8 Ways Empaths Can Heal from Addictions due to Narcissistic Abuse. | Ep 80


As empaths we feel intensely, and most of the time we just want a numb life and the over stimulus out. We’re a hot mess sometimes. And maybe right now you’re a hot mess; and that is perfectly ok. Because I too was once a hot mess. I almost committed suicide through trying to drink an entire bottle of vodka. On what was supposed to be one of the most romantic trips of my life with my former narcissistic husband. some pale pink gauzy, psychologically unsophisticated understanding of the world. Rather it represents the most profound elucidation of how the mind operates and how it filters our experience. It recognizes the extraordinary depth of how our most fundamental yearning are yearning for love. And the extraordinary pain that we feel when we don’t find it.” 

— Raven Scott

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1. Acknowledge and sit with your uncomfortable feelings

Before you go grab your addiction, your substance of choice. Don’t go to numb it right away. Like I said, the true meditation is to sit with these thoughts that you feel are attacking you. And to be curious about them and to say, where is this coming from? Is this mine in the beginning? Is this truly my thought, why am I feeling this feeling it’s really uncomfortable?

2. Connect with your body and breathe

Before you go grab your addiction, your substance of choice. Don’t go to numb it right away. Like I said, the true meditation is to sit with these thoughts that you feel are attacking you. And to be curious about them and to say, where is this coming from? Is this mine in the beginning? Is this truly my thought, why am I feeling this feeling it’s really uncomfortable?

Or somebody says something or you smell something and you get trigger. Take a deep breath, first of all, just breathe so that you don’t panic inside and feel like you wanna run away or vomit or whatever. Grab your numbing substance, taking those deep breaths, finding yourself going. These are really interesting thoughts.

3. Listen to your intuition and tree guides

listen to your intuition. Take a walk again. In addition to IFT tapping any type of trigger, especially in PTSD. Walking is a cure. Walking gets your brain to, to in this like left right motion, taking you out of your fight or flight mode.

The action of mobilizing your body is what calms you down as. And finding a place to walk where you can be amongst nature and trees in your neighborhood, but even just outside, getting fresh air there’s enough flowers and trees, even in the concrete jungle that you can find and just recognize them getting into that fresh air and breathing in nature.

4. Journal those buried negative emotions out, burn them and shower

Is now if you need to remove yourself, take a journal and pencil and find, you know, a spot in your neighborhood to write or in a few minutes, come back inside and write whatever it feels safe for you.

write that shit out, write everything, tears and tears and all dropping on the page. Write for a good, I don’t know, maybe seven minutes. Just write everything out. Even when you pause and you think you’re done writing? Hold yourself to write a little bit more and see what else comes out.

And it may be the same sentence over and over. That is perfectly fine. And so then after you’ve journaled out what you’re feeling in the moment now think, and try and, , recall back. When is the first time you’ve felt this feeling you’re feeling now that’s gonna remove the root of this feeling.

  1. Use a pencil that has lead like the erasable pencils, and that is also part of the earth, the graphite.

2. And all of your thoughts and your words that you’re writing down is an element from the air.

3. Use the fire element and you’re gonna safely burn this in a stainless steel pot where flames cannot catch fire on anything. burn it into fire and you transmute it back up into the air. But when you sacrifice it, you are burning it up to the divine whomever you connect with as a higher power.

4. Use the water element and shower, everything away, any residual thoughts you may have.

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5. Substitute with should filling healthy comforts Self Care tips

grab a sparkling bubbly water with some bitters, which actually would be really healthy for you in your digestive system, doing something that’s soul filling. So maybe that’s gardening, maybe that’s painting, doing something that comforts you and is some type of self care, a massage, a body wrap, a hot sauna to a cold shower.

Grab more ideas in the monthly Self Care by Zodiac each month for free here.

6. Connect to your higher power

You don’t have to be a spiritual person to acknowledge that there is a higher power. and there is something holding us all together. Be it luck, be it, the universe, be it, whatever you want to address it as, goddess, healed ancestors, you have angels and arc angels and avatars and Maha avatars, and a whole slew of energy.

So the reason it’s important to connect to higher power is it removes all of that burden and responsibility from your own self.

7. Embrace forgiveness

I know it’s hard. This one’s hard because it’s taken me many, many, many years to be able to come to a place where I could forgive my x. 

And be thankful for the new things you learned while with them. Be grateful for the life lessons that strengthened and awakened you. And forgive that soul not the ego. 

And the more that you connect with yourself and you listen to your intuition and you invest in your self care, the easier it will be to forgive. And don’t ever reach out to say, “Hey, I forgive you.” It’s for you. 

8. Serve others out of an overflowing cup

once you get to a. Where you’ve been able to forgive yourself. You’ve been able to substitute your addictions for healthy self care habits. You’ve gotten to a place where you can journal and burn and doing that repeatedly over and over for all these different, you know, tiny rooted wounds. I’ll call them weeds that are in your head and burning them.

Clocking them out. Once you’ve listened to your intuition and found yourself a healing and healthy coping mechanism like EFT tapping and walking to subside your triggers. Once you’ve connected with your body and you’ve breathed. And once you’ve acknowledged and sat with your uncomfortable feelings, then you’ll be able to serve others.

And not like I was just saying, not out of servitude, like you have to serve others to be better. you just willingly wanna share your story and that’s all you need to do to serve others. Just let them know that they’re not alone. And this is why I started this podcast and wrote my book was like, I really need to help others and share like, what has helped me heal.

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