Own Your Divine Light in the Soul’s Journey to heal from Narcissistic abuse | S3 Ep 46

Own Your Divine Light and embrace your soul’s journey in manifesting your dreams after narcissistic abuse.because she cried after he insulted her.

“I think it’s time to start bringing those dreams back because we’re in charge, we’re in charge of the dreams we’re in charge of us and we’re in charge of our reality.”

Yarra Atlantica (Janet) Miller
Photo by Julia Avamotive on Pexels.com

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This Mantra Removes Negative Energy and Protects Against Narcissists Empath And The Narcissist: A Healing Guide with Human Design

"You, Divine One, have become my refuge. True is Your support, Great Creative Infinite." This Mantra Removes negative energy and eliminate enemies such as narcissists and block the impact of animosity. Sign up for waiting list of Healing your Black Sheep wound 8 Week Plus Bonus content Program. Email me. During your most difficult times, Guru comes to stand by your as your protector. Yogi Bhajan taught us that when chanted for 62 minutes during the ambrosial hours, this mantra can relieve unbearable financial pressure and give you mental self-control. This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance. Snatam Kaur song of this Mantra: Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa Meditation Added to the https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiIsY6FK6XlT1_-CvntJYkzOtGGCpZL05 (Meditation Playlist on Raven Scott Show YouTube Channel) Full show https://ravenscott.show/ (Webpage ) GRABhttps://unlockyourdestiny.net/free-self-healing-guide ( free Narcissist Survival Guide Book) PDF Grab all links and full transcript on our website http://Ravenscott.show (Ravenscott.show) http://instagram.com/ravenscottshow (Follow on IG ): http://twitter.com/ravenscottshow (Twitter)http://twitter.com/thrivingintuitv (: ) SHOP Raven's Girl Talk https://www.etsy.com/shop/ravenscottshow (Merch Store)! : SUBSCRIBE TO YouTube Channel Raven Scott Show Mugs & Water bottles Restorative Tote Compassion T Shirt Spiritual Mantra Sweat shirt Gorgeous Journal Empath & The Narcissist https://www.amazon.com/Empath-Narcissist-Healing-People-Pleasers-ebook/dp/B097CP63G5/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=empath+%26+narcissist&qid=1625605765&sr=8-16 (Book) : Music YouTube Library: Drifting at 432 Hz by Unicorn Heads Believe by Neffex Mentioned in this episode: Soul Collective & Empath and Narcissist Book + FREE Healing Guide Join the heart centered spiritual community on Patreon and receive tarot readings, human design education and energy updates, meditations, and access to magical full moon circles! Heal from PTSD and Abuse by Energy Practices, through mental health practices, Human Design. Buy Empath & The Narcissist A Healing Guide for People Pleasers. https://the-thriving-intuitive.captivate.fm/offerings (Offerings)
  1. This Mantra Removes Negative Energy and Protects Against Narcissists
  2. How To Learn To Radically Love Yourself & Leave a Narcissist
  3. Overcome Anything: Awaken your Inner Strength against the Narcissist with Jeevan Mathuru
  4. Rise Against Covert Narcissism | Empath Energy Human Design Gate
  5. Own Your Divine Light in The Soul's Journey HEAL from Narcissistic Abuse
Host Raven Scott
Guest Yarra Atlantica (Janet) Miller

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“I just sort of numbed out.”

Without knowing it, her parents were narcissistic and all she knew was she planned to leave as soon as she was of age. She began her healing journey young and has been owning her divine light for the past 20 years. Having come full circle as the divine light activator assisting and supporting the current wave of awakening souls.

Stepping out of the 3d matrix and onto the 40 bridge and to the five D higher consciousness. These awakened souls have been propelled onto the path of self-love. And Janet provides. A community of support through her mastermind group called the divine light accelerators. Jenna is also the host of her own podcast. Own your divine light show, featuring experts all over the world, sharing their roads to enlightenment.

Creating the freedom to be the authentic people. They are meant to be. As energy conduit, she supports people through energy sessions. Chakra work and other energy modalities. As a sole purpose, Oracle reader, she assists others in understanding the creation codes of their unique birth name. Janet is a co author of women let’s rise, which is available now.

Today I share a conversation with Yarra Atlantica Janet Miller.

Here is our conversation:

Youtube Live Human Design Explained : Is it self improvement?

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Self Worth Poem

Right now you feel like this neglected grapevine 

Appear dead outside with no motivation to go on and are ready to give up. Give up on hope life and your self worth.

You’ve been kept in toxic soil with bugs eating at your roots by someone who is a parasite

But there is a tiny glimpse of hope 

If and when you choose to remove yourself from the toxic soil and plant yourself in sunlight and fertile soil watering and feeding yourself through self worth practices. You start to sprout a leaf then another 

Then all Of a sudden you’ve transformed into a fruit bearing grapevine!!! Providing sustenance to others.  

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining.

Empath & Narcissist Book

Over the past decade Raven Scott has first, exited an abusive relationship, then found her healing and renewal through the very tools she shares in this book. This “incredibly relatable story is a healing guide that weaves a story of an empath growing up, struggling with codependency, and loving a narcissist. It guides you in transforming yourself from low self esteem, PTSD, emotional abuse, to a strong, confident, and renewed soul.
PLUS! It includes a bonus chapter on the basic overview of Human Design -Your soul’s unique blueprint.
Grab your copy of this book on SALE today! available on Amazon NOW!
Don’t take my word for it. Listen to this 1 of many reviews:
“This guide book is clearly written to serve those committed to healing and honoring their highest nature. this book is A must read on your self discovery journey!” – Abigail Gazda

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“I salute the Divinity in you.”

– Indian brotherhood
Raven Scott

Raven Scott is providing women, who are feeling lost and alone in their journey, a community to kick ass as we become empowered together while healing from childhood trauma, abusive relationships, or plain old life, and awaken to rewrite our karmic story. Through astrology, self care, human design, & intuition.
We are energetically clearing ancestral patterns one step at a time to find our power and potential through healing so you can live empowered the unique loved individual you desire to be. Topics covered: Self development, Human design, Astrology, tarot, meditative thoughts, intuitive message from spirit, and expert guests sharing different spiritual healing modalities.
Your host and Patreon Community mentor, Raven Scott, is a narcissitic abuse survivor, author of Empath and The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers. And also is a Certified Meditation Teacher. Join us on http://Patreon.com/soulcollective9

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