Your Self Worth Is independent of your accomplishments

Dear Empath,

I know school, and culture, and even your parents have told you for so long your accomplishments gauge how well you do in life.

While that may be true, you have to separate that success does not define your worth.

Self worth is how you value yourself. Not how others think of you, not how much money you have, and definitely not on how accomplished you appear.

It is based off of your ability to breathe and exist. If you scoff at that, you’re not alone. I didn’t even think I should exist anymore at one point. If that’s you, you can get help just dial 966.

You can start to repair your self worth healing journey by thinking and journaling about what you are grateful for.

Just sitting there with your millions of cells in your body being superhero’s and keeping you healthy and alive is a miracle all of its own!

In addition you have an energy body that floats and orbs around your physical body, that once you are aware can protect you from negative energy.

I mean you are safe! Your thoughts and fears about not succeeding are false alarms.

I know! — I can relate. The narcissist or your abuse has filled your mind with self doubt, lies, and fear. This is all dark energy that is cleverly designed to keep you STUCK as their possession under them so they feel good about themselves .

Or so they can play with you.

Or so they can get a high off of exerting control over you like a marionette.

But I say. “No more!”

Like when Neo in the Matrix throws the hundreds of bots swarming his crouched body off of him and they flew off into the sky and he fly into the sky.

You must believe you are worthy to rise.

You must see you’re talented! You are unique! You have special passions no one else has.

And that is not a weird thing. That is beautiful!

Let your freak flag wave, be you! Be real! Be authentic. And your self worth will strengthen and the Narcissist lies will sicken you and you will repel them and their control, fear and lies.

What is one step you can do to strengthen your self worth?

Be bold enough to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say “I love you. I know things. I can have what I need.”

Do this daily until you truly believe it. (28 days or more)

So what are you waiting for?

Go on! Fail forward. Everything is just like learning how to ride a bike.

No matter what age you are, you can have emotional freedom when you leave the narcissist.

Though the road may be bumpy, you can liberate yourself from the narcissists negative emotion cycle and create a positive life with this hidden truth thousands of people are discovering.

This workshop I created guides you to find your own pathway out. It shows you that your courage lies within, you just need to do this simple exercise that has helped dozens transform their lives. It’s a timeless principle that allows you to repel the narcissist, and this workshop helps you do just that.

It includes a :

Downloadable workbook -never become complacent by keeping accountable with journaling

A 1 hour and 13 minute long audio lesson — gain the power to stop enabling their bad behavior, and block receiving their abuse!

7 Practical steps for getting out and staying out! — never again justify their behaviors or excuse their abuse.

Journal exercises — Master keeping your emotions detached and out of the narcissists cyclone of influence

Plus It includes bonus content valued at over $500

Use code Pod20 to Claim your limited time offer at 20% off the workshop priced at $97 only now until November 11th 2022 at 11:11 PM. So you can be free and win victory over the emotional war and leave the narcissist for good.

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And remember. Always keep your unique light shining.

With love,


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Raven Scott Nguyen is a passionate advocate for self-empowerment and authentic living, dedicated to helping individuals break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse. With a profound understanding of the human psyche and a deep commitment to personal growth, Raven is the author of "Empath & The Narcissist: Overcoming Gaslighting and Manipulation." This groundbreaking book offers a transformative roadmap for survivors of narcissistic abuse, guiding them towards a life filled with happiness and authenticity healing PTSD, and Trauma from abuse. Drawing from extensive knowledge of Human Design, energy healing, and empathic abilities, Raven is also the author of "Empath's Guide to Rising Strong" a powerful guide that delves into the intricacies of Human Design to help empaths harness their unique energies for self-empowerment and healing. As an empath who has journeyed through the depths of narcissistic abuse, Raven is deeply committed to empowering fellow empaths on their healing journey. With a profound understanding of the emotional landscapes empaths navigate. Raven is the host and producer of "Empaths Rising: Healing with Human Design" This podcast serves as a beacon of hope and transformation, offering practical guidance and insights for those seeking to reclaim their lives and live authentically. Raven is a passionate advocate for shadow work, self-care Moon rituals, and Human Design, and is dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life of self-empowerment and inner peace. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge, Raven continues to inspire and uplift others on their path to healing and self-discovery through her blog at

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