The 5 Stages of Forgiveness of the Narcissist | Ep 101

” Forgiveness is key to actually break through and move forward. ”

Raven Scott
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I share today the Five stages of forgiveness for Empaths and Highly sensitive people. from neglect, emotional abuse and narcissistic abuse.

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Here are some key moments:

  • Jeevan Martin quote: when you smile at a robber analogy
  • Toxic positivity – Story about POW from Ryan Holiday Daily Stoic
  • healing from abuse

The tricky part about this is we have to go back to the core idea of maybe the belief that we have more than one life. Maybe we have a belief of just one life, but certainly there are things that are designed. Either you believe they’re designed by God, or you believe that your soul has kind of orchestrated and designed this life play on earth to heal your soul’s wound.

To evolve and mature deeper as a soul. So , do we believe our family or lovers or twin flames, a lot of people like to talk about like our soulmates. Are they chosen and are they chosen to have a bad role? And I feel. I don’t quite believe in the idea that they chose to be the villain in your story.

I think each soul has that journey of what they have to work on. So it all is, , a choice. Upon ourselves to wake up and to be able to choose, Okay, I’m going to step up. I’m gonna learn and I’m gonna figure out how to do this better. Or they remain unconscious and asleep and they continue to not evolve and possibly disappoint you in your life.

Toxic Positivity

I was just reading an article by Ryan Holiday. He is, , someone who talks about stoicism and that the prisoner of wars who were the most positive and were hoping for a rescue outside of themselves were the ones that deteriorated the fastest mentally when they were a prisoner of war, because they kept going, Oh, today’s the day for sure.

They’re gonna rescue me. For sure, for sure. As opposed to accepting the reality that you are stuck in this prison. Maybe they’ll come, maybe they won’t. But the reality is, I’m here in the present right now. What can I do for my mental health in the situation I’m in right now? What can I do to survive? What can I do to find peace, find solace, whatever.

And the ones who accepted the reality a lot quicker were the strongest mentally throughout the whole experience. And it’s the same thing being a prisoner of an abusive relationship. You can find your way out quickest when you accept the reality you have, And I get it. I’ve justified and I’ve made excuses and I’ve done horrible things to just keep the hope, keep the faith alive, keep the relationship alive when it just wasn’t ever really meant to last that long.

It was just there for me to wake up there for me to grow and evolve and mature.

5 stages of forgiveness

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1. Feel into your heart

Your heart center, your heart chakra. Feel below your mind. Really, the narcissist has control of your mind, but they do not have the control of your heart and your soul in your body. They do not have control of that. Even if you think or maybe deceived that they do, or they’ve attached a cord and they try to control your heart, your heart is still free.

2. Connect with Mother Earth and intuition

Grounding. Mother Nature, finding a tree to speak to and develop a relationship with.

To tune into your intuition and the divine mother, take your shoes off and walk through the grass. Sit on the grass and let her soak up all of your pain. She will use it as compost. She will compost it into the earth for you, and your magnetic field will also rebalance. And regenerate.

3. Accept what is karmic

Accepting the Karmic life lessons that you have here. Accepting the theme that is in your life, which you can find in your astrology. Human design chart in your incarnation cross. And if you look to see where your Chiron is placed, where is it located? And really just looking at all the things around you that you have patterns in.

Look at each scenario. This is why journaling and keeping a record of these certain times is important cuz you can look back and say, I was looking outside of myself for love there. Oh, I was looking outside of my love self for love for there.

What triggers you is what you need to heal.

All these patterns that we have, they also are here for us to be able to accept , what are you magnetizing?

What struggles are you attract? And that doesn’t say that you’re a bad person cuz you’re attracting it.

4. Let of perfectionism

Accepting that life is not perfect. Maybe this is just for me and all my Virgos, but I feel like other Zodiac signs can relate. People in relationships are not perfect. We all are just struggling to learn and evolve as souls as well. Some are older souls, some are younger souls, but it doesn’t make any of us really more advanced.

We’re all still trying to wake up to the fact that we have these patterns and things to heal in our soul. But while you accept that life is not perfect, you have to also be careful not to give up and do not accept the abuse when expecting that life is not perfect. So it was always back to the drawing board.

For me, it was always back to drawing boundaries for me, holding those boundaries and following through with the consequences. Which would be limiting time, removing myself, removing the attention from that person, and for yourself. Start to draw a list of uncompromisable boundaries for yourself to nourish yourself.

5. Forgive

Forgiving yourself is key.

Forgive the other. it is the actual act of forgiveness. So there’s the five steps in forgiveness. You kind of have to work yourself up to the point where your heart is open to forgive. You wanna forgive the triggers that they’ve, they cause you, because you wanna be grateful for those. Cuz now you realize, oh, these triggers that they’re doing is like a Karmic setup for me to see where I need to heal.

Ho’ o Pono Pono prayer song

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you. I love you.

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