Elevate Your Energy.Radiate Joy. Be Bold.

Five way you should know to practice shedding off negative energy and keeping it off! 

We are not shedding pounds of body fat here, we are shedding pounds of ancestral and childhood negative imprints off our selves so you can feel weightless and free to shine your unique bright light! 

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1. Just Breathe

1. Just Breathe. Refocusing yourself the basics of life takes the focus off your thoughts which we have control over, but sometimes feel we don’t. The one thing you can do when you feel overwhelmed and that you cannot move on is to breathe.

The noises, the thoughts, the doubts, all can be so overwhelming. You think, “I cannot do what she is doing.” “How does she do all that?” “I’m so not as put together as her.” These are not serving you to your highest good. And so you have the opportunity to blow those automatic negative thoughts away. Remind yourself to just breathe.

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Intake life force, exhale the negative energy. Do this easy and steady for 30 seconds or so. Until you find your blood pressure lowering to a normal rate again. These emotions are just waves, ride it, breathe, and find you will be calm again soon. 

You may feel overwhelmed and confused about what is the next right step to take. This person is saying one thing, this other person is telling you to do another, and so on. Your head is spinning! What do you do??? Our podcast guest this week, Jessica Silverman reminded us of this…

“Without Stillness one cannot hear the answers that are already inside of them!”

– Jessica Silverman @mozen_wellness

We explore in our conversation how you can simplify your life. Stop overcomplicating everything, because life is only as complicated as you make it. ✌🏼 The real complication is all in our heads. Do you agree? Comment below.

The good news about this, is we have the control to stop the chaos. When we let go of the urgent feelings (if you have an open root center – human design- especially), you can release the pressure to do just to be seen, get more followers, likes and comments. Life is much more deep than that. And it is only in the stillness of slowing down to know what intentions you are making, and what you are intending to even get out of those likes and follows, that you will gain the clarity within yourself and from your Angels, spirit guides, and higher self to know what direction to take.

Listen in to this 2 Part Series on:

  • Stillness is the state of clarity
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Her life changing practice of yoga
  • Power of spiritual practice
  • The Magic Sauce to confidence
  • Tarot card reading self love
  • Feminine Energy

2. Know your open energy centers

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2. Know your open energy centers: Human Design consists of centers that correlate to your chakras (energetical nervous system)  When you have white centers that means they are open and amplify the energy of others. When you go through life not knowing you are feeling others energies magnified it can do the reverse of this superpower and drain you. The energy within you is lowered, exhausted and you find yourself with anxiety and dis ease.

For example, if your head center is white and open you will feel overwhelmed and filled with too many inspiration ideas with not enough time to do them. You will jump from project to project and get lost in them and confused without producing anything with real structure for people to buy into.

Open Head Center leaves you confused

If your will center is open you will be easily sold by another person on their product, or agenda and once they leave your aura you will have buyers remorse and regret.

Open Will center leaves you with buyers remorse

When you have your self center open you take on other peoples identities and can be very confused about who you are, until they have left your aura and you find yourself feeling empty and lost with you are.

Open Self center leaves you empty and lost

When you have an open solar plexus, you have outbursts (up or down) of emotion and don’t understand where it comes from, and feel completely drained once that person has left your presence and you need to go hibernate for awhile.

Open Solar Plexus center has outbursts of emotions

When you have an open root center you have an intense feeling and pressure to get your overflowing to do list done like yesterday! haha. You ignore your self, loved ones just to get that task done to relieve the pressure leading to your burnout.

Unnoticed Open Root Center leads to burnout

These open centers are not truly a crutch, but once you know which centers to grow and build some loving shields, you now can be conscious of not amplifying and owning other’s negative energies. You may still feel it, but you now have the mindful choice to reflect it back onto the other person and share something that may help them grow as well. You now have the power to deflect it and allow their problems to remain in their energy body and not enter yours. You grow through gaining your power back over your energy and they grow from some amazing empathic feedback.

To build up your muscle to this superpower, I would recommend practicing the Empath Protection Meditation from my library. You can access that HERE. DM me to explore your chart a little further in a 15 minute free Discovery call. I’ve also written another blog post on 5 open centers you can read HERE.

3. Walk it off

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3. Walk it off : It is scientifically proven that walking is a meditative state and lowers stress, negative energy and even PTSD. My favorite part of this practice is it gets you out of the negative space and out into Mother Earth (nature). The magic of getting outside is when you unite with nature, you unite with your higher self. You see butterflies, birds, leaves, signs, and can energetically ground to the magnetic Earth barefoot. This is by far my favorite method to elevate your energy!!!

On your walk you can let yourself be called to a tree and go up to it and touch it, speak to it, ask it questions, she will bring you wisdom you seek. This is another symbolic way to pause and listen to your intuition and guides.

Also on your walk, pop in your headphones and play uplifting music, learn something new on YouTube, and tune into The Thriving Intuitive Podcast. Each episode is formatted to only 20 minutes, so you can get one full episode in on your walk.  Listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube or your favorite podcast app.

4. Build a protection shield

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4. Build a protection shield. Use the tools to energetically shield yourself from other negative energy that may bring you down. Follow and listen to only informative and reputable news. Stay away from toxic closed minded argumentative threads on social media. I don’t advise ignoring the news, because that is bypassing your duty as a citizen, but choose your sources wisely. Just as any argument between two people there are always multiple perspectives on a current event. Most people share from one perspective pushing their agenda. Stick to the most neutral and fact driven source.

Burn incense daily, light a candle, or diffuse essential oils to elevate your sense. Say a prayer or affirmation when you do. Stating what you are grateful for and journal those to solidify them in your psyche. My favorite affirmation I recite is “I trust in the wisdom within me to ground Divine energies onto the Earth. It is safe to be in my body.”

“I trust in the wisdom within me to ground Divine energies onto the Earth. It is safe to be in my body.”

Another beautiful way to shield your energy and remain aligned with your higher self, thus elevated, practice the Empath Protection. This beautiful visual meditation allows you to ground your energies into the earth, shield yourself energetically so you may pour out love and negative energy will bounce off of you. I have created a guided meditation in my YouTube Channel library to practice.

For you lovely soul, I am giving you the link to view it here as a gift. Practice it HERE for 28 days in a row, and whenever you are feeling the shield is lowering. There is much more in the membership, such as Early access to the podcast, the full meditatino library, 2 Live group Human Design Coaching Calls a month, 2 moon ritual Events a month, access to Walk in Your Purpose Masterclass and 30% off 1 on 1 coaching and products.

5. Practice Gratitude

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5. Practice Gratitude: Daily presence in what you already have and are grateful for is so crucial in elevating your energy. This practice keeps your mind in the state of abundance which is where the magnetic energy of manifestation occurs. This daily practice deflects negative energy and keeps it out because you are focusing your mind on ALL the things you are blessed with right now!

I know you may be thinking, but I cannot think of anything right now my automatic negative thoughts are too overwhelming. I would advise to do this practice 30 days in a row. And start with just 5 things for the first 5 days that you are grateful for. I will give you examples to help you further perspective.

  1. My breathe (some people need to be on ventilators due to respiratory issues or Covid)
  2. My warm blanket (the feel of a soft blanket is so comforting and provides a basic need that not everyone has the luxury to enjoy)
  3. The roof over my head. (some people are homeless, locked in cages, in war laden countries)
  4. My pair of shoes, or more than one. (some people do not have shoes, or shoes in good repair, they are just lucky to get them donated and have cuts and bruises on their feet. let alone the back pain and feet pain endured)
  5. Fresh water to drink. (some people on this Earth still miss school due to needing to walk miles to find fresh water and do not have the luxury of clean running water piped into their house, or are dealing with chemical run off in their tap water and do not have excess money to buy bottle water, or are stuck in a weather emergency circumstance such as earth quake or flood)

The best way to manifest a life full of joy, vibrancy, abundance and positive vibes is to count your blessings every day! It starts with where our mind is because our mind is so powerful, it creates our reality, our mood, and our state of abundance. You have the power over your mind, you truly do!

On the Thriving Intuitive Podcast with Jessica Silverman Part 2 she shares with us how to :

Be The Energy You want to ATTRACT”

– Jessica Silverman

In Part one of the series Raven interviews a wellness guru, Jessica Silverman. She shared how to find clarity in the stillness, emotional freedom, and the power of spiritual practice. In part two we learned the secrets about protecting your energy, especially on social media.

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