5 More ways Empaths can embrace their superpower and defeat the Narcissist. | Ep 78

 Part2: Overcome codependency, protect aura with guided meditation & develop a growth mindset

“Spirituality is not some pale pink gauzy, psychologically unsophisticated understanding of the world. Rather it represents the most profound elucidation of how the mind operates and how it filters our experience. It recognizes the extraordinary depth of how our most fundamental yearning are yearning for love. And the extraordinary pain that we feel when we don’t find it.” 

— Marianne Williamson
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Sometimes we think spirituality is up in the ether and is so esoteric that sometimes we don’t try to grow in it. Or there’s too many cults or have been burned too many times from the church or religion that you give up on God.

What we’re trying to do is just connect to that love and connecting with the narcissist is the unhealthy way of trying to find that love.

Danielle Laporte writes, “but if we are operating from our real power rooted in our self love and respect, we’d steer clear of people who obviously aren’t going to meet our most important needs.

We would avoid taking on relationships as project. And instead seek relationships centered around growing together. We’d get with people who see us as clearly as we see them. And we’d, co-write a true love story in that beautiful light.”

1. Stop caring what they think

Their ideas, their guilt and their salesmanship on how you should live does not reflect on truly how you should live because that’s their path. Like I said, if we all have our own paths and they wind here or there, and they’re all a unique color and they’re not exactly matching why or how should they be able to tell us how to live on our.

Their path is orange. Our path is purple, whatever color, right. It doesn’t match up. And everyone has their own unique path. 

“When you stop caring, what they think and stop thinking that they care, you truly will be able to find peace and love and freedom in your life.” -Raven Scott

That really compares to nothing.

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2. Detach energetic chords from your emotional body to others emotional bodies 

Cut out enmeshed relationships

I talked about this in episode 74, The Aftermath of Narcissist Abuse.

That enmeshed relationship is toxic. And I get it, it’s easier to cut them out said than done. Because it is unconscious. You have grown up only knowing enmeshed relationships. But now that you are aware, now it is on you to choose to detach those energetic chords. And I know this goes back to stop caring because you believe, if you detach those energetic cords, the other person is not gonna love you.

That codependent of like, they need me for this. And I need them for that is the only way we can relate. But if it continues to hurt you then you have to stop relating that way. And sometimes it means that you don’t get to relate at.

And that’s okay. And sometimes the reality is, yeah, you have to mourn the loss of that relationship. And you don’t get to spend as much time with them. But eventually as you build new healthy relationships and you feel more free and you become more and more detached energetically to that emotion, and you’re like, “wow, why did I do that in the first place?”

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3. Develop self worth

When you develop your self worth, just like I had read the quote from Daniel Laporte, you don’t put up with it anymore.

You love yourself so much and you respect yourself so much that there are boundaries strong. You don’t need to put up with that anymore. And sometimes it takes having a child to. Rather than yourself, cuz it’s a lot easier to defend our children than ourselves. And that’s the beautiful gift of having them come into our lives and really give us a kick in the butt and say self worth bootcamp.

Ways to develop your self worth are affirmations, rewriting those mirror neurons, loving yourself, tapping into your intuition, just giving yourself time and space and journaling and pleasure and self-love exercises, yoga, and anything that just brings you joy.

Every month in the newsletter, I send out a self-care guide for each Zodiac. So there are lots of different ways that you can take care of yourself and develop your self worth that I share with you. You can sign up for that newsletter here.

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Self Care for Virgo Season

4. Graduate from Maiden to Mother

You graduate from being a Maiden, a codependent child, to a mother. And you don’t have to have children to become a mother, or to be a women to graduate into the Mother archetype. It’s a, it’s a phase in life. It’s like an archetype. So the maiden is you’re new, you are learning, you are like a child emotionally. You’re just understanding how the world works.

I actually just recently did this ritual for myself. It was really, really empowering again, through my underworld time with the Leo new moon portal.

I will share the maiden traits that I found in myself, and you might relate to me and find them in yourself desired to be love from outside sources. 

Maiden: You feel lonely, jealous, you’re numbing, distracted, your vein judgemental, low self-esteem naive. Self-sacrificing resentful, guilty, ashamed mistrusting self-identity found in others, please your parents fixed mindset, victim living in lack mindset, sensitive, needy hypocritical, hide behind others codependent and your ego rules.

Mother: Now, if you transition that into the mother, The mother traits would be. You love yourself one and only unconditionally, no matter if anyone else loves you on the outside, you feel solid and secure. You’re grounded. You feel totally fine being alone. You lift other people up, you see collaboration versus competition.

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You embrace all the emotions and you sit with them and you feel them. you don’t grab for some type of substance to numb it. You are not distracted. You are really honed in and in-tuned, you’re focused and you kind of flow with what needs to happen and what goes on. You really don’t care about what you look like.

You are inclusive. Love is love. You have solid self-esteem you are wise, you will not be fooled anymore.Your self identity is grounded and rooted in your own self and soul.

Dive deeper by reading Maiden to Mother: Unlocking our archetypal journey into the mature feminine by Sarah Durham Wilson. 

If you have a narcissist mother it’s time to rise up and be your own mother you wish you had. 

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5. Build up empath protection around your energy with this guided meditation

The energetic body is a magntetic sphere outside of ourselves and within our chakras. And when, as an empath, you have yours open, you soak in everything like a sponge and is really uneasy and uncomfortable. 

So practicing the Empath Aura Protection meditation will help raise your shield and still allow your light to shine through. You can start doing it daily for yourself. If you are feeling exhausted all the time, by going out into the world, then practice this empath protection meditation regularly with me to understand how it works.

And then once you get the hang of it, you can do it yourself within like two minutes. You just take a deep breath, breathe in. Ground yourself and root and then spring forth your bubble around yourself. And you’re good to go.

Practice this guided meditation with me on the podcast at minute 19:31.

How Empaths Can Embrace Feelings and Become More Powerful Part 2 & Guided Meditation
How you can embrace feelings and become more powerful against the narcissist Part 2. + The Empath Protection Guided…player.captivate.fm

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