questions versus trying to make them wrong.

[00:09:25] We already know they’re wrong, right? It’s like a little toddler, you know, their stories and their make-believe things are not reality. So just speaking. We entertained during the time you’re with them and then put up boundaries that you’re not with them for very many times. You have the power to do this, sit and soak up your power.[00:10:00]

[00:10:15] Um, when you’re ready slowly, take a deep breath in awakening your senses to your surrounding wiggling, your fingers and toes. Blinking eye fluttering them softly, gazing upon something in the room, finding space to say thank you to yourself, to your guides, your higher self Sorce, divine father and mother.

[00:10:47] Thank you. Spirit guides for allowing me to see the other person’s. True self See the other person’s soul struggling [00:11:00] to be evolving some souls. Aren’t always going to be evolving and successful in this life. Thank you for that perspective. Thank you for practicing this with me today. I pray that it has equipped you to be curious rather than upset and trying to prove yourself

[00:11:21] right. Next time you deal with this difficult person. My higher self sees your higher self Namaste.

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when you are controlled by a narcissist you will never reach your true potential as a beautiful human being. There is hope though! You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your souls journey. The dark egoistic people are drawn to your empathic light – like a moth to the light.

Raven Scott
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