7 Ways the Universe Speaks to You

Have you ever wondered what that butterfly or sound meant? … Listen in to the many ways the Universe speaks to us and gives us signs that we are on the next right step.

There are many ways the Universe synchronizes it’s messages to us through sounds, dreams, animals, numbers, intuition, knowing, feeling in your body, and tarot…

The Universe Speaks to us through:

1. Sounds

  • Sounds. The most subtle of sounds such as a bell, or whisper can be heard to those open, and to the most clear clairaudience of spirit guides giving audible messages in one’s ear. The sound of music and a lyrics just at the right time to send a message of love, hope, or empowerment. Many times through my spiritual journey a song has been my guiding light to step into powerful energy and tell myself “I AM worthy!” ” I got this!” You are beautiful and deeply connected to spirit, and through songs, the Universe affirms that and speaks to us.

2. Inspiration

  • Inspiration. Those who have an open head center know there is a plethora of inspiration out there. And those with a defined (colored in on human design chart) head centered also know there is a consistent cycle of inspiration received. When you have so many ideas, which ones do you know are from the Universe? It is the thoughts that just pop in so easily as the fluid solution. It didn’t take a lot of brain power, and was sort of like a light bulb went off in your head.

Yes you can come to a light bulb moment after a long time of thinking. But the moments where you finally let go of the solution and idea, you surrender it, or sometimes even give up. Then that leaves room for you to hear the inspiration Universe had all along. And ping, there is inspiration. Some in the spiritual world call them downloads. This is where you are minding your own business, meditation, walking, cleaning, taking a shower, sitting still and poof EUREKA!

Another beautiful way to gain inspiration and insight and receive message from the Universe is through Tarot Cards. In today’s podcast I pulled three tarot cards during my meditation before I recorded and I share with you how I read them and saw how they were messages from the Divine. Tarot cards so all the rage lately, I truly believe because it is a beautiful and powerful way to gain insight and receive messages. You can listen to my bonus episode on the history of Tarot below. And view the cards I read in the Podcast shown below.

3. Feelings in your body.

  • Feelings in our body. Through energy, you can analyze how you feel within your body. Take time to breathe and visualize where the Universe is leading you and make sure it is good energy before making the choice to do that thing or engage with that person. This has helped Amanda Acker, a future podcast guest so much over the past couple of years to make better choices when it comes to who she allows into her life. You can view her Podcast Episode Preview YouTube video below.

3. Intuition

  • Intuition. The Universe speaks to you through signs, listed below, and universal proof. In the podcast I share how your intuition speaks to you and how to tap into your intuition. Through the stillness, and tapping into your body. It was just confirmed that when you focus in on your heart space, your breath, and your mind there is an elevation of energy and frequency shift allows you to have intuitive breakthroughs. The mind and body are both separate entities and memories and are joined and connected making up our complex bodies. So when you tap, and open up your meridians and meditate your energy is shifted in the most divine positive way. In my Thriving Intuitive Women Entrepreneur Group I asked for how the Universe spoke to them! In the group my business coach Cecilia Tement responded that “Every time I need reassurance, the universe sends me relief internally and reminders externally.”

There is a deep knowing that our intuition brings us, through our spleen center (in Human Design), through our head center, or third eye chakra, and through our Solar Plexus (emotions). Learning to be still and listen through your breath, you will hear the messages that are gently waiting for you.

4. Nature & Animals

  • Nature and Animals. Every time I need clarity and guidance I step outside and go to my Olive Tree in the yard. The action of walking on the Earth, toes in the sand or grass, and touching the stoic and strong tree brings me comfort and wisdom. The Universe is whispering in the trees, and flowers, the waterfalls, and the butterflies. Interaction with animals can bring about a message, stopping to ask the tree “What do you need from me?” and “What do you need to tell me?” can bring about profound wisdom and guidance. Walking by a row of roses can pull you closer to stop and watch the bees, lean in and smell their beauty, and explore what are they telling you today.

I asked my guides last year to show me what my spirit animal was to be at that time in my life where I was developing bravery and my throat chakra. Boy did I get a surprise answer I did not like. Listen in to the podcast to hear about my animal sign story.

5. Divine Meetings

  • Divine Meetings. The Universe uses kind strangers to approach us to share a compliment, bring a smile, and be available when we need them. An example of this is when, another podcast guest Marcia Marten of Angel Heart Healing, shared with me a story one day she went to her local grocery store and the parking lot had a new sign that said paid parking. And stopped and stared and read and decided to not pay that money and to find a parking spot on the street. She drove round and round and asked the Angels to help her find a parking space. She finally found one quite a ways away, but nice and in the shade under a tree. She then was flustered, but still determined to shop, she got in and the store was so busy. She grabbed her stuff, got in line and the clerk at the checkout was saying how nice and calm she always was, as she was a regular, and asked her what do you do? She explained she helped people heal through Angel messages. The clerk was complimenting her and saying oh how lovely and did she have cards to share with a friend and “I’m sure you help loads of people.” And the lady standing behind her had a certain look on her face. And the clerk asked her, if she was alright, and she said, ” I need your help.” And Marcia at that moment realized why her parking was such a fiasco, to get her to be in the line in front of this girl at this particular time. You can get acquainted with Marcia in this video of her Sneak Peak of her podcast episode.

6. Numbers

  • Angel Numbers are everywhere! Have you been seeing a sequence of numbers frequently? On the clock, in your dreams, or on the TV. When you see a number so frequently for a couple of days you start to get the hint (sometimes we are a bit dull and it takes more than five times) that the Universe is sending you a message. When I was with my x, we would recognized the number 1111 all the time and ooh and awe at it, as it was his favorite number. Now looking back, I knew it was a sign of new things to come. Little did I know the new chapter would be without him. And lately, again, I’ve been seeing 1111, my followers have been seeing 222, 444, and also 111! I will share with you what the numbers mean here, as I didn’t share in my podcast. Now I am not a firm believer in who is interpreting what the numbers mean, I do believe we are the best judge of what we are seeing and feeling. So take these meanings with a grain of salt and don’t hold the message to it as firm or truth.

When you see 1111, according to Chakratoya.com this number resonates with new beginnings, motivation to move forward, taking inspired action, achieving success, independence, and leadership! According to Willow Soul Heals, they mean that the Angels are close by coming with love and protection and want to bring clarity and guidance. It could mean you are creating something new with your thoughts, so be mindful because a “portal is opening up for you.” Willow says. It also is a sign you are attracting what you are thinking about. (which I can attest is true.) One moment I am saying I need to get in touch with a brand expert, then next day a brand expert is in my feed or DM’s. And I didn’t go searching for one or typing branding in google anywhere! I was too busy to look into it, it was just a thought. Thoughts are powerful and they DO become things.

Angel number 222 represents and symbolizes balance, awareness, harmony, peace, major life choices, commitment, trust, and compromise.” According to hiddennumerology.com. A angel number 222 comes into your life, it becomes a reminder that you need to take steps toward loving yourself.  written by Mindfulness and justice This sign is also about creating new beginnings and loving yourself. I don’t know how two numbers could mean the same thing, so you see there is the room for interpretation. I believe it doesn’t matter what the numbers are, they are a sign to tune into your intuition, wake up and get ready to step into your evolved self and level up.

  • Don’t forget I pull 3 Tarot cards in the podcast!
Listen to the Podcast Episode here to get a glimpse of a tarot card reading.

7 Ways The Universe Speaks to You



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