16 Tips for Self Care in Virgo Season

Self Care is vital when rewriting your self worth and recovery from narcissistic abuse. This is a guide to holistic approach for the astrological season of Virgo August 22 – September 21. The end of summer in Northern Hemisphere. This monthly post is for members of newsletter and subscribers of blog & medium only.

16 Tips Self Care in Virgo Season

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Virgo Season Self Care

If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or any planets in Virgo, then look in your chart to see what house Virgo resides in and this energy will influence that aspect of your life.

The traits of Virgo are: analytical, anxious, critical, detailed, diligent, efficient, helpful, logical, orderly, precise, rational, caring and tidy.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury has the fastest orbit around the Sun. It governs the mind, communication, processing, data, announcements, and communication.

“The present issues from the past, and the future from the present. Everything is made one by this continuity. Time is like a circle, where all the points are so linked that one cannot say where it begins or ends, for all points precede and follow one another for ever.” 

Hermes Trismegistus, Corpus Hermeticum
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Just as the Virgo energy stokes you into sharpening your mind, it also empowers you to be flexible and adaptive. While you may have been “improving” yourself out of guilt in order to gain love and acceptance from the narcissist. Don’t let the stress and anxiety get to your true search for love and compassion for your inner being, in order to feel free and joyful. You are smart.

As guest Ana C Jones in S4 Sp68, Why didn’t you leave the Narcissist Sooner? said, “I get to decide. I come back to finding experiences, magical moments. I wanna experience all of these things and I get to come back to these things. And I really think that’s something we forget that we have the power to choose. We’re not tied to a person or a situation or an event or a circumstance we have to wake up and just be like, oh wow. I actually have the power to walk away from here.”

She is smart. She knew in her head something was off, but she pushed those thoughts aside because she was desperate to find a partner.

When you are trying to leave a narcissist and heal from the abuse, let your heart and mind lead you. Don’t second guess your concerns, and be flexible to let go and take some time to yourself and figure it out.

Here are sixteen tips for your Self Care in Virgo Season

1. Develop anxiety relieving practice.

Because the pure, perfecting virgin energy is about, always trying to fix everything, this can lead to undue worry. Because you can only control you, not other surrounding factors in an imperfect world. Perfection is an unrealistic goal. Find a way to balance your expectations, and find ways to manage your stress.

Start a grounding routine, such as yoga, or meditation. EFT Tapping is highly effective, and is an alternative acupressure therapy treatment used to restore balance to your disrupted energy. It’s been an authorized treatment for war veterans, and trauma survivors like yourself to ease PTSD.

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2. Establish a Healthy Diet

The parts of the body to focus on for Virgos, and during the season are, the small intestine, pancreas, and gallbladder. The critical thinking skills, keen physical awareness, and love for all things organic and Earth bound allow you to discern what is good for your body, and what is not.

Just like cutting out the toxic energy of person in your life, so is cutting out toxic foods benefit your mental and physical health.

Pay close attention to what foods you eat, and how they effect your digestion and energy levels.

One way to boost the health of your gut is eating a diet rich in anti=inflammatory nutrients found in richly colored fruits and vegetables. Probiotic supplements can also help. As well as limiting your consumption of red meat and wheat.

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3. Sniff out food sensitivities.

Virgos are very precise, and in tuned with their bodies. Use this energy to find the good food and eliminate the not good foods.

Those who have a lot of Virgo placement, your body is not neutral in what it eats. The body reads it as either friend or foe, as a result triggering an inflammation. Signs of sensitivities are indigestion, depression, bloating, and headaches.

Consult a gastroenterologist if you have these symptoms, and all other tests from your general doctor come back negative.

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4. Tend to your Gallbladder

The liver continually makes bile, which is stored in the gallbladder until you eat. When you consume food, the stomach releases a hormone that causes the muscles around the gallbladder to contract and release the bile. Therefore helping you digest good.

The Western diet is filled with refined foods, and loaded with unhealthy amounts of saturated fats that over taxes the gallbladder.

Taking care of your tiny very important organ by eating fiber-filled Whole Foods. No not whole grained bread. First eat your fruits, vegetables, quinoa, oatmeal, and other nutrient rich foods.

5. Overcome Perfectionism

Virgos and the energy of the season, is quite excellent at analyzing and knowing what should be and what could be to make a scenario run smoothly. With astonishing insights, it can lead to frustration, worry, and your perfectionism paralyzes you. (or drives everyone around you mad.)

It’s important for your mental health to let go of some things, and allow the imperfection around you be beautiful. You do not always need to fix it. (or them)

Become aware you do this, find the positives, set reasonable goals, allow yourself to fail forward, learn to receive criticism, lower the pressure you put on yourself, and focus on your intentions of the heart over perfectionism.

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6. Develop a healthy sleep routine

Virgos are the perpetual health conscious ambassadors. Take advantage of this energy and develop a new resolve to establish a healing sleep routine. This is more powerful than you think.

As a survivor (in or out of the relationship) your body is under an enormous amount of stress. And as medical studies have shown, a good nights rest helps clean out all of that oxidative stress.

In order to do this, you must go back to the basics. As Earth energy is flowing, Re-wild yourself. Spend more time outside to absorb the beneficial suns rays to enhance dopamine and melatonin and receive Vitamin D. Humans now a days spend 7% of their time outside. As Dr. Seheault’s full course on Commune explains the latest studies that explain on a physiological level why certain lifestyle changes and simple health hacks can help you avoid getting sick and reduce your stress.

Another recommendation he had was to turn off your screens after sundown to allow your body to produce the natural amounts of melatonin it needs to clean out all of the oxidative stress. Blue block glasses are good to prevent the blue light from entering your eyes, but reading a good book and winding down is a more healthy choice for those die hard empaths out there.

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7. Eat locally, and help save the Earth

Virgo sign is the sign of the harvest. This energy and Virgos are naturally concerned about the Earth. When finding ways to take back the control in your life, empower yourself by making small yet impactful choices. Buy your produce from locally grown, organic farms. Doing so can make a difference in the sustainability and environment, and especially your health.

8. Remain balanced in your new zeal.

While being health conscious, and perfectionists, Virgos and all others influenced by the Virgo energy should be cautious of obsessing over these new found health habits. Life is full of balance, and not every moment can be exactly as you desire. Others have free will. And if you continue to push your new found zeal, you will push people away.

Just as you did not like being controlled in your relationship with the narcissist, no one likes to feel guilted into doing something, even if it’s healthy for them. Remember, we all have our own journeys. All you can do is share what you are enjoying and wait for them to ask more if they wish to partake.

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9. Eat Gut-Healthy foods

As covered in above points, it’s highly recommended for your body to recover from the stress of emotional abuse to take care of your gut, the second (or some may argue the first) brain. Whole grains, possibly even gluten free, bitter greens, and umeboshi plums all are highly beneficial for you during Virgo Season.

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While wheat is the main ingredient in the Western diet, you may want to experiment with taking it out of your diet, and limit to to one meal or none. With it’s nutrients stripped of many of there naturally occurring properties, it is the top food allergies. Instead, if you are not quite ready to go gluten free all together, enjoy a cornucopia of whole grains such as barley, spelt, teff, and quinoa.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that bitter flavors enhance the function of the small intestine. They aid in digestion, and stimulate digestive enzymes and bile. Bitter greens are dandelion greens, sorrel, and endive. Use them in a dinner salad. Another fun way to get in your bitters, is splash bitters, usually used in cocktails, into your sparkling water for a delicious digestion aid.

Umeboshi plums, pickled Ume plums, have so many health benefits from stopping indigestion, enhancing mineral absorption, and is a hangover remedy. You can find it in a natural food store, or Asian market in a pureed paste, whole plums, or vinegar form. Sprinkle a spoonful on your steamed vegetables and rice.

10. Fasting

Virgo sign signifies purity, and detoxification can bring you many healing rewards, especially when recovering from a toxic relationship and environment.

Fasting allows the body to clear out unwanted toxins and allows your digestion a reset. It is best to work with a nutrition practitioner whether you do this guided in a day spa, or at home. You may choose a restrictive fast of just water, or a less restrictive with juice, broth, and steamed vegetables. Again a warning about those over zealous at heart, fasting is beneficial when done periodically, but not when done too often.

11. Steam bath

The traditional Russian banya, is a ritual of cleansing switching from sweating out the toxins in a steam room, and then cooling off by plunging into a cold pool. The heat brings blood to your skin while cold water send the flow back inward nourishing your organs. If you cannot find a Russian banyan in your area, search for Korean jjimjilbang or Turkish hamam. Or create your own bathing ritual at the gym, alternating between the steam room and a cold shower. For your first session it is recommended by Banya.ca spending 3-6 minutes inside the sauna. Exit the sauna and take a quick cold shower to rinse off. 

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12. Herbal Wraps

With the summer heat being at it’s hottest, soaking in a hot tub is not very pleasant. This is why an herbal wrap full of Earthy herbs is perfect for Virgo Season. The heat created by the cocooning as well as the herbs’ stimulating effects help your body release toxins. After you unwrap you rinse off and moisturize your body to further soften your skin. You may get this done at a spa or try a DIY at home. Make sure to ask which herbs are used in the treatment to ensure they are not ones you are sensitive too. A skin rash after is also not fun.

Try this revitalizing Detox DIY Body Wraps by Hello Glow Refer to the Essential oil section below to use Virgo seasons favorite herbs and oils.

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13. Relaxation Practices

As an empath you have a lot thoughts and feelings that need to be grounded. Quieting our minds and rooting out hands in the Earth will help us release the stress from worry and anger.

Crafting Harness the power of Virgo’s eye for detail and appreciate using your hands to weave, cut, sew, and design a beautiful project that makes your heart sing. This is a great way to tap into your inner child’s needs and play with different materials, glues, make slime, etc. Whatever you draw or make, you do not need to keep. You can offer it up in a ritual by burning it. It’s the process that is important not the end result.

Sound Bath If you have not discovered singing bowls to balance and heal your energy body with it’s vibrations, you have to check them out! A great book to read about them is Meditation Bowls Science-based sound therapies by Mariana Vilhena Da. @healmonic on Instagram. Just 2-5 minutes in the morning and/or as you go to bed will balance and allow you to feel calm and balanced.

Gardening With your hands in the Earth, feet on the grass, your magnetic energy body can ground and balance your energy from chaos to calm. This mindful practice of gardening forces you to pay attention to the ever so slow moving world of plant life. Observing the colors, the petals health, the growth, and even learning that pruning brings health and more life, just like pruning out bad people in your life brings growth and abundance of healthy people. As a Virgo myself it is one of my favorite hobbies and is so rewarding. If you think you are a black thumb just think about the three main things a plant needs (which is similar to us). A home, with nutritious soil, water, and moderate sunlight.

Animal Companionship The Virgo sign is associated with pets. Take time to destress while cuddling or walking your furry four legged loved one. Their healing and unconditional love is medicine for the soul. In addition, they are a mirror and reflect our positive and negative behaviors. (not 100% because they have their own personalities and consciousness) Their reactions are a direct reflection of how gentle or rough we are acting. What a rewarding relationship.

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14. Essential oils

Virgo’s are extremely health conscious. They appreciate the ingredients and process of how essential oils are distilled. You can allow yourself to be drawn to the aromatherapy, and the soothing sense the aromatherapy brings.

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Sweet smelling Melissa officinalis, also known as lemon balm, has been known throughout history for its antiviral activity and its ability to reduce anxiety and melancholy. Place a few drops in a hot bath before bed to curb insomnia. With your new gardening skill, grow a pot of lemon balm, from which you can pluck leaves off, dry, and brew a calming tea. When you go to purchase the oil, do not skimp on the quality; cheaper products are often adulterated with citronella and lemongrass oils, which do not provide the same benefits as Melissa.


Cardamom essential oil is derived from the pungent and aromatic spice used in Indian cuisine. Its warm calming and uplifting fragrance has been used in perfume blends back in ancient Egypt. It is well know for its aphrodisiac properties and can help your guard and stress melt away so you may enjoy the pleasure of your sexual fire. Add a few drops of cardamom oil to unscented body lotion and use in a sensual massage. If your mind and stomach are under stress, boiling the cardamom seeds and making a tea with honey can relax and calm both.

Carrot Seed

Daucus Carota is distilled from the seed of this root vegetable. The health conscious energy of Virgo appreciates that it is a natural skin-care regimen for its softening and rejuvenating qualities. It is a benefit for liver support and its diuretic properties make it a great aid for detoxifying. Mix carrot seed oil into your moisturizer and body lotion, or add the oil to a clay mask to enhance its soothing and cleansing properties. To boost your detox regime place a few drops of carrot seed oil into your bath.

15. Build an Alter

Building an alter is a very Earthy and tactile way to remind you to flow with the energy of the Universe. It is witchy (wicce) yes but, don’t worry you are not going to hell. An alter brings your focus to investing in your self worth, your mother archetype, and healing exercises you must do in order to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Spiritual is a combination of Spirit + Ritual. And ritual is another fancy word for disciplined habit.

Read blog on Being the Black Sheep of your Family

First clean your space where feels right for you to build your alter. Either on a fireplace hearth, shelf, table, or console. Place a candle front and center. Place a cloth and assemble your items creatively as you wish.

Color of cloth for Sun in Virgo : Indigo/ multi- colored or multi-textured

Flowers: multi colored flowers, especially those purple, blue, or greenish, pine, buttercup or chrysanthemum,

Stones/Crystals: Sapphire, amber, fluorite, agate, topaz, silver.

Herbs: Anaseed, Marjoram, cardamom, valerian, lemon balm.

Incense: Frankincense, citrus, and/or amber

Food: Nuts, complex flavors, mixture of salty, sweet, spicy

Symbols: wheat, animals, Virgin Mary, goddess Astraea, Dike, Persephone, Quan Yin.

16. Yoga poses

Seated Forward Bend: This pose provides mindful presence as you fold onto yourself.

Half Lord of the Fishes: This seated pose will wring out the toxins, and stimulate digestion. It opens up a freer flow of energy throughout the body and the mind.

Extended Puppy: This is a gentle pose that stretches your spine while relaxing your mind. This calming posture is good to do before bed, as it will help ward off insomnia.

In addition to this pose, ensure the lights are dim after sunset, get plenty of natural sunlight during the day, use blue block glasses while viewing screens, and forego the screen and pick up a good book to lul you to sleep. In addition, Virgos and their energy are keenly attuned to details, and love things organized. If you are still feeling restless, make sure your bedroom is free of clutter to alleviate the last bit of restlessness. Look into Feng shui principles so the energy in the room flows and is a sanctuary for your rest.

Be mindful of information given to you. Be careful if you feel vulnerable. Because the wolf will arrive in sheep’s clothing charming and charismatic. You will feel like they have all the answers and your savior. (A good free documentary on Amazon to watch is Holy Hell) Life is not that easy, you will never arrive while looking outside of yourself… guard your hearts, guard your minds and remember…

Always keep your unique light shining!

Happy Virgo Season

~ Raven Scott

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