Has a book changed your life?

I love a good self development book, and many have changed my life. In fact books and stories have taught humans many things over the centuries. But when I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon my heart opened up. … I was a young mother of two babies in diapers and was determined not to abandonContinue reading “Has a book changed your life?”

16 Tips for Self Care in Libra Season

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or many planets in Libra, then look in your chart to see what house Libra resides in and this energy will influence that aspect of your life.
The traits of Libra are: charming, diplomatic, equitable…

Breaking Ancestral Patterns with Healed Ancestor Guided Meditation| S3 Ep 35

Connecting with your healed ancestor gives you guidance, strength and wisdom to break the negative patterns passed down. You are here to stop the toxic cycle.

Heal Trauma from Narcissistic Abuse with Sky Breathing Technique| S3 Ep 27

How all humans can heal trauma, vacate negative emotions and attract joy, love and abundance in your life after narcissistic emotional abuse through Breath work meditation by The Art of Living Sky Breath meditation.

How to Spiritually Protect Yourself Through Human Design| S3 Ep 26

Knowing yourself Intimately through Human Design gives you spiritual protection. Awareness of what is your energy, guard and energy cleansing improves your mental health by knowing your Human Design chart.

Empath’s Exclusive Human Design Energy Forecast| Gate 51 & 57

Today, I’m sharing with you a clip from the weekly human design transit energy forecast to give you a taste. These are. Recordings that I do weekly.

Things Are About to Change: I’m Done We’re Done A Cycle is Ending A New has Begun| S3 Ep 24

And cycle is ending. A new one’s beginning. We’re souls not putting up with the control and tyranny of others are trending. Never again, will we chase love only to be neglected. Never again, will we take the blame for their failures and defections. Never again, will they cut us down with their lies….