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I was putting together the astrological calendar and really seeing a lot of Mars activity and Venus activity. Mercury right now is in retrograde by the way. So you will be feeling a bit of, rework, right. Or redo going back on things thinking, oh no, don’t worry about. Don’t worry about thinking that you failed, because someone didn’t understand what you were saying. See it as an opportunity to rewrite it, rework it to be. Spot on and really kick ass moving forward. Mercury retrograde is not all about the breakdown and the glitches and, you know, computer outages. It’s also about revisiting communications, revisiting difficult conversations that you might’ve had, that you need to really find a different route of how to say it to, for it, to get into the mind of your receiver. It could be about rewriting, a story, rewriting, a blog, whatever you’re, you’re trying to communicate. It’s kind of all about reevaluating and re-editing. Our thoughts are very powerful and they become things. So during mercury retrograde take a lot of time to self-reflect. To rewrite the narrative in your head. And harness the energy of this editing phase to be able to have the narrative be strong, positive, and powerful to manifest rather than to self-sabotage and to put yourself down. This is a time for us all to be, leaning into patients leaning into, um, peace because with Mars being pretty active in October, it’s important. Mars is all about, fighting, fighting for goodness, right? Fighting for a cause of it. Sometimes a fighting can lead to arguing and really harsh words. Then we feel bad about what we said afterwards, so we absolutely can execute what we’re fighting for, but can we do it in a kind peaceful, and, stoic way.

And Venus is here. I think really bringing up a lot of as well in October with our abundance and our money issues, Venus rules, money, Venus rules, art and creativity, and Venus of course also rules love. So we might be having some windfalls, unexpected things happening in our love life. Our bank accounts , and it’s important to clear these things out. Let’s make way for money to, and the energy of abundance to be flowing to us through this time where Venus has a lot of influence. What I’m going to be doing is hosting an immersive experience.

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For $25 or for free if you are a member is a deeply healing abundance immersive experience that will challenge your relationship you have with money. The challenge experience will last six weeks and we’re going to be going through our money story, beliefs, clearing out our homes to make room for more money, cut cords, address our ancestral stories with money and relationship to money. We’ll start during the Mercury retrograde and we’ll continue out. As the Mercury goes direct in that late October and really doing an abundance immersive experience to heal your abundance. And this is going to be something where I’m going to be taking you through a book. , so I’m going to recommend you buy and read the book. , It’s Not Your Money: How to live fully from divine abundance by Tosha Silver

We’re going to be using exercises that she’s given us in their abundance meditation’s in core cutting prayers that I’ve created out of that. And we’re going to have an immersive. Deep healing of our abundance together, myself included. It’s always important to be healing. And if we’re focusing on. Peeling away, the layers that we have for the universe to bring to us the abundance that it’s so desires to give us. And abundance is not limited, just like energy or light. There is a lot of light. And it ebbs and flows and there’s a lot of energy out there. So it just is a matter of where the energy is directed to. And we want it to be directed to us. Right. We want it to be. In our pocket books. For us to be able to live a joy filled. Heart-centered purposeful life. And that’s what this podcast is all about too.

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Shantideva Prayer

I have pulled. Three cards here. And I’m going to channel the energy of what these cards have to say. And this is going to be our October energy update.

Theme 1 Psychic Wisdom

The Wild Unknown Tarot Kim Krans Mother of cups

This is going to be a time for a group of us where we are leaning more and more into our psychic abilities. The mother of cups has appeared here. And she is protective. With her wise, I. Hovering her. Wing protecting over the glass, the goblet.

This glass and goblet holds wisdom and information channeled.

And for a group of you, you will identify this. As the time for you to lean into your psychic ability and your intuition. But go of the dogma of. Reading the guides looking up the research on Google. And you just sit still. And you listen. To those guides.

This card, exudes grace and beauty and a wisdom. As the wise mother, she is beyond wise, beyond the high priestess. And her psychic ability. Is spot on. Helping all those who are still in their journey of healing and then their spiritual awakening. 2021 still is the time at the end of that hard work. And inner work, the shadow work of our spiritual journey.

To awaken the conscious collective. To awaken each individual soul to their purpose. And why they’re here. You are that beacon of light? Scent giving them messages. From the guides.

This is a beautiful time to lean in.

Lean in to the messages. You’re healing powers. That are divinely given.

Not of this earth and are continually supported. By your guides.

Theme 2 Worry

The Wild Unknown Tarot Kim Krans Four of Pentacles

A second theme. Is that this is a time of worry.

Globally. We are still battling. COVID. This is a time where we are wilting and yearning to travel. Venus is going to be entering into Sagittarius and we are going to be itching to travel. And some of us will. Because we’ve been vaccinated and some of us will because we haven’t been vaccinated because we all just want to be human and we want to live. But for those of us, and maybe I’m speaking from my own personal experience. Rather than the guides. So guides, please guide my words. Guide my words. Some of us still are worried because we have our little ones waiting for the vaccination. Waiting for the protection. And even if you don’t choose. To vaccinate, we’re going to really be faced with the decision. With schools and the collective wanting to.

Set certain guidelines and boundaries around. Vaccinated and unvaccinated again, more polarizing ideas and it’s going to be worrisome. And we’re going to worry if one little cough our child has from the normal flu season. Is that COVID. Are you going to. Lean into the worry, or are you going to lean into your faith?

Allow yourself. To make educated decisions. And that are for the health and the good of your child. Really self-reflect back. To when maybe they were an infant and you were so worried about all those shots and vaccines. That turned out to be okay. And that turned out. To be protective for your little one.

Let the worries. B. Overridden.

By your convictions to make the right choice and the reassurances of.

And the reassurances of history.

That history has shown. That medicine as much as we want to say, big pharma is evil. Medicine has prevailed to support us. And. Nature as well has been here to support us. There is a sin history there.

So some of us may feel like we’re being swallowed up by worry.

And I got the guides are urging. You.

To be mindful. To be responsible yet. Most importantly. Lean in. To the love and wisdom that they have to offer you.

And to let them dissolve and dissipate your worry.

Theme 3 Balance

The Wild Unknown Tarot Kim Krans Temperance

And the third group of us made, experienced this more strongly. And. Relate to it is the temperance card.

This card. Has come up no three times. And my last three drawings, every single time I draw.

So I think that the guides are clearly screaming. Uh, message.

Again, the polarization amongst the world and communities of people, even families. We’ve got hot and fiery. All riled up. And against each other. And then we’ve got the tears of pain and sadness and worry.

And the two of these meet together. And this crane is a beautiful symbol of the stoicism. That if we can just. See that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that this circumstance we’re in is not forever. Then we can combine the two and have a balance of understanding both sides. The balance of understanding the water. And the collective need.

To just. He’ll and defeat this disease rather than fighting each other. And then the opposing side of this fighting for the freedoms and freedoms of. Our bodies and freedoms of. Choices. Absolutely. Seeing both sides as we have the freedom where we can freely choose.

But seeing the other side that we just want to defeat this virus. And move forward.

I understand this is a very. Polarizing and triggering reading. And again, I’m not at all. I’m just channeling. So what I’m seeing here is the two. The balance, right? Let’s get back into balance as society, families, friends, and culture. No drama. Just seeing each person sides, both sides. And balancing the scales back out so that the collective and all of us can enjoy life again. Without worrying and without risk. Of the really. Very scary virus that has. Mutated.

So let’s.

Let’s get back. Together.

And full of faith. And full understanding.

And empathy.

And seeing that all of this. It’s for the greater good. All of this is for us to get back to normal. And on with our busy crazy days. And yes, one day we will look back and say, wow, that part of history was really amped up.

But knowing that it will be behind us. But all of us doing our part. So all three of these are such an important. Element. In the cards.

Comment below and connect with how this resonated with you.

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