Is Forgiving the Narcissist Helpful? | Ep 82


Empath & Narcissist podcast Ep 82

The Power of the Ho o’ pono pono prayer and forgiveness for the empath will be the most helpful tool for healing from narcissistic abuse. Dr. Joe Dispenza introduced me to this ancient cleansing mantra.

I wrote him an email. I regretted it immediately afterwards, because he thought that I was sending an SOS. I truly was like happy being away from him. I was genuinely, on the outside, wanted to say I forgive you. And he was like,

 “Forgive me for what? I did nothing wrong.” 

– X Narc

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And that was really frustrating. So then I realized I truly didn’t forgive him. I felt like maybe saying it out loud and an email would help me forgive him, but it wasn’t true forgiveness. 

True forgiveness is being able to say it not to their face and not receive the satisfaction that they’ve accepted your apology.

True forgiveness is from inside. It’s forgiving your core; forgiving yourself and then forgiving the other soul for disappointing you, and not needing them to hear it because it’s for you. 

The forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you. And that is the most powerful tool to help you move forward.

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Empath and Narcissist Ep. 82 Is Forgiveness Helpful? Ho o’ pono pono mantra

Severing Negative cords

Forgiveness allows you to stop ruminating. You can stop obsessing over what went wrong, how they did you wrong, and the need they receive the justice and punishment that they deserve. 

In my personal experience, I realized practicing the Ho o’ pono pono prayer allowed me to be at peace. And to conclude that it doesn’t matter if he gets away with it. Retribution in karma will come back to him. That’s not my responsibility. That’s not in my control, nor should I worry about it being in my control.

Ho o’ pono pono Mantra

The Ho o’ pono pono prayer is so powerful. And what it means literally translated from Hawaiian is:

Ho: is to make 

O Pono: is right 

Pono: is doubly right.

Hate also cords you to the narcissist and connects you to them. Holding onto that they need to suffer and that there needs to be justice also is a negative cord, holding them to you. And trust me on this, you want all those severed.

 You do not want any energetic cords connected to them anymore.

The Ho o’ pono pono prayer severs, those cords for you and energetically scrubs all the negative attachments away. 

The Power of the Ho o’ pono pono prayer and forgiveness for the empath will be the most helpful tool for your healing from narcissistic abuse.

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