What is Coercive Control? How is it Orchestrated by the Narcissist? | Ep 109

and these abusers, what their goal is, is again, to strip us of our autonomy. So as we keep giving, They keep taking, and so the boundary just keeps getting pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed….

The 13 Most Common Traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder with Victoria Coure | Ep 102

Fake intimacy to keep you . Now you’re locked in. Now you’re on the shelf. So he can drop down his mask and really express how he truly feels…

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Things Are About to Change: I’m Done We’re Done A Cycle is Ending A New has Begun| S3 Ep 24

And cycle is ending. A new one’s beginning. We’re souls not putting up with the control and tyranny of others are trending. Never again, will we chase love only to be neglected. Never again, will we take the blame for their failures and defections. Never again, will they cut us down with their lies….

Red Flags in Relationships What No One is telling you about Narcissists| S3 Ep 23

but you still fail to see the red flags in a man then you continue to fall for a prince charming. SLOW DOWN. draw Healthy Boundaries. Look for the red flags of a narcissistic behavior when dating.

8 Steps to Heal Toxic Relationship with Parents | S3 Ep 22

“The harder the road, the greater the lesson and the greater the lesson, the greater the blessing.”
8 Steps to Heal Toxic Relationship with Parents

Today I share a conversation with a friend Amber Legato

How To Gain Self Worth After Emotional Abuse with Daily Affirmations with BONUS Ho’ o Pono Pono Prayer Song | S3 Ep 20

Do you find it difficult to take compliments? To really truly believe when someone says, oh, you look beautiful or, well, you are just so amazing. But inside you say, no, I’m not, I’m not beautiful. You might even tell them back. No…

Love Shouldn’t Hurt: Do Not Ignore the Signs of Narcissist Abuse | S3 Ep 19.

Stop taking responsibility for other’s actions, it can cost you your life.   Love shouldn’t hurt. Listen to Dawn’s remarkable story of survival and recovery from emotional and physical domestic violence.