You are focusing on the wrong thing

You are focusing on the wrong thing if you are checking to see how many likes you are getting.

Or if your lover called.

Or you break down when someone criticized you.

External validation is not essential it’s detrimental if your internal compass is off and not priority.

To clarify the point, read this exerpt from my newest book I am writing.

“One last bonus action you can do is to help another human. There is scientific evidence that doing a kind act for another human being, small or great, brings long lasting joy and alters our DNA in a healthy way.  Neuroscience and Psychology are uncovering more facts about joy every day. And, shockingly, they look strikingly similar to what ancient philosophy has been practicing for centuries. According to the scientists part of Mission: Joy, the four acts of joy to do every day are:



Mindset Reframing


“When you are kind to someone else, you end up being joyful, but why? Because we realize that we are made for goodness.” ArchBishop Desmond Tutu “

When you shift your mind’s focus and angle / perspective, it brings you out of despair or desperate approval seeking, and into courage and faith with your own power within and Source’s control.

How do you refocus to your power within?

Take time to listen within. Connect with your soul and Source.

Meditate, journal, know yourself more intimately through your preferred self discovery tool ( mine is Human Design) and tap into your intuition.

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