Emotional Recovery from Narcissist through the Emotion Code | Episode 89

I can personally attest healing from narcissistic abuse, codependency and PTSD is a long layered journey. And yet, while I’ve done all the things to heal,

such as therapy, meditations, Ho’ o pono pono prayer, which I need to do today, by the way, reminder, inner child healing past life, regressions, astrology chart, readings, destiny mapping, and even having a heart to heart conversations, to heal childhood wounds.

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But there still was energy that I could not un Earth and energetic chords that were attached, from my narc x, I didn’t know that were attached. And all of this came up when I was working with Madhvi Mathur in the Emotion and Body Code while clearing out blocks to shift my abundance from 23% to 100% aligned with my soul and flow of the Universe. 

Emotion chart

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I am going to share with you my session notes to further explain how the Emotion Code is another very powerful way to heal from trauma, emotional blocks, and narcissistic abuse.

The Emotion Code

To start out I want to share with you what the Emotion code is. The Emotion Code & Body Code is a type of energy healing that is based on the premise that your body holds an energetic record of everything you’ve experienced in your life, both good and bad. The energy of negative or traumatic experiences can affect you at a cellular level, sometimes becoming trapped and keeping you stuck in ongoing patterns of fear, sadness and pain.

Madhvi is so thorough and I love working with her in this modality. During an Emotion/ Body Code session we are working with the subconscious mind. Through muscle testing we are able to communicate with and get yes/no answers directly from the subconscious mind to help release emotional baggage that may be weighing you down.

The subconscious mind is :

  • over 95% of your intelligence
  • archives everything relating to you
  • it’s your inner voice, intuition and where your “gut” feeling comes from
  • it is a database of everything related to you from birth!

And my subconscious mind, when I started working with Madhvi, believed when it comes to my finances, I was 22% in abundance, 63% was stagnant, and 21% in a lack state.
I had trapped emotions of grief and overwhelm that showed up in the first session. And those were contributing to my thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions.

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Releasing Energy

Different energy and subconscious emotions that came up during my sessions were. 

  • Released energy from physical emotional shock/stress energy from an experience I would have had at age 23. This was related to relationship demands at the time. There was an associated emotion of discouragement that we released.
  • There was a broadcast message of “no one respects me”. We released this and replaced it with “I have wisdom and people respect that”. This is a trapped energy that was continually being sent out from your body to other people. Broadcast messages can influence your ability to form and keep relationships, can cause the wrong people to be attracted to you and can also influence the behavior of others toward you.
  • We released a will to win + a will to resist + a will to be a victim (from age 21)
  • We rebalanced the sympathetic nervous system, there was a trapped emotion of defensiveness related to this that we released
  • We rebalanced the root chakra + throat chakra. Chakras are large energy centers in the body. The openness and flow of energy within the 7 main chakras is very important to the overall balance of the energy body, and if disrupted can cause emotional and/or physical difficulty.
  • We released some physical trauma energy relating to your skin from age 16
  • We released a prenatal trapped emotion from the 3rd trimester of love unreceived
  • Recommendation to have more of the color royal blue around you, something from the vibration of this color will benefit you
  • We released a despair anchor of “there’s not enough”. This was the energy of a thought that was stuck in your energy field, prompting your subconscious mind to verify or fulfill the “truth” of that thought.
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  • Miasm that originated from your Mother’s father. This was a distortion of your energy field that you inherited from an ancestor who had some kind of suppressed disease process (or extreme stress) that occurred during their lifetime. There was an absorbed trapped emotion of frustration with that that was from age 8, related to your mom. There was also a trapped emotion of creative insecurity related to this
  • Recommendation to try reading for spiritual nutrition
  • There is a magnetic deficiency showing up, to help this please try spending more time in nature, or putting your bare feet on the grass regularly
  • Despair anchor of “I don’t know anything”. This was the energy of a thought that was stuck in your energy field, prompting your subconscious mind to verify or fulfill the “truth” of that thought.
  • Prenatal emotion from 1st trimester of terror + sadness
  • Will to be right + will to punish/harm self
  • Rebalanced the spleen meridian. Meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body.
  • Wintergreen Essential oil, use in mornings as needed
  • More exposure and awareness to color white
  • Vine bach flower remedy, use 2 drops at night https://www.bachflower.com/bach-flower-remedies/#vine
  • Affirmation: I CAN HAVE WHAT I NEED

Madhvi has spent years searching for solutions and then realized the answers I was looking for were always within me. I just had to learn to listen and hear the messages my body was already trying to share with me. My life has been transformed since I was introduced to the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Emotion Code. Everyone can clear their own emotions and learn how to use this framework. I’ve gotten certified and been trained to help guide you through it. She would love the opportunity to speak with you to see if you can also benefit from this!

Find out what mode your energy is in relating to finances, career, health, and relationships! Try a free 30 minute intro session with me and start shifting your energy to a state of abundance. Schedule a FREE Discovery call today. And tell her Raven sent you. https://madhvi.ca 

You will hear more from Madhvi Sunday, in episode 92 on Empath & The Narcissist Podcast

So can you move through your emotional vibrations to aspire to a virtue of peace with your agenda not being fulfilled? And heal from narcissistic abuse for good. 

DM me free gift to get your free, How to draw powerful boundaries workshop. 

I’m here to support you and I am here for one-on-one coaching.

And remember, always keep your unique light shining. 

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