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Saturday Sparkle Reminder

I know it sounds dissonant and disassociated when I tell you “no one can make you do anything.” 

I don’t wish to pass over the mind manipulation you have endured. Emotional abuse is like termites on your house. It east away at you in tiny pieces. But at the same time, it is true. You have the power of your life. 

Believe it or not. The power is within you. Your thoughts are powerful, this is why the narcissist can get away with their deception. They play with your thoughts and alter your reality, until all of sudden one day you are standing in a room full of illusion mirrors. You can tell which way is up, down, back or forward. 

Even in your darkest hour, if you look within, you will find your answers. You will find the truth, and your power to break free and take back your self autonomy. 

Remember “When it comes to your life’s story, let NO ONE else hold the pen.” 

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Published by Raven Scott

Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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