The 13 Most Common Traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder with Victoria Coure | Ep 102

And How quickly domestic violence can occur.
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“Fake intimacy to keep you . Now you’re locked in. Now you’re on the shelf. So he can drop down his mask and really express how he truly feels, which is another common trait of narcissistic personality disorder. “

 — Victoria Coure Ep 102 Empath and Narcissist Podcast

The 13 Most Common Traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder and how quickly domestic violence can occur.

Today I share a conversation with Victoria Coure

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Victoria is a Domestic Abuse survivor and mother of a special needs miracle child.

Here are some key moments:

  • Her story of physical domestic violence
  • Her experience with a narcissistic father
  1. Don’t respect others boundaries 
  2. Using guilt to convince you o their agenda and persona 
  3. Twist your mind to second guess your truth 
  4. Wake you up from your sleep
  5. Dropping down mask once they have you locked in 
  6. Dv common in military without help
  7. They show you off and brag about you
  8. Never admit fault 
  9. Have to appear to be the hero
  10. Blackmail you 
  11. Lack intimacy
  12. Belittles everyone & gossip
  13. Cheating 
  • Emotional abundance is far more rewarding than material money 

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Victoria is a Domestic Abuse survivor and mother of a special needs miracle child. With more than 16 years of educating myself and countless others within the special needs community. She holds several degrees and certifications which also include a Paralegal Degree, ASL Masters, First Aid/AED/CPR, Tracheostomy Certification, 2 Black Belts in mixed Martial Arts and am currently furthering my studies through online classes at Yale. I also speak to groups of domestic violence survivors as well as advocate for both survivors as well as special needs families. My daughter and I have been featured on tv advocating for those with challenging abilities and also with abused women. Having become a survivor has made me into a “Pitbull”. I advocate for these families and individuals and fight tooth and nail for them.

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