Uncovering The Deeper Solutions to End Narcissistic Abuse

With Dr. Richard Oelberger

“If your intuition is telling you, , that you feel that kind of coerced manipulation , and there’s no change happening and no willingness to become aware.” – Dr. Richard Oelberger [22:48]

Stop endlessly dealing with the surface issues of narcissistic abuse and discover long-term relief with the help of Dr. Richard Oelberger. Learn how to break free and start your journey towards recovery today!

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Our guest today, Dr. Richard Oelberger is a clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, Richard received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the Saybrook University, with an emphasis in Spirituality and Consciousness. Richard brings his depth of knowledge, along with his unique understanding of individual challenges in the context of community and the broader society, to create an empathetic and informed space for people to find solutions from within.

He is the author of “The Zero Method: Awaken the Hero Within” and the host of the Richardlistens podcast.

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The Zero Method by Richard Oelberger

Here are some key moments:

  • Recognizing the Narcissist in Your Life. [24:17] “They say you’re nothing without me.””“ armadillo up, like you don’t, they don’t have the tools”
  • Developing a Plan of Action and Setting Boundaries.“ let’s start with what can we control right now where we are today? If you are in this relationship and within yourself.” [20:02]
  • Learning Effective Coping Methods and Challenging False Beliefs “Stoicism = Ryan Holiday Book Stillness is the Key”
  • Utilizing Resources to Rebuild Self-Esteem and Find Support. “stepping into vulnerability and authenticity, “ [30:50]
  • Community is key for empaths and narcissistic npd recovery

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