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Four Pillars of Destiny of Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui

Find your flow ease and joy in life with Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Learn from expert zodiac reader how this ancient practice can bring prosperity

-This week in the podcast we have another amazing guest!

As a classically trained Feng Shui Expert who has been working in private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010, Jillian helps people who are feeling tormented with big, unanswered life questions but are unable to choose which direction to go, so they are looking for someone they can trust to help them get clarity, so they can confidently move forward. She specializes in collaborating with clients over time to awaken new possibilities, including personal and professional goals, and assisting each client in achieving them. As part of her Classical Feng Shui work, she consults for both residential and business properties worldwide.

I feel so honored to have her on and share a tiny snippet of her story. You must listen to her Feng shui tips and chinese astrology education. Where she shares how to get unstuck and in the flow with the Universe and Energy.

Below are my take aways from this beautiful episode!

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Diving Deep into REAL Feng Shui Part 1 & Knowing your Chinese Astrology for joy, flow, and prosperity. with Jillian Rothschild

Diving Deep into REAL Feng Shui Part 1

Diving Deep into Real Feng Shui Part 1

“It just makes your results more vibrant when you do things at the right time”

Jillian Rothschild

1. It’s just another resource in your toolbox for how to live the best life you can live. [5:40]

This 4 pillars of Destiny in Chinese Astrology and Feng shui, is another resource in your toolbox that allows you to discover you! And know how to move through life more informed.

This ties into knowing your humand design chart. When you know your energy and characteristics though Astrology, Chinese Astrology, and Human Design, you get the full picture to have the answers and clues to make the next best choice for your future.

You consciously are choosing rather than reacting through life, and that is empowering!

Listen to how to protect your empath energy and daily self care ritual suggestions

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2. There are 3 forms of luck : heaven, luck, earth luck, and human luck. [13:42]

We all would love to get hooked into our paths to luck! right?! I know I am. Jillian shares with us that there are 3 forms of luck and how we can discover the ability to align them!

And then when the zeros extra zeros came, my husband was like, there’s something to this.[11:52]

Jillian Rothschild

The single most powerful step to start forgiving yourself and finding stability in your emotions and thoughts is to soother your underdeveloped emotions or some call the inner child. When you show up and earn trust as the healed adult in your own life for the parts of you that feel scared, hurt or unloved, major shifts start to happen.
Coach Action Steps to Inner Child Work Tips: 

  1. Release your parent’s voice in your head and let go of the weight this authoritative programming has put on you.
  2. Let your Adult, healed, self be present for your inner child. 
  3. Listen to your inner child and play as they wish to play.  
  4. Practice the Inner child Meditation HERE on Youtube and wear a reminder of your inner child to take care of them all day. 
The Thriving Intuitive YouTube Channel Mindfulness Monday 10 minute meditations

4. She debunks a popular myth about the Bagua [14:40]

This important!

As an interior designer, I bought a book on feng shui. And it made the bagua simple, yet it doesn’t give you the whole picture. And just arranging things, or placing a tree in the right spot is not the solution to your flow of prosperity.

“Flying stars are visiting energies that move around in a very specific in particular pattern.”[16:54]

– Jillian Rothschild
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4. The 5 elements of Chinese Astrology

In Part 2 she shares more about Chinese Astrology.

Diving Deep in Chinese Astrology Part 2







This philosophy used to describe the relationship and interdependence between all things. This idea is all about finding balance and embracing the process.

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate that’s all dark and negative in yourself first.” [23:12]

Jillian Rothschild

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5. Know your destiny code can improve your life [24:30]

get your 4 Pillars at click on the BAZI calculator.

Pull your chart and see what year animal and element, day, month, and time. They all mix to give you your complex characteristics.

“and with feng shui everyone always wants the whole enchilada, but sometimes all you go to the nachos. [30:37]”

Jillian Rothschild

Are you ready to learn more about yourself?!

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6. You’re not really predicting your future.

Your destiny is not pre-written. You can, you know, you make choices based on your personality and your characters or your characteristics. [28:07]

“I have some VIP clients that I work with on a monthly basis, so it gives them information. Yeah. Each month on the energies each month and the right timing to do actions based on their chart. So for me, this is the timing component. Like feng shui is location, location, location, and with four pillars of destiny and date selection, timing is everything. [36:37]”


This podcast guest Jillian Rothschild @fengshuiinmotion has taken that same journey in discovering how she ticks and has turned her life around and found easy and abundance so much that she now helps others do the same!

October what’s clashing in the “bully” month [37:55]

“It just makes your results more vibrant when you do things at the right time”

Join her class on Chinese Astrology in November 2021 called Basic BaZi: Unlock Your Destiny

Jillian’s Links

And I’m honored to have her share her tips on the podcast of how to get unstuck and in the flow of the Universe.
You can listen to her podcast “Diving Deep into REAL Feng Shui Part 1 & 2 & Knowing your Chinese Astrology for joy, flow, and prosperity. with Jillian Rothschild” on Apple, Spotify or here on this page.
If you need HELP on your healing journey from abuse grab my book The Empath and The Narcissist a healing guide for the people pleaser.

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7. Learn about the energy approaching.

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