16 Tips for Self Care in Libra Season

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Libra September 22 — October 22. The fall equinox is a day of balance and harmony as the hours of lightness and darkness are equal. On a similar theme, Libra season brings peace, compromise, and harmony as we try to defuse situations with grace and charm over the next four weeks.

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16 Self Care Tips for Libra Season

Libra Self Care

If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or any planets in Libra, then look in your chart to see what house Libra resides in and this energy will influence that aspect of your life.

The traits of Libra are: charming, diplomatic, equitable, gracious, indecisive, judicious, orderly, poised, romantic, sociable, and stylish.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the brightest planet in the solar system. Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty and love. She represents sexuality, pleasure, and fertility. 

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” 

— Sarah Williams The Old Astronomer

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Just as the Libra energy stokes you into agile thoughts, observations, and logic. At the beginning of this new season you will feel more motivated and enterprising. In your recovery, you will feel empowered to find balance and learn how to dispel their drama from your life. 

As guest Sarah Kamoto in S4 Ep 81How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist After a Divorce said, “When you know their patterns, it becomes very easy to sort and sift what requires a response and what doesn’t require a response. You can learn to disengage. And the narcissist may continue to email you, but it’s just documentation. You file it away. Ready for the day”

How to Set Boundaries with the Toxic Narcissist
“You are not creating space for anybody healthy to walk into your life if your “room” is full of toxic negative people…

When you feel off balance, you will find the energy this season to find resolution to your problems and clear a path back to your mental health. 

When you are trying to leave a narcissist and heal from the abuse, let your heart and intuition lead you. Make quick decisions within your own authority, and let karma rule judicious outcomes. 

Here are sixteen tips for your Self Care in Libra Season

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1. Build a Strong Backbone

Libras tend to bend over backwards to please others. When you sacrifice your self needs to put others first, this will cause stress, which may manifest in your lower back. If you are having mysterious pain, try balancing your root chakra.

Start a grounding routine. Take your shoes off and stand or walk on the grass and Earth for at least five minutes. Longer time in nature is even better. 

Photo by Emma Peneder on Unsplash

Chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture can be beneficial in promoting back health. Strengthening your core with single leg exercises and ab exercises promote stronger lumbar strength, and less back pain.

2. Balance blood sugar 

The parts of the body to focus on for Libras, and during the season are, the lumbar, kidneys, skin, and islets of Langerhans. The islets are groups of pancreatic cells secreting insulin and glucagon.

With ruling planet Venus associate with blood sugar, even though balance is your natural temperament, it may not be the case for you blood sugar levels. 

Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, of exercise, regular sleep pattern, and a healthy diet is important for keeping your blood sugar in check. Individuals who experience blood sugar imbalances experience fatigue, irritability, weakness, blurred vision, headaches, frequent urination, and increased thirst. These signs are your body’s way of telling you that your blood sugar levels are not within the normal range.

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3. Stay Hydrated

Libras are keen on balance. And taking care of you kidneys, the organ that keeps your body clean and balanced, is a functional place to focus . Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day is important for keeping the kidneys, and the rest of your body, in prime health and balance.

Developing disciplined routines for your health is one way to start practicing boundaries. Grab your FREE How to Draw Long Lasting Boundaries Workshop now. To help develop the strength to draw the hard boundaries with the narcissist. 

4. Indulge your skin

 Pampering you skin with a exfoliant and creamy lotion after is just one of the simple pleasures we can partake in life. As the Libran energy allows to embrace our physical beauty, we can lean into the extra pampering during this season. 

Applying your favorite face mask, mud, or creamy hydrating, you can slow down and pamper your skin. Invest in an organic skin-care regimen, including regular cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection. 

One of my favorite exfoliating soaps is from Lush, the SandStone, followed up with their Rose Argan skin conditioner, and then a yummy moisturizer. If you have skin damage, this may be a good time to do extra prescription creams/ laser/ liquid nitrogen treatments. 

5. Gather with friends

Librans enjoy good times and delicious meals with friends. And the energy of the season of Fall / Spring upon us. There are many occasions to gather with hot cider, Earthy foods, and pumpkin pie everything! 

It’s important for your health to consider your blood sugar balanced. Eat Whole Foods, vegetables, fruits, and beans for your regular diet, so it leaves space for those indulgent moments. 

Take time to enjoy your meals, and turn them into works of art. Turn off your phones and sit with a loved one while eating to enhance the experience the enjoyment of food. 

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

6. Trust Your Intuition

Libras, and some of us non-Libras, have the propensity for indecision. It seems that even the smallest of choices seem monumental especially when it involves the Narcissist. Walking on eggshells and making sure they stay happy is exhausting. 

As a survivor (in or out of the relationship) your mind has been under immense stress to make the “right” choice to avoid the fight or flight mode. Which ironically already puts you in that state. 

To know what’s best for you in the moment, listen to your inner voice. Stop thinking will they like it, be selfish for once and know what you want out of the next choice, or experience. If they react negatively, that’s their problem. You can do what you wish on your own. You don’t need them, and since it is what you want, you will enjoy it no matter who is with you. 

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7. Indulge in a Sugar Body Polish

With the goddess of beauty ruling this zodiac sign of Libra, she is calling us all to indulge in slower pampering treatments. 

The secret to the sugar scrub is, sugar contains glycolic acid, which helps slough off dead skin cells through on a cellular level. Your skin will feel and look polished, moisturized, and radiant. 

You can buy these at your local health food store, or organic skin care stores. Or you can make your own DIY body polish. :

  1. ½ cup coconut oil.
  2. ¼ cup sugar (I use organic cane sugar)
  3. Optional: 2 tablespoons citrus zest (such as orange, lemon or grapefruit) OR 10 drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, eucalyptus etc.
  4. Optional: 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil.

8. Get a massage

The feeling of loving touch and healing powers of a massage are potent. To a Libra, relationships are like a masterpiece. Another way to benefit from relationships is a massage, especially by a friend, lover, or healing practitioner. 

Allow their hands to melt away the stress, heaviness, and tension of being abused emotionally day in and day out. 

An additional splurge would be a couples massage. Enjoying the relaxation and pampering together is a beautifully bonding experience. 

Photo by alan caishan on Unsplash

9. Feng Shui

As Libra energy is sensitive to disharmony. You will find yourself wishing to rearrange things, in your life, space, and schedule. If your environment is in disarray, the result is dis-harmony in your being. Consider Feng Shui-ing your living space, workspace, or bedroom to create a calm retreat for your self care. 

My favorite Feng Shui Pracitioner was on the Empath & Narcissist Podcast. S2 Ep 22 Diving Deep Into Feng Shui with Jillian Rothschild

Colors affect our mood, the position we face affects our energy, and so much more! It’s not about placing a bamboo plant here, or there, it’s about knowing your personal energy to know which zones are working for you, and working against you. I attend her yearly Feng Shui Webinars to know which areas to stay clear of that year. Because each year the directions move and change. 

10. Tai Chi

This type of beautiful and graceful martial arts exudes the Libran energy perfectly. This form of practice features slow, dancelike movements, with each pose flowing seamlessly into the next. 

It is a moving meditation that provides the body with an opportunity to gain agility and strength. Learn from a qualified instructor to gain the optimal learning experience. 

Photo by Monica Leonardi on Unsplash

11. Writing Poetry

You may have held your tongue and were so concerned with how your words would be received, that you have suppressed your self-expression. This is why it is so important to have an outlet to express yourself to relearn speaking your truth. 

Pick up a journal, start a blog, or write poetry. You never know, you may find others have had similar experiences and appreciate you sharing. As happened with me. 

12. Natural Remedies: Fenugreek

Fenugreek’s beautifying properties help calm skin irritations, support blood sugar, and kidney ailments. 

To use it on your skin, mix ground seeds with water to calm your skin. Use the ground seeds in some yogurt and use as a hair conditioner. You can find the seeds in a natural food store. 

To lower your blood sugar, cholesterol, or help with kidney ailments, capsule or liquid supplements are available in a natural food store. 

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

13. Supplement Collagen 

As we age, there is no getting around it, our skins elasticity declines. 

Recent research has suggested that collagen peptide supplements can increase skin hydration and elasticity. They are often found in energy bars, powder for smoothies, and bone broths. All the more reason to make homemade soup during soup season!

These supplements or broth are derived from animals and therefore may not be of interest to vegetarians. Another way to help boost collagen, animal free, is through consuming vitamin C and silica. 

14. Essential oils

Aromatherapy offers you an exquisite way to smell your way into well being. Defusing oils into your space is not the only way you can enjoy them. Mixed into your scent free cosmic creams and toners ad luxury for your divine skin. 

Damask Rose 

Rose is the symbol for love, and is a true Venusian flower with it’s heart-opening fragrance. Every time I walk by a rose, I have to smell it. 

Use damask rose oil as a perfume, or add it to your bathwater for a luxurious experience. Since rose oil is so expensive to make, it is often diluted with jojoba oil. 

Rose Geranium

A cousin of the red-colored geraniums, this is one of the premier skin-care oils. It can create balance in either overly dry or oily skin. The scent is an energizing uplifting smell, inspiring your sense of self love, melting the stress and trauma away. 

The scent is said to inspire relaxed spontaneity. Enjoy life, and “when in Rome”. Add the oil to a mister bottle of water, or mix some oil into your favorite cleansing mask / lotion. 


When your racing mind needs a boost, peppermint’s ability to relieve mental fatigue and enhance concentration. 

It also contains stomach-soothing properties, aiding you in your digestion and anxiety residing in your gut. Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea after a heavy meal, or rub oil into your facial cleanser or lotion. 

Peppermint is a refreshing way to start your day by taking a big smell. 

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

15. Build an Alter

Building an alter is a very Earthy and tactile way to remind you to flow with the energy of the Universe. It is witchy (wicce) yes but, don’t worry you are not going to hell. An alter brings your focus to investing in your self worth, your mother archetype, and healing exercises you must do in order to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Spiritual is a combination of Spirit + Ritual. And ritual is another fancy word for disciplined habit.

Angry No More: How to Heal Emotional Abuse with Full Moon Magic
It is so important to have the angry stage so that you can remove yourself from this toxic. Web of lies and deceit and…

First clean your space where feels right for you to build your alter. Either on a fireplace hearth, shelf, table, or console. Place a candle front and center. Place a cloth and assemble your items creatively as you wish.

Color of cloth for Sun in Libra : Pink / Blue / Silver

Flowers: Roses, Hydrangea, Peonies

Stones/Crystals: opal, turquoise, clear crystal, rose quartz

Herbs: Rose, Fenugreek, Thyme, Bergamot, Catnip

Incense: Frankincense

Food: Honey, wine, sweet foods, fresh fruit

Symbols: Agrippan symbols, doves, flowers, berries, goddess

Rituals to Honor the September Equinox

With Libra Season being the Equinox, which is one of two days per year when the hours of night equal the hours of the day, ushering in a new season. Why not celebrate? 

Plus! Pumpkin Spice lattes are available now!

  1. Be in nature. Take your shoes off, enjoy the grass beneath your feet and ground your energy to Mother Earth. Go apple picking, sit under a tree, sit near a body of water, are all pleasurable things that allow you root chakra to balance.
  2. Pause and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whatever you’ve been working hard on, spend time in gratitude for the progress you’ve made, and share it with friends. 
  3. Recalibrate. Restore balance and clear out your life. Organize your closets, remove subscriptions that do not serve you, and release people who are toxic that remain to have a foothold in your life. 
  4. Ritual sweeping = energy clearing. Conduct an energy clearing practice. Burn sage and sweep in the direction of your door, then out the door. Sending away all stagnant and negative energy from your aura and home. Diffuse your favorite essential oil, or burn incense to fill your space with love and positivity. 
  5. Adorn your home with roses, pinecones, apples, gourds, and all your favorite fall decorations! 
  6. Meditate or do a practice that helps restore mental equilibrium, such as Ho’ o pono pono Cleansing Prayer

16. Yoga poses

Tree: The key to balancing in this pose is strength and suppleness.

Learn More here

Lord of the Dance: This elegant asana allows Libras to express their gracefulness.

Learn more here

Boat: This posture allows you to practice balance. It strengthens the core and energizes the kidneys. 

Learn more here

Be mindful of information given to you. Be careful if you feel vulnerable. Because the wolf will arrive in sheep’s clothing charming and charismatic. You will feel like they have all the answers and your savior. 


Life is not that easy, you will never arrive while looking outside of yourself… guard your hearts, guard your minds and remember…

Always keep your unique light shining!

Happy Libra Season

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