How to Remove Obstacles in Life to Succeed | Why I Love Human Design | S3 Ep 17.

What if we lived and acted out of our unique strategy versus a formula the world tells us to?.  

“How can you dissipate the blocks that stop our progress and flow with the Universe?”

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We don’t always know how we are going to achieve our goals, but we can know who we are, where we are going, and how to utilize our energy to move like a river rather than hitting up against a dam. 

Human Design hones in what type of person you are more and how you flow through the universe. Human design is not a cult, it’s not a religion.

It is a science, very similar to astrology and it is a personal development tool. It helps you know how to move through life, make the right decisions for you and strategies to live by while revealing what your life’s purpose is.

We have questions:

Why is no one listening to me? 

I’m so frustrated this project isn’t reaching it’s goals. 

What is my lifes’ purpose? And all the while there are coaches with specific formulas telling you to do it THIS WAY

This broadcast is an analysis and study of what if you approached life in your own unique way versus listening to the next coach selling you success? 

I know for me with an open will center I am easily sold the hopes and promises of the snake oil salesmen. But each episode I will share information and educate you on Human Design and bring it into real life relatable examples. 

I will share with you that you don’t need to pigeon hold yourself into a box once you find out your design type. Knowing your human design is a tool to help you evolve and grow as a human being in your consciousness. It allows you to consciously parent your child as uniquely as they are made to without conditioning them to move through the world as you do. It makes the effort and energy of interactions, projects, and life a lot smoother! 

And this broadcast is my experiment to see if I can relay this in an easy to understand way that starts a movement to bring human design,  and a unique approach to our lives, and to our future generation’s lives for the better. 

From time to time I’ll bring on guests to share self improvement and motivational topics for empowerment and encouragment. And I will deliver clear, inspiring, and practical information on how you can push through those blocks, live your most authentic life and enjoy it all the while.

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Human Design why I love it – experiment

[00:00:00] Raven Scott: Hello? Hello. I am Raven Scott, and a welcome back to the Raven Scott channel.

[00:00:13] Today, we are talking about human design. Again, it is human design week. How are you loving it? Put it in the comments below if you’re loving this human design week. And I just wanted to bring you just a bit of an inspirational again. Like why, why am I doing this? Why am I doing human design week? What if you could dissipate the blocks that are stopping your progress and you could flow with know.

[00:00:40] Things could be easier. Opportunities would just drop in your lap. We don’t always know how we’re going to achieve our goals. We just know we have them, right. We know in ourselves that we want to achieve them. We know where we’re going, but how is always the big question [00:01:00] and it’s never something that really truly can be answered, but if you can trust the process and do what you love.

[00:01:08] Follow the breadcrumbs to the end goal, to your end goal, right. To the finish line to the finale. And I know there’s always more, once you cross one line and you have another goal, however, what if we just start with one goal and what if you could utilize your energy to move like a river rather than hitting up against today?

[00:01:31] I know I’m all for that. I love to find a way, like for me, where there’s a will, there’s a way my energy is so tenacious. And I will find that crack in that rock to move like a river. But sometimes we do hit blocks. We do hit and we don’t even know what’s happening. We’re like, what’s going on this work so well before, but now it’s not working.

[00:01:52] Why isn’t this process I’m repeating not working this time. Maybe it worked. Cause it was like a first time one-off [00:02:00] thing. Maybe it worked because the energy was, you know, right. The timing was right. But with human design, it really hones in to tell you, are you living according to your energy, your energy flows, everything is energy.

[00:02:16] You seeing me on the screen is energy. You watching a being on your phone, watching the TV. Talking on the telephone across the world to other people, that’s all energy. So human design allows us to channel that energy to flow rather than to hit dead ends in the maze of this, you know, what we call life.

[00:02:45] So, um, we have these questions. Why is no one listening to me. That’s definitely projectors question. Right? Am I frustrated that this project isn’t reaching its goals? Well, number one, you know the [00:03:00] answer to why is no one listening to me is because you are not living according to your strategy, especially if you are a projector, you need to wait for the invitation.

[00:03:12] You know, you have the wisdom, you have the knowledge you’re here to guide. But you have to be patient and just be present, uh, in order for them to feel your aura, to invite you into giving that advice when you just give it up and no one’s asking people get resentful. They don’t listen to you. They cut you off.

[00:03:32] It’s just a whole big thing. And then you become resentful and bitter and that’s your non-life theme. And so that’s something that you need to really practice. I know waiting is hard and the generators and manifesting generators we have to wait to, but while we’re waiting, what if we did what we love?

[00:03:52] What if we indulge ourselves and said, I really am lit up by doing this. Do that [00:04:00] project, do it and be it and breathe it and let it light you up. And that light up sparks and electromagnetic attraction, and someone else will be invited in and be like, oh wow. Like you seem to really know a lot about this, or you’re really passionate about this.

[00:04:16] Can you please help me? Like, let’s say you want to be guide or coach. Um, and if you are a generator, you have a project going, for instance, You know, just the other day, I post a really direct poignant, real about, uh, childhood trauma and how memory loss, and like, just giving you advice, like don’t try and fix people, right?

[00:04:38] Childhood trauma tries to fix people and that real and that YouTube short was then posted and, um, TV. He was like, yes, can’t reveal the secret. But yes, he gave me a really beautiful opportunity that I can’t wait to start very soon as travel. So things like that, you do what you love, expecting nothing in [00:05:00] return, kind of like the golden rule.

[00:05:01] And then the universe, the energy will, will resonate. The frequency will bounce back and that opportunity will land in your lap and you’ll get to respond to it, especially if you’re a generator, that’s your strategy to be like, oh my gosh, yes. We talked today. Another video today of week two about types and your stress.

[00:05:21] So go take a look at that in depth video to know what is your type and what is your strategy. So these are just some real time examples. And another thing that you might be feeling as frustrated this project, isn’t reaching its goals. Okay. Why not? Are you pushing it? Are you not waiting for the right timing?

[00:05:41] Are you starting to kind of gain, like get, um, just the right perfection paralysis for you? Try and are you like pushing and. And people are kind of being off by just the amount of pushing you’re doing versus just doing it for the joy of [00:06:00] it. Right. So a lot of people are trying to manifest something I’m going to manifest this.

[00:06:06] Well, what does that really mean? Like sometimes the manifestation quote, unquote process is shoving you into. Something it’s shopping you into something that is not aligned with your energy and it’s blocking the flow of energy because you’re trying to cram a circle into a square hole. I know I’ve done that a hundred kajillion times in my life always rate a four something.

[00:06:32] And every time I’d forced something, a big accident would happen, something would backfire and blow up in my face. And it’s like, I’d always sit back hindsight. Yes. I wasn’t really acting out of like the joy and fulfillment of doing this at backfired. It just totally, I was shoving it cause I wanted to accomplish this goal.

[00:06:52] Well, what if that goal isn’t really the true universes or your higher self real true end game. [00:07:00] So instead of focusing so much on the goal, enjoy the process, have something in mind and especially maybe you have a specific way that you meant. The bottom right corner. If it’s pointing left, you can actually visualize and write it down and clarify exactly what you are intending or your feeling of a goal.

[00:07:22] And sometimes it’s just general and some of you pointing to the right, you have just a general. So enjoying the process is key. It’s really key. And when we’re frustrated, that means that we’re not living in alignment with our strategy and a lot of the strategies. Is about surrender. You know, we talked today about the wait to respond strategy.

[00:07:47] That’s all about surrender. You’re doing, you’re not just sitting there twiddling your thumbs. You are doing something that’s enjoyable, but you’re also surrendering the, you know, the end results, the define, and you’re enjoying the [00:08:00] process. If you’re a projector, you’re waiting, you’re still doing what you enjoy and you’re being more than doing, but you’re.

[00:08:09] With people and observing, and then when they are ready, they will ask you. And it won’t be too long because you have a very probing aura. So all of these different ways are really key. If your manifestor you’re going to inform, right. So if you’re not informing and you’re just going through it, people you’re going to freak people out and they’re going to block you.

[00:08:29] They’re going to stop you. So that’s what we talked about, you know, go in depth in the types, on the video to today and the human design. That was post today, but that’s just another way. That’s another reasons. All these reasons are how you can flow your energy into this river channel versus hitting up into the dead end.

[00:08:52] Another thing I’ll ask is like, what is, what is my life’s purpose? I know I did not everyone does, but I did like, [00:09:00] why am I here? What I want to do something fulfilling? What is my purpose? And that you can find in your human design chart combined with your north node in your astrology. And it’s really, really fascinating.

[00:09:16] I just read a chart today, everything pointed arrows to a certain path. It’s going to be a path that will only make sense to you, and you’ll still need to figure it out, but it was a very clear path. Creativity. Here to make the surroundings beautiful, to evolve and mutate society. It was just phenomenal.

[00:09:37] Everything kept pointing to that. And all of the hard, difficult aspects kept pointing to you are here to creatively, make everything glorious and beautiful, but also to shift and change things. So sometimes it is hard. Our soul is here for some hard stuff, but we just have to enjoy the process. And know that the [00:10:00] next right step will be right in front of you.

[00:10:03] It’s like that one story about, um, being impatient. So this woman waiting at the river, she couldn’t get across the river. It’s going too fast and she’s like, oh, I need to get across the river. I can’t cross her. I can’t swim. I don’t know what to do. And all she had to do is slow down. Somebody, you know, a little whisper in her voice that just looked down.

[00:10:22] So she looked down and there was one stepping up. And then she gets in the first she’s like, okay, now what do I do now? What do I do now? I don’t know what to do. And then the voice small voice said looked down and there was another stepping stone right in front of her right down there in front of her face.

[00:10:38] And that’s the process. That’s what we’re here to do is just surrender and enjoy. And when we relax, we enjoy and do what feels right to us, depending on what our authority is, which we’ll be covering this week. And one of the videos. Yeah. It’s just allowed you to see those steps. They’re [00:11:00] right in front of our face, but we’re panicking or looking to all these different coaches.

[00:11:04] The world is saying, do it this way. There’s one formula. This is success. That’s that one person’s success. And every single person is as unique as a fingerprint. So your path to your purpose and success is just as unique as your. It’s not going to be that super-duper successful Tony Robinson’s past. He’s excellent.

[00:11:26] And motivating you to do what you love to do, but to be him, that’s him. We can’t, you can’t replicate that. We’re all unique. So I just, that’s why I love human design. This is why I love it. And all the while, you know, We get so coaxed into even social media, how to gain more followers, do this strategy, do that strategy.

[00:11:51] What have you just showed up and were authentically yourself? Like I said about that real, I had no strategy. I had no intention. I was just [00:12:00] like, I hear this. I need to convey it. It was like 15 seconds, no music, nothing fancy. And I just spoke it. So, you know, there’s, it’s just authenticity and people feel the authenticity through the energy waves onto the video and onto the screen.

[00:12:19] Right now you’re probably feeling my passion and my authenticity and you know, and my excitement about why I love human design right now. It’s energetic. So yeah. This whole week, and I’m going to be doing more put in the comments below. If you want more human design analysis, if you want more real life studies, um, I’m kind of experimenting here, right?

[00:12:43] So this is like part of my breadcrumb process. I love talking about motivating you and empowering you to be your highest and best self and getting your sparkle back after any type of abuse, narcissist emotional abuse. And when I found human design, Let me [00:13:00] up. This said you are not crazy. You are not, you know, this blank canvas that he can manipulate.

[00:13:07] You are unique and you are beautifully unique. And maybe you have an open wheel center that allows you to be easily sold, but it’s okay now, you know, and now you can put your guard up. So I just loved how empowering. Human design allowed me to feel and to be in to think it’s like, now I know why I did this, and now I know why this is.

[00:13:30] And in my book, empathic, narcissist have a whole chapter on it. Chapter 12. So grab the book on Amazon, it’s there for you. So yeah, I just, you know, each episode, once a week, I’m going to come back to you. I’m going to share more information, but I hope you’re enjoying human design. I hope you’re loving it.

[00:13:50] And please put in the comments below. If you are enjoying it, put in the comments. If you have any questions, I will be doing a live Q and a answer question on [00:14:00] Thursday. So put all those questions in the comments so I can answer them for you. I will share with you, you know, that it really is important for you to hear this.

[00:14:11] You don’t need to pigeonhole yourself into a. Let’s say you get your human design chart for free. The first video tells you where to get it and you pulled up and then you start researching, oh, I’m a projector. I don’t have energy in my sacred dah, dah, dah, whatever. Right. And don’t put yourself in a box and say, well, I’m a projector.

[00:14:33] I can’t do anything. I’m not a doer. No, you can accomplish huge, amazing thing. President Barack Obama is a projector and he accomplished huge, amazing things for healthcare when he was there. So I had something that you just can’t shoe box yourself in and like make justification. So it’s an evolution [00:15:00] tool.

[00:15:00] Knowing your human design is a tool to help you evolve. It helps you grow. It helps you to see where your Follies are in your. And to like, be conscious about that and, you know, slowly eradicate those ego Follies and it helps you grow into your consciousness as a human being. It allows you, if you are a parent and I am to consciously parent as uniquely as your child is made without conditioning them too much.

[00:15:30] Cause it’s really hard. Right? So without conditioning them to move through the world as. You may be different. Like I was just on a podcast yesterday and everyone mistakes me for a manifestor manifesting generator. I’m a pure generator. However, my mother is. And so it’s okay if we kind of get conditioned a little bit, like I said, you can’t be perfect, but there are things, patterns, habits, multitasking is the thing.

[00:15:57] Right. We talked today about, in the video [00:16:00] about the manager. And you, like, I just pick it up. I’m not good at it. Right. But it’s something that’s just subconsciously picked up. And so it’s okay. You can’t 100% be perfect, but as long as you’re conscious, you’re trying and you’re not, you know, conditioning them to be like, okay, you need to do soccer and, you know, to practice and keep you busy and off the screen.

[00:16:22] Okay. That’s wonderful to stay, you know, for the healthy mental part, but the projector is not one to run around. Oh for many hours and then come home and do homework. Like they need to preserve their energy for what’s important. They can go run around. Um, but then don’t expect them to do hours of homework after they run around.

[00:16:43] You know, so, and so many things we’ll get into parenting, um, down the road as I continue to post videos, but it just, human design makes the effort and the energy of interactions and projects and life a lot smoother. [00:17:00] And this week, the human design week and moving forward is an experiment. I’m not going to do it every day.

[00:17:07] I’ll do a once a month human design week, and then we’ll continue to talk and empower you on how to heal from your narcissist abuse or emotional abuse or childhood trauma. Um, but this is going to really, I think, help you understand who you are and in the healing process, I really truly think it’s integral.

[00:17:26] And, um, you know, the human design brings you a unique approach to your life, a unique approach of how you approach making decisions about how you act and move through the world. And I think it’s really important to emphasize that human design is here for the future generations lives is for the children and their children to allow them to be more calm.

[00:17:54] And for their lives to be better, you know, and of course I’ll [00:18:00] be bringing guests on from time to time on the channel as well. So make sure that you’re subscribed and you hit that bell. So you get everything up in your feed, so you don’t miss a beat. And I can’t wait to hear all of your comments and just what you’re gleaning from these motivational topics from this empowerment and encourage.

[00:18:20] I will absolutely make it a goal to deliver you clear, inspiring, and practical information on how you can push through these blocks, how you can heal and how you can live your most authentic life while enjoying it all the while. This is Raymond Scott. This concludes my life today here on the YouTube channel, Raven Scott show.

[00:18:42] And this recording will go audio on the thriving, intuitive podcast. Regain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse, anywhere you listen to podcasts, but you are here on YouTube. So you’re here for the videos and this is it right here. Make sure that you subscribe, you hit that bell. Let me know what you think.

[00:18:59] Your comments, [00:19:00] your questions. I will answer all your human design questions on Thursday. Thank you so much for watching and I truly appreciate all of you. Have a beautiful. And remember always keep your unique light shine.

[00:19:40] Bye for now.

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We truly want every single soul to know that they are supported and empowered in their soul’s journey. You are unique and are here for a particular purpose …
🌈Raven Scott Author and YouTuber/Podcaster, and Jessica Schiller Silverman have joined together to create a beautiful community for you to grow and be spiritually supported and together join and lean into our self care and self empowerment.

This collective membership on Patreon aligned so divinely in flow! 

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