What is Happening Astrologically in 2023 with Magic Kathi | Ep 97

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“When the nodes shift it is a new start. After clearing all of the karma and garbage from the south node. There will be a lot of soul connections.”

Magic Kathi

What is happening Astrologically in 2023 and will it be a good year?

Today I share a conversation with Magic Kathi

Here are some key transits:

This is the third time now in a row I have had the pleasure to learn more about astrology with her. It has become our annual tradition.

In summary, the year will be good for transformation, bad for ease and flow. Every opportunity on this planet is for growth, so we both concluded, as souls we are excited for the end of this year and the 2023 year. 

More people will wake up to their soul’s purpose. Realize they are hear to spread light not hate. And many people will also need help integrating all this new spiritual information they are feeling, and don’t know quite what to do with it. 

there’s just so much energy. So we only jam packed the first six months. , into this forecast and we’re going to create a masterclass to allow you to be able to integrate this information that you just heard replay it, and then get the later part of the year’s forecast. So.

We’re going to have a few different exercises, spiritual exercises for you to be able to practice so that it just gives you support tonight, gives you guidance and tools to be able to handle all of this energy that will be coming in the beginning of 2023.

Because of this we will be releasing a masterclass the first week of November. So it is perfect timing to support you through the holidays, as well as through the beginning of the year to give you these practices and support, make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter and click the link here.

Oct. 25 New Moon in Scorpio starts Eclipse season

Oct. 30 – Jan. 12 Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Dec 29 – Jan 18 Mercury double retrograding

Jan. 18 Pluto in Cap conjunct the Sun in Capricorn

And that’s just the end of this year!

  • Pluto Transits
  • Sun Transits
  • Lunar Nodal Transits
  • You soul will be activated and need support.

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Kathy Hillenburg is an astrologer and human design reader. She is the podcaster of her own show. The magic Kathy show. And her show is all about allowing the next generation of spiritual thought leaders to rise.

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