The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates: A Powerful Combination for Empath Healing

Are you an empath looking for ways to heal? The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates may offer powerful support. Read on to find out how.

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The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates: A Powerful Combination for Empath Healing

As an empath, you may feel overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of those around you. However, the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates can provide a unique opportunity for healing and growth. Learn how to harness these cosmic energies to support your empathic journey.

Understanding Empaths and Their Unique Challenges.

Human Design Transits calendar June 2023

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have the ability to feel and absorb the emotions and energies of those around them. This can be both a gift and a challenge, as empaths may struggle to distinguish their own emotions from those of others. Additionally, empaths may experience physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues as a result of absorbing negative energies. Understanding these unique challenges is an important step in supporting empathic healing.

Human Design Transits calendar June  3 2023 Full Moon in Sagittarius Transits chart

The Power of the Full Moon in Sagittarius for Healing.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a powerful time for healing and releasing negative energies. This astrological event is associated with the element of fire, which represents transformation and renewal. During this time, it’s important for empaths to focus on self-care and setting intentions for healing. Additionally, the Full Moon in Sagittarius aligns with several Human Design Gates, including Gate 35 (the Gate of Change) and Gate 5 (the Gate of Patterns). These Gates can offer support for empaths in processing and releasing emotions, as well as gaining clarity and insight into their unique gifts and challenges.

Introduction to Human Design Gates and Their Role in Empath Healing.
Human Design Gates are specific points in the Human Design chart that represent different aspects of our personality and life experiences. Each Gate has its own unique energy and can offer insight into our strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. For empaths, understanding the Gates that are activated during the Full Moon in Sagittarius can be particularly helpful in navigating the intense emotions and energies of this time. By working with these Gates, empaths can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique path to healing.

The Connection Between the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Human Design Gates are connected through their shared focus on growth, expansion, and exploration. Sagittarius is a sign associated with adventure, learning, and seeking new experiences, while the Gates activated during this time often relate to themes of personal growth, transformation, and evolution. For empaths, working with these energies can offer powerful support for healing and self-discovery. By tapping into the wisdom of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the insights offered by Human Design Gates, empaths can unlock new levels of understanding and empowerment on their healing journey.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

the full Moon and Sagittarius for those listening is over in the ninth house currently in Sagittarius, across from Gemini. And the ninth house is the house of exploration of expansion. Elevated, , studies, expansion of the mind as well as travels, which is perfect for Sagittarius. Sagittarius feels exalted in this house because it’s all about traveling and adventures.

Sagittarius loves a good adventure and sometimes to other people’s detriment where they feel like they have to have an adventure at all costs, no matter if it puts the people with them, , in an uncomfortable situation. But we have it here at 13 degrees in Sagittarius, and I think it’s a really beautiful full moon.

I think it’s going to bring up a lot of emotions that may have been kind of shoved under the rug for you. It’s fiery. Sagittarius is a fire element. So I think, and I feel like you’re gonna be feeling like, when is this full moon over? Uh, I know for me personally and in my house, It’s been building. It’s building up.

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It’s building up. Like we’re already experiencing fiery emotions in our house, and I’m like, oh my gosh. The full moon is gonna be huge. Like just buckle up, like I’m prepared for it already. It’s gonna take lots of deep breaths and take some walks outside, do a lot of self-care so that I can not explode because I have an open solar plexus center.

I don’t wanna amplify the fiery emotions of little egos cuz I have children in my house. I wanna be able to just hold space, root and anchor. And we’re gonna talk about how to anchor in today’s episode as well, talking about the gate where the, the earth is at in the chart. So let’s dive into the chart.

. You’re listening to this episode, you can click the link in the show notes. I’ll have the chart in a blog on the website so you can take a look at the chart. It will be really fascinating to look at as you start to dive in and deeply study the human design charts.

. So this energy, I’ve cast , the human design chart for , June 3rd. At , 2143. So this is the time that it will be occurring. This is universal standard time. It’s a little bit tricky, , with the timing because this will be like the evening time for us and early we hours in the morning for those of you who are in Europe, in the uk.

So this chart, as you can see, the type it is manifestor. So we have a lot of manifestor energy. It has an open sacral. This current full moon is kind of like a lot of bursts of energy and then a lot of rest. What do we do when we have a full moon? We rest. You stop and rest. Stop and just chill. Stop pushing.

And what we do in our empath healing community is we do a journal in our membership and burn release ritual. So take the time to stop whatever you’re doing to rest maybe veg, take a walk out in nature, turn off your devices and journal out what is really bothering you. What is this emotion that is firing and flaming up?

And take it as, instead of pushing it away and trying to put it out, put it out on paper. Remove these emotions from your energy body and put it out on paper and write it out and just cleanse yourself of it. And then what you do, which is perfect for this full Moon, is you. Burn it safely. You take that paper, you put it in the fireplace, or a stainless steel pot, and you transmute those energies and you burn it.

And this really is a perfect ritual for Sagittarius because it is a fire energy. So you are using fire to burn away. Just another layer of the hurt, another layer of the pain, of the injustice, of the anger, of the confusion. Just burn it all away and it really will be a beautiful time for you to, to, it’ll be powerful.

You really won’t have that feeling in your body anymore. It’ll just be released, it’ll be transmuted, and it’s extremely, extremely powerful.

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Human Design Gates

The sun in Gate 35. Gate 35 is the gate of change and it, what that means is that this is a final expression of , an experiential energy.

So this experiential energy is important to take a look at. Gate 35 is in the throat. And so it, it’s in Gemini, Gemini’s, the talker, chit-chatting, talking, communicating, writing, publishing, reading, studying, investigating all of the things that have to do with the mind and talking and information Gemini loves to talk about.

And so with it being in this at the throat, the gate 35 is all about change. Like what are you talking about? You’re talking about. What you’ve learned from your past, aka / ie in, you know, all the red flags that you missed, that you experienced, and now you see and you’re assimilating it into your consciousness and going, oh, okay, that was a red flag and I’m not gonna miss it again.

It’s really like the conclusion. Of all your experiences that you’ve learned and now you’re assimilating them into your lessons, into your brain and saying, okay, I got this. This is the lesson. I’m gonna learn from it and I’m going to grow from it. And when you have a growth mindset, you can have the opportunity to sit with your emotions to evaluate what you experienced, and then have this ability to assimilate it.

So my question to you with this sun in Gate 35, as we have this full illumination of the moon, the moon is reflecting the sun in gate five, what are you con like, what is concluded?

What have you learned? You feel like you’re in the final lesson of it, and now what are you assimilating into your new routines?

Maybe it is a new, uh, thought pattern. Maybe it is a new boundary. Maybe it’s that one final piece as I had that you just had to have some phrases. I’ll just give you a story. I feel like I’ve told the story multiple times, but I’ll just tell it one more time to just as the Gate 35 is saying to finally, Move through it, speak about it, and assimilate the lessons that I’ve learned from it.

My assimilation lesson : 3 phrases to block Narc blame

So I recently experienced a very mind boggling interaction with someone who I do know has tendencies to be very self-centered. We’ll just say that. And she caught me off guard and a few days after certain plans didn’t go her way. She called me up and was saying, you know, I’m really busy. I have responsibilities, yada, yada.

And I was like, already she’s deflecting whatever she’s gonna say like onto me, like somehow it’s my fault. And so she kind of was explaining that and kind of saying, well, moving forward, I just really need you to tell me if change plans right away. And in this scenario, it wasn’t like it was a set change of plans.

Everything was open-ended anyways, so I should have said, and it did run through my mind, but for me, when I get faced with these really uncomfortable conversations that catch me off guard, which NA narcissists typically do, or they’ll wake you up from asleep and you’re really tired and you don’t know what to do or say because you’re exhausted, they do that on purpose by the way.

They catch you at your weakest. I should have said, I failed to see how this is my problem, cuz it really was not my problem. And after thinking and regurgitating and assimilating it, I was like, this is not my problem. Whatever happened over at your household, I, I did not set up any expectations that something was gonna happen.

This was open-ended, this was no commitment. This was a maybe, uh, that’s my first phrase that I’ve assimilated from this experience.

I fail to see how this is my problem

and I’m gonna memorize this and I’m gonna use it. My next one I’m gonna memorize and use next time. I feel like a deer in the headlights and I have nothing to say.

I’m going to regurgitate what they just told to me, and I will say, next time will you fill in the blank. Inform me of any plans changed or opportunities or whatever. Communicate what’s happening in the morning right away.

My next time, you also (fill in the link of whatever they’re asking you to do next time.)

How about you also do that? Not just me. And then my last one. I think it’s the most simple and easiest one to say and memorize and to retrieve when you’re in that deer in the headlights moment with a narcissist is, I’ll think about it. That’s it. I’ll think about it because at the moment you can’t process what is happening because they’ve blindsided you by some crazy left field curve ball of a statement or a request that you kind of don’t know where the heck it’s coming from.

It’s out of context and it’s out of context because it has nothing to do with you. It is not your problem. You did not. Do anything wrong. They are just skirting the responsibilities and the blame onto you to assert themselves emotionally to feel comfortable with themselves or say that they did something to their partner and say, oh yeah, I fixed the problem.

I told her to do this. The problem really was you need to take a responsibility for your own actions, but they’re not gonna do that as a narcissist, right? So I’ll think about it is a really, really good thing to say. Because you don’t wanna say and just agree with them and be like, yeah, sure, I’ll do that for you.

Like you’re doing them a favor when really you, again, this is not your problem. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll think about it. That’s what I’m gonna say.

I’ll think about it.

Gate 35 questions

And then the next question I wanna ask you for you to contemplate on is what is going on right now that you would like to change?

For me, it’s those three phrases. I really, every single time I hate it. I freeze in the deer in the headlights, and I wanna change. What is going on right now that you would like to change? That’s your question. And journal about it. Think about it Right now,

Use that assimilation for the sun in Gate 35.

Now the Moon itself and the Earth are in Gate 5.

Okay, so Gate 5 is in the Sacral down here. Gate five is the gate of patterns, rhythmic, sacral, waiting and responding. Now, if you are a generator or a manifesting generator, you know that your strategy is to wait to respond.

So with this being in the sacral, it’s related to work or you know, a sexual activity. This is the where the ovaries are and all of the things, the sacral. So a rhythmic waiting, right? Waiting for the right timing, and then responding is going to get you some amazing fire reaction in bed. Or amazing work done.

And again, this is a manifestor type energy. So we’re gonna have quick fire, like quick, rapid igniting of something, initiating of something, then to steer the course for us, either back on course, maybe a bit distracted, like we’ll talk about in just a second. So my question for you is, with this. Moon.

The moon is our illumination. The mirror, the earth. The earth is what grounds us. So if we have this grounding energy in gate five of patterns and rhythms, that to me sounds like really tuning into nature. So right now the rule with the full moon is you pause. And you rest because you’re probably feeling very tired right now.

This is what happens. Everything swells, the water swells, everything gets really big and bloated and illuminated. Now is the time to rest, tune into the flow of nature, tune into what the moon is doing, what the tides are doing, and yeah, develop your daily rhythm. And then what do you need to do to honor yourself and then the people around you.

Because we cannot help anybody or fix it. We can’t fix anybody, but we can’t help anybody. Our children, you know, emotionally,, partners or ourselves until we help ourselves. It starts from the inside and it overflows and it pours out.

Pause & Rest

So as I’ve mentioned, this energy is a manifestor energy and really, It’s to inform. That’s the strategy. So in this full moon, if something’s coming up, use I statements and inform, use I statements and say, I am feeling really tired. I am feeling like I need to go take a nap. I am feeling like I need to take a walk out in nature.

Whatever it is. Take a Epson salt bath, inform, and then take action to do what you need to do to nurture yourself.

Channel 35/36

Now I wanted to talk a little bit about this channel that is appearing., here we have 35 from the throat to 36 in the solar plexus. This is connected, so this creates a channel, we call it, when two centers are connected with the solid colored in line.

And this channel, I won’t get into the details of the colors of that. But the transitoriness, this is the channel of transitory ness. It’s essentially a manifesting generator type of energy where it bounces back and forth this to that bright, shiny object. Oh, let’s go over here. Bright shiny object boo.

Let’s go over there. You are bored. You’re jaded, like the emotion is boredom and jaded.

So there might be something like I was just saying that might distract you off your course, might distract you away from where you need to go. Maybe that is a new love bombing episode. Maybe that is your ex reaching out to you. It’s a bright, shiny object. It’s something that you wished for because you’re missing them and longing for them.

But don’t be distracted by this boredom. Don’t be distracted by this new shiny object. Stay the course. The grass is not greener on the other side. The narcissist will not change, even though they say, The narcissist will not and cannot actually. Even if they wanted to change overnight, it would take years and years of erasing all of the negative narratives. We call them mirror neurons. These are subconscious patterns that we do and that we say we just click into them automatically and the mirror neurons are.

Take a lot of effort, a lot of therapy, a lot of work, a lot, a lot to rewrite.

To make a promise to somebody that you’ve changed already or that you will change and just come on back to me, I miss you. That’s just a bright, shiny object. That’s not a real solid proof of any change. It’s just the shiny object.

And as we know, and we’ve experienced your impasse that time and time again. They cannot fulfill the promise when you, the comfortable thing is there. Narcissists have to be outside of their comfort zone for anything to shift and change

Jupiter & Uranus at play

Back to our chart. So I wanted to talk just a bit about two planets that are playing a really big role right now.

Jupiter Rules Sagittarius. It also rules the ninth house. And so I, if I’m correct, again, I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve done a lot of studying of astrology to understand how to read human design charts. I think maybe I’m wrong, but if it’s all about travel, I would think that Jupiter also rules the ninth house anyways.

It’s all about expansion, right? Expansion of the mind, expansion of finances, expansion of anything, right? It’s like a multiplier, a big balloon. And so we have it in Gate 27, which is here in the sacral. It’s really tiny there in the sac roll, this is in the sacl. Again, it’s all about work, so it feels like, as it’s called responsibility.

The responsibility. This is a kind of a doing. Energy of making sure that the tribe is well fed and the people are nourished and the standards are carried out, but you cannot force someone else to evolve. And that’s really what I pulled out of this gate and information was that. You know, for us EMPATH’s, we always feel like, oh, well there’s hope, right?

Especially if we have a lot of Sagittarius in our chart, or we’re feeling the fire of Sagittarius right now. There’s so much hope be, there’s so much expansion, like why can’t they just change? Or I know they can change. All they have to do is this, but that means that they have to do it. And who can we control?

We only can control ourselves, so we cannot force someone else to evolve.

We can speak up and we can use this energy of expansion and responsibility to speak up for what is right, to support those who need help in their cause, like trying to pass different bills and rights to make sure that children are not forced to go back to their abusive parents.

Something new that I’ve just learned called Reunification Camp. It sounds horrible. It sounds almost illegal, but somehow these things are happening to people and children being brainwashed and gaslit by the therapist and the abusive parent that that didn’t happen. You’re just a re rebellious child and you need to, you know, shape up and go back to, you know, your parents’ house who abuses you, but they don’t say that they.

That, but that’s the reality. So you have a lot of this still going on. So I feel like this is not right for the tribe. This is not right for the children, and we need to tune into the responsibility to uphold or speak out that this is wrong and there should be laws passed and changes in the system to be made, especially regarding emotional abuse and coercive control, getting those passed.

To recognize those in the court of law, cuz that’s still very hard to prove and very hard to to get through when you’re in those cases. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about listening right now where it’s such a battle. So I see it as that this is the time that we can really see that expansion.

Now, Uranus is gonna shake things up. There may be something in your life where things need to. Split apart. The foundation needs to be shaken and broke. You know, unfortunately, there may be something really difficult or shocking or tragic that happens in the relationship with whomever you’re with, who you think may be a narcissist, and then boom, there they go.

There’s the proof. Your foundation has been shook. You have been awakened to the fact that yes. Quite, in fact, they are a narcissist and I do need to leave file for divorce or figure out how to get out of this situation.

Uranus is here for you actually in gate 23 of assimilation to bring in new awareness, new thoughts, to see the big picture, to see what is wrong with the situation that no one else sees.

No one else will see what is wrong, but you will. And you’ll feel like the black sheep, you’ll feel like the odd one out and you feel like you’re going crazy because you’re the only one who has this new awareness, or we call it sometimes in the spiritual world, a new download. And it’s, it’s just all about waiting to be asked for your insights.

But you know in your heart and you know in your mind, you’re like, I know what I need to do. And that’s all that matters. You don’t need to tell the world everything. But wait to be asked for those insights by the right person.

And that’s really what I see here in the chart. I’m gonna conclude there and just with sharing with you one closing affirmation from Karen Curry.

My greatest strength is my ability to be still. And to wait to be asked to share the vision that I hold. I stand with great confidence in my knowingness and I trust that I know and hold the intention to create dynamic change for my own good and for the greater good of the whole.

Dynamic change that is what Uranus wants and is shaking up the foundations of dynamic change, especially as Pluto is shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius. We’ll go back a little bit in Capricorn from the structures and the corporations, but back up into Aquarius of the people. So it’s so exciting to see.

And this energy’s amazing. I really think it’s here to support us, and I hope that that was your takeaway from this episode today.

-Raven Scott

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