7 ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life

Connect to the Divine, live life fully, and lean into the pleasure of life through self intimacy.

“No one needs to settle for less than a juicy, joyful life.”

Kerri Cust

-This week in the podcast we have another amazing guest!

Kerri Cust is a Tantra Teacher. Lived in a tantric community for years, learned under and mentored from teachers in the realms of emotional intelligence, yoga, breath work and Intimacy.

She is an intimacy coaching working with women to re-find their juicy and sensual selves and couples to come back to being passionate lovers again all through the avenue of clarity, communication, and commitment to creating more pleasure. After experiencing the end of her marriage and the death of her brother back-to-back she set out on her own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey and found herself living in a tantric community where she experienced deep transformation. she learned to radically love her body, come back into her femininity and softness, awaken her sensuality and sexuality and finally live a life that gave her deep pleasure. Kerri has in-depth training in tantra as a lifestyle, tantric sexuality, yoga, emotional intelligence and deep emotional release and she uses those skills in her coaching and workshops to help clients create new levels of personal pleasure. Kerri knows that intimacy and pleasure are skills and like any skill, they can be developed and increased. her stand is that no-one needs to settle for less than a juicy, joyful life. she works with individuals and couples to break free of a mundane, autopilot life so you can experience being fully alive and passionate.

I feel so blessed to listen to her information over and over while I have been editing. She shares her story, discovering tantra, healing through her spiritual journey and help others do the same.

Below are my take aways from this beautiful episode!

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7 Ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life Part 1

7 Ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life Part 1

There’s a real big misconception that Tantra is just sex. Tantra is like a huge umbrella term for Divine Energy. Lean into it fully with consciousness and awareness and experience and access the divine through that. From meditation, self discovery, dancing, sex and down into observing every blade of grass.”

Kerri Cust

1. Tantra is not only for sex.

Tantra is the divine feminine energy – Shakti. It looks at the beautiful dynamic of male and female energy in the world. Shakti as manifestation and everything, you know, in creation or create some creation, it’s like this whole world is of Shakti .

Accessing the energy of Shakti is as simple as touching the blades of grass, to admiring your body naked in a mirror. The energy from the earth and being able to sink into the ground and feel that resonance or that connection with the earth, because that is sacred and divine.

The other week I posted a podcast about How the Universe sends us signs and speaks to us. There are many ways the Universe synchronizes it’s messages to us through sounds, dreams, animals, friends, divine connections, numbers, intuition, knowing, feeling in your body… Just as accessing the divine Shakti energy is important you can listen in to the many ways the Universe speaks to us and gives us signs that we are on the next right step.

In the this episode S2 14 & 15, Kerri, our podcast guest, also shares some books that she is reading right now. The first book is Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas. It helps you to look at old relationship patterns, opening yourself more to love. And the other is Get the Guy by Matthew Hussey Learn the Secrets of the Male mind to find the man you want and get the love you deserve.

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2. Part of the spiritual journey is balancing your energy.

There is a documentary I, Raven, watched on Netflix that showed all the “bad” parts of the natural healing world. And one of the episodes was Tantra. And the whole episode was about sex and how one particular leader/guru teacher of this “school” or really it was a cult, sexually abused vulnerable women. And Kerri shares with us that sex is a tiny portion of Tantra and not the whole thing. Kerri learned tantra and it totally changed my life, but all in parallel to that, she was also mentored and coached on emotional intelligence healing, her own inner work.

She states, “So this is where, just like you said, the documentary you’re watching on Netflix. This is where. It can get a little bit slippery in terms of the tantra, because we still need to heal and look at sort of core wounds and unconscious patterns that we have because tantra, when sexual energy is so powerful that if we haven’t really done our own work, that’s where it can get a little bit dicey, be really careful.”

It’s My Life! (Purpose) Part 1 : Inner Child Work S1 Ep.30

Did you know the inner child work is a huge tool to clear out stuck energy blocking you from realizing your true desires, dreams & purpose? Listen as I break down the elements of the work, so that you may stop living small, and start living your truest most authentic badass self!!! 
Some of you may have done inner child work already, and love it! I applaud you for your taking good care of her. Others may have just learned about it recently and are curious to learn more. And others may not know the concept of inner child at all. This podcast is for all of you. I want to give you the freedom so you can shed negative patterns one step at a time to find your power & potential through healing so you can kick ass in THIS life. 
Coach Action Steps to Inner Child Work Tips: 

  1. Release your parent’s voice in your head and let go of the weight this authoritative programming has put on you.
  2. Let your Adult, healed, self be present for your inner child. 
  3. Listen to your inner child and play as they wish to play.  
  4. Practice the Inner child Meditation HERE on Youtube and wear a reminder of your inner child to take care of them all day. 
The Thriving Intuitive YouTube Channel Mindfulness Monday 10 minute meditations

3. Shed the shame of being a woman

We discussed in the podcast about the religious world and authoritarian patriarchy shows God as a man and puts women beneath men and women feeling shame of being a woman. All the way back to the foundation of “creation” Eve was made of man, and the patriarch was the noble and the woman sinned and put them out of the Garden.

And we busted that ideology with the knowledge that the Divine is BOTH male and female and must be balanced. There is no creation without Mother Earth and no sun, moon, and stars without Father Sky.

“Once I’m in alignment with my core values, that’s where everything is flowing and I’m feeling really good.”

– Kerri Cust
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4. Female energy is deeply connect with the Moon

This was really interesting, Kerri shared that the moon is like, if you think of cancer, cancers are connected to the moon a lot. So it’s like the great Mother. The moon and still there’s, um, there’s even like the cycles of the moon, like a very feminine, so like women’s menstrual cycles and how they sort of, um, are aligned or mirror sort of the cycles of the moon moon cycle.

New Moon is for planting seeds, ovulation, setting intentions for manifestation.

Full Moon is full expression and release, so clearing out subconscious, menstrual cycle, shadow work while the moon is shining it’s light on it.”

Kerri Cust & Raven Scott

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5. Living a successful life on the outside is not always fulfilling.

Kerri shares her story of being married to a nice guy and in a stable great job. She had a pull to live a life more fulfilling and adventurous, and went on her own EAT, PRAY, LOVE journey. She left that life of success and comfort, and soon after she left, she received news her brother passed from suicide. And she went on a deep dive in self development and discovery and traveled to a yoga school to start her spiritual enlightenment in a Tantra community.

Boundaries help us energetically change. When we start to make little changes, neural pathways in our brain start to shift when we do the inner work discovering. And boundaries also apply to leaning in to saying YES to our desires that serve our highest good.”

Kerri Cust

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6. Core values keep you accountable in your journey

As we were talking, I kept reading these words that were her wall decor and I just had to bring it up. “I see that you have the words Courage, Liberation, Belonging behind you. What do those mean to you?” She shared that those were her core values that kept her on track any time her ego would step in. If something wasn’t working out, she was sad, frustrated, or angry. She said she goes back to read those words and checks in to see if her thoughts and actions are causing what is not working, and more than likely she was operating out of alignment with her higher self.

For those of you who know me, and have coached 1 on 1 with me know that I am big on following your soul’s strategy and authority, and just as she checks in with her core values, I recommend checking in that you are following your human design types’ strategy and your inner intuition’s authority.

What are your core values? I’d suggest writing down 3 words that represent them. And when things go south or off the rails revisit your core values in your business, in your relationships, and in your self confidence.

Thriving intuitives tell me what you think about those three words. How do they resonate with you and in the comments below type courage

courage liberation belonging words over ocean view with tall grass

7. Establishing boundaries are in the subtle realms

Connect to yourself divine feminine with boundaries and not getting lost in the agendas of others. That seems like something really small and insignificant, but really when we start to make those little choices, it affects the energetics of our body.

There’s literally neural pathways in our brain. That’s like, oh, I don’t have to just do that. I can have another experience and do this and things begin to start to shift. And that shifts that even the energy of your body, the energy that you’re exuding, you start to become more powerful and feeling empowered in your choices and in your boundaries and an after. And when you have success with your boundaries, you will then be emboldened to continue and be like, oh, I can say no.

I would really love that experience. I would really love to go there with you and starting to lean in and say, yes, that can be really expensive too. So we need, we need both. We need to learn more. We need to say no. And we also want to learn and become aware of like, well, where do we want to open up to?

What do you want to say Yes, to?

Thriving Intuitives, comment below where you want to lean in to saying YES. Give us feedback on the podcast.

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7 Ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life Part 2

7 Ways to Awaken The Divine Goddess Within You – a Joyful Thriving Life Part 2

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