Are Narcissist Ever Happy?

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On October 30th, I have the honor of speaking and leading a mini meditation at the trauma to triumph summit. How to overcome narcissistic abuse and heal. This summit is hosted by the narcissist survivor and coach one and only Zemyirah Davis. Our goal is to impact over 100,000 men and women to become completely free from narcissistic abuse.

This summit features coaches, , authors, spiritual teachers, along with two self-aware narcissists. So grab your complimentary ticket to attend the virtual summit on October 30th.

There are two self aware Narcissists speaking at the summit, alongside other experts and myself. So I’ll allow them to answer this question today. 

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Leon R Walker 

“When you are left by the Narcissist, their new supply is a replica of you. Same hair style, body style, etc. They become addicted to you, which may even be a replica of their mom/dad. When you peel back and start taking away love and setting up healthy boundaries they do two steps. First of lovebombing. 

Their lovebombing takes a lot of energy, it’s nature from genuine love and happiness. You, as an empath is genuine, Narcissist do it for internal type of feeling to see you light up and feel good. To make sure you are back in the control and comfortable. And then when they mask drops and they can’t keep up the facade, you pull away again. And they leave find new supply and cheat or leave.”


“ Narcissists act like they care. But they are actually grooming you to be the best version for them. The Narcissist is at it’s core all about themselves. Ego, lack of empathy, or more. I didn’t care if I rolled over people. When I put happiness and care out there it was out of a motivation of “Let me care about you so I show you how amazing I am.”

The chaos that is going on in the relationship may make them unhappy at times, but they don’t leave because they value power. The Narcissist is a tornado and get a high off of how they make people react and how they control people. And that feeling of superiority is their happiness.

Typically, they search for that high, unhealthy happiness, and addiction to surface happiness. They can’t get that in a fulfilled committed relationship, and they are on the chase again. For the Narcissist, the end result isn’t a life and marriage, it is to get that person to agree to be who they want them to be. Narcissists will have people lined up to provide them supply of validation, this is why cheating is so common. And they seek happiness outside of themselves.”

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“Money, sex and favors are what bring narcissists happiness as an addict. They do good deeds when they want something. Or they have done something wrong so they do nice to cover it up. Or they want something in return, so they give what is requested only if they get (a phone number from a pretty girl- for example). So they are doing good things to impress people and for something in return. I thought that if I do good deeds, it will wash away my sins.” — Leon R Walker

So you can see Narcissists are not ever truly happy. They are seeking love in all the wrong places. Every “happy” feeling is a product and an exchange. Versus true happiness coming from within no matter the circumstances or the gain. 

So keep your hearts and mind guarded empaths, never do anything to make another person happy. As I tell my daughters, If you feel an unspoken need to look pretty, or do something you normally wouldn’t do, and you can’t be your authentic self around them… RUN! 

And remember, keep your unique light shining! 

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