How to Identify Spiritual Abuse, Gaslighting, and Narcissism | Ep 85

with John Verner, Retired Pastor, Author, Cult of Christianity Podcaster

TRIGGER ALERT! This article talks about the extremist of hate under the cloak of Christianity. Not ALL christians. And we do talk about current affairs and “politics” and religion.”

It’s soooo juicy! And today we jam about the unpopular topic of Christianity being a cult. Today I share a conversation with John Verner, Author and Podcast Host of The Cult of Christianity, on the podcast, and my take aways.

“Churches can be really narcissistic because they have power, and an answer for the the broken person’s problems.” 

John Verner

— –  John Verner, Empath & The Narcissist podcast Ep. 85 (listen below)

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Empath and Narcissist podcast

Here are some key takeaways:

We all have pieces of narcissistic tendencies

“I think churches can be really narcissistic because they’ve never had to care for other people because they’ve been powerful. In conjunction, a lot of the people who go to church are very broken and very vulnerable; and have been in really tough spots.

And the church is giving them a way out. A solution, that is frankly easier than just living your life. And so the lack of empathy comes from a lack of practicing. Because empathy is a practice. It’s not a God given gift that you can just turn on or turn off. It takes a lot of work to be very empathetic and I can personally attest that when I was a Christian, I was not a very empathetic person.

I was borderline sociopathic tendencies with how I was treating my spouse. I was gaslighting them, and doing stuff like that. And it’s very easy in those environments to justify the mistreatment as tough love inspired by God. And I think that’s how it happens.” — John Verner

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Be mindful of the sound bites you receive and identify with. Empaths have innate gift of empathy, but more than likely you were conditioned to be highly empathetic for survivial. In order to not fall prey to a narcissistic solution to your problems, make sure you are unearthing things in your shadow and you are sitting with it. Look at yourself in the mirror and recognize sometimes the mirror is the narcissist right in front of your face. Who’s mirroring all of this hidden stuff to you. 

They are mirroring all of those holes that you’re lacking in your emotional intelligence and self development. 

LOVE is NOT Obedience

Open your eyes to the Narcissists Game
Open your eyes to see that they are stringing you

When you operate out of a belief system directly from an ancient text that women should obey their husbands, this sets up strain and emotional abuse in a marriage. This rigid category of right or wrong is toxic. 

It is toxic and oppressive narrative that “In order to be right. I must make myself less.” That is also part of the doctrine, die to yourself and pay service to the cross. 

And the concept you have to be willing to die for something that’s uncertain, is a huge demand of people.

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The Religion abuses power

Religous Abuse: Any attempt to exert power and control over someone using religion, faith, or beliefs can be spiritual abuse. Spiritual abuse can happen within a religious organization or a personal relationship. Spiritual abuse is not limited to one religion, denomination, or group of people.

Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

The culture of one and only way to Heaven breeds arrogance. Even if it doesn’t start there, eventually it becomes that. Because the ability to save people from hell is intrinsically tied to your spiritual worth. This puts a strain on marriages, parent to child, sibling, and all relationships. 

Empathy ends up meaning finding ways to trick people into thinking you love. Without loving them in a way that disobeys the dogma that you believe. And all of this is you just hope they make it to heaven. IF that’s the only way to love someone, then that is manipulative.

Narcs and sociopath are still human. Can you empathize with them? 

Most unconscious narcissists don’t want other people to suffer, they just dont care or see they are suffering. And since most Narcissists are resistant to therapy, they will never remove the plank from their own eye. 

You can’t love or have empathy for the narcissist without boundaries.

John Verner

You will need to put up protections from covert narcissists who believe in this strict dogma. But, if you stop talking to the other side, both sides get worse and don’t get better. 

“Love them, but Take no shit. I’m not expecting you to hate me, I’m expecting you to not know you are hating me.”

John Verner

In conclusion when you make a good human being, a God, bad things happen.

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And remember. Always keep your unique light shining.

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Raven Scott

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John Verner holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Exposition, with an interdisciplinary in Literature, from Moody Bible Institute. He was one of two recipients of the MBI Homiletical Jury Award for outstanding preaching in 2016. He has experience as a youth pastor, pastoral intern, academic journal editor, and guest speaker. 

In 2019, he published my first book as a first step in addressing the subtle issues of this complex system. He hosts a podcast that continues that work under the same title, “The Cult of Christianity”

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