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Ignite Your Inner Warrior

Have you been feeling burned out? or Sulking in your excess energy of “Who am I to do that?” These two are polar opposites of Male and Female Energy. In today’s podcast episode with Helen Edwards, an International Author, Mentor, Coach, Podcaster, & Yoga Retreat Leader, we cover how to balance these energies and so much more! So how do we balance them to live a life of love, flow, abundance and the life of our dreams? There are some really simple and easy ways to do that and here is how.

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Protect Your Energy A Balanced Mind Body Spirit Part 1

Protect Your Energy A Balanced Mind Body Spirit Part 1

1. Find your Inner Warrior.

Balancing your Male and Female energy, you first have to acknowledge we all have these two energies inside of us. And inside all of us there is a war going on. No matter how cute or put together you may appear on the outside. And you must protect your throne by protecting your mind, body, and spirit as a whole. 

For example, he warrior protects the King & Queens of Age of Old’s throne. Those who had the strongest and bravest warriors won security, provisions, and power. This is ver much the archetype of Taurus as well. And the warrior is Mars, and Aries energy both very fiery. So you must discover your fire, and nurture your inner warrior. Which also includes the warrior in your lineage through your healed ancestors . (that is for another blog)  

As Tony Robbins speaks on, we all have the warrior archetype in us . The trick is to balance that so your kingdom doesn’t get destroyed. Too much softness, drama, and giving up will allow the opponent to take over the castle. And too much fire, energy and action wears down the resources and will explode and the walls will crumble from within. Helen shares with us in her very open minded spiritual perspective, that even the Master Jesus even says “ The kingdom of Heaven is inside of all of us.” 

2. Self Care & Self Love

You balance your energies through self care and self love. Fill your cup up first and take the time to renew and reclaim your mind. I myself had been working on overdrive starting and building two businesses, one this podcast and the other a Membership and Coaching business. I felt so much pressure to grow fast, get things done fast and figure it all out NOW! Only to relieve the pressure I was feeling from my undefined (white) Root Center. I took the Labor Day weekend to rest and not worry about posting on Social Media, writing blogs, editing podcasts, reaching out to book calls, and more! I spent that time feeling deeply into the New Moon in Virgo. She was so clarifying, exacting, and I knew I just needed to plant seeds to lay the foundation for the community I was building.

I woke Tuesday refreshed, renewed and ready to get back into it. And to my surprise ( even though it shouldn’t have) everything flowed so beautifully and I felt zero stress. There was no guilt over getting things done today, I felt in sync with the Moon, my energy, my soul, and my body because I took the time it needed to be fully filled. Now the goal is to do that every weekend and even in the mornings. (It’s a process)

Another point Helen brought up was to be conscious and intentionally aware of your moods. This allows you to know when it is time to fill your cup back up again! Which should be a daily thing, but a really big pour is crucial periodically as well. During the few days leading up to the New Moon and on the New Moon day is an ideal time to perform the sustenance rituals.

And once you have a full cup you can pour onto other through your resources, time, and love energy. This attracts abundance, it also is therapeutic, and for others, it is part of the healing journey.

So the question posed in the podcast was.

What can you give back to the world? Comment below. Because this life is short, and there is no need to worry and compare thinking, “Well she did it already, I don’t need to do it.” (More on that later on in this blog.)

Fill your cup every

New Moon and

rest for a couple day….

You are not missing out on anything. I promise.

3. Answer the Hard Questions Truthfully

You know this may be the hardest for some of us… or all of us. We are so conditioned to sweep things under the rug. Down play our discomfort. Down play our trauma. Because we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. But this is major spiritual bypassing, and your Inner Warrior will never be let out if the is always tucked away in a closet somewhere with your sh*t.

The hard questions are. Why was I given these polarizing, or close minded, or selfish parents?

Why did that person trigger me? Did I cause that drama?

What do I want in life? What am I willing to let go of to follow my dreams?

Then address the bad feelings in your body and release them.

I’m not afraid of failing.

I’m afraid of the regret of not trying.

Thank you Mom.

– Helen Edwards @helofajourney
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4. Clear Your Throat Chakra

Defend you crown. I had more people share with me they are working on clearing their throat chakra recently. And then as I am editing the podcast and Helen brings up the ONE CHAKRA to talk about, out of all of them! , is the throat.

I personally have had to clear my throat chakra and can probably do some more work after listening to Helen. I spoke small. I spoke mumbled. I was afraid to speak up when something bothered me. I would always have an ailment in my throat.

You may or may not know I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a Narcissist for 10 years and I was so blocked to speak out about it. And for good reason he threatened me a couple of times to try and silence me. I witnessed the bravery of Stormy Daniel’s against Donald Trump. And I completely related to her hell. She gave me courage to start writing my story. It was so healing to have written the book and released all the anger. I rewrote the book in a way that was helpful and more of a guide. The book is Empath & The Narcissist: a Healing Guide for People Pleasers. And in a very similar way Helen did the same thing. Her book is called Nothing Sexier than Freedom. I will put the book links below.

And I did many modalities, like chakra clearing meditation, which is in the meditation library in The Thriving Intuitive Membership. I also took the Yellow Violet flower essence from Alaskan Essences. That did wonders. But the most important element to know is that it is blocked and that you have the power to clear out that energy.

5. Shine Your Unique Self Into the World

Life can be short. Sometimes tragically more short than we wish, as we have unfortunately witnessed all over the world due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. So why not make the most of it? And give NO mind to the voice in your head that says you can’t do it.

The imposter syndrome is real. And even my fairly confident self that looks like I have it all figured out in my lives, I found myself today asking the same questions. How can I sign someone up for something I’m not 100% sure of how it is going to look at the end? I found myself attracting some people who were also in that same state of lack and didn’t feel the need or couldn’t put forward a measly $25. I took a hard look at my mindset. I felt confident, I felt excited, but I was still letting the voice of, “you need to be an expert” hold me back.

I asked my guides and they said. “No, You are here for just that. To help others. No one is expecting a doctor. And you have been studying long and hard on Human Design and Astrology. You got this.” And that same message applies to you. Setting up your expectation clearly what you are offering and how you can guide them, then after the experience they will not be disappointed.

Helen said it so eloquently in her Reel the other day. I put that reel in the YouTube video of Part 2 HERE

“Today is about the warrior. I don’t know what you’re going through. If it’s a rough day for you, you are feeling lost, lethargic, depressed, sad, and lonely. Whatever it is I want you to tap into your warrior and rise up.  Rise above whatever is holding you down because this is life and it’s a game changer for you, if you can get up the guts, and draw everything within use that power, don’t give up, to make yourself get up and fight the f*ing good fight for yourself. Because you are worth it.

– Helen Edwards @helofajourney
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