How to Deprogram Yourself from Narcissistic Patriarchy | Ep 114

with Monica Rodgers of The Revelation Project
In this article I’ll teach you how to deprogram yourself from narcissistic patriarchy.

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Heal Trauma from Narcissistic Abuse with Sky Breathing Technique| S3 Ep 27

How all humans can heal trauma, vacate negative emotions and attract joy, love and abundance in your life after narcissistic emotional abuse through Breath work meditation by The Art of Living Sky Breath meditation.

How to Spiritually Protect Yourself Through Human Design| S3 Ep 26

Knowing yourself Intimately through Human Design gives you spiritual protection. Awareness of what is your energy, guard and energy cleansing improves your mental health by knowing your Human Design chart.

Empath’s Exclusive Human Design Energy Forecast| Gate 51 & 57

Today, I’m sharing with you a clip from the weekly human design transit energy forecast to give you a taste. These are. Recordings that I do weekly.

External Validation: Why it is a PLUS not a MUST

with Ana Jones @anacjones & I went live together on IGTV talking about how self work and inner spiritual practices are so important to boost your self esteem. Because all the external validation can hinder us from thriving and “your like is extra” the exterior validation that we are doing good is a PLUS notContinue reading “External Validation: Why it is a PLUS not a MUST”

Get UnStuck with This Powerful Self Development Tool!

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How to Break Free from Toxic Relationships through Self Love

In this Thriving Intuitive Podcast episode: As a spiritual transformation coach and respected authority in the heart-healing field. Marcia Martin helps spiritual seekers take charge of their lives and reprogram their subconscious minds so they’re able to move from despair to empowerment. She explains to us how to shift from misery and attract abundance through the heart and the help of the angels.