How to Die Happy without the Narcissist in your Life.

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Do ever wonder, can the Narcissist change? It’s the hot debate, where us victims immediately shut it down with “NEVER!”

However our guest is not out there flashing his conscious narcissism, he has buried and emerged like the phoenix from the ashes a brand man. 

Today with our guest Martin O’Toole, we discuss what happiness is and is not, and his transformational journey from sociopathy narcissist Ad man in UK to humble, mental health advocate and yogi in Bali.

Having been talked out of a suicide attempt by his Beagle, this rock-bottom moment launched a phenomenal journey of self-healing and personal transformation.

Through his intense experiences with depression and the “pointless pursuance of success”, Martin uncovered the alchemy of everlasting happiness — what he calls “The Anatomy of Happy”. Understanding the depths of depression and contrasting heights of delight, compelled to share his story, he started the How To Die Happy podcast. He has just published a new psycho-spiritual self-help book by the same name.

We covered his former narcissism, transformation, spiritual awakening journey and a fair few tips on How to live / die happy. 

Here are some key moments:

  • Narcissism is Mental Health issue
  • Don’t stay and have hope that the narcissist will change
  • Any Narcissist can change, but it must come from their will not anyone else’s and when they hit rock bottom.
  • Boundaries is the most loving thing you can do for a narcissist.


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Published by Raven Scott

Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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