Nourishment for Self & Others | Empath Weekly Gate Forecast 27 and 28

Empaths the Sun Gate is a Taurus gate and YES! We are in Taurus season!!! ⁠ Read on to learn about the Human Design Gate & how the Transits and Astrology for your Weekly Cosmic Forecast affect your energy.

“I am one with the Divine.”

Raven Scott

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Do you find you are subconscious chasing the Narcissist or love? Today I explore the Emotional Manipulation Tactic Breadcrumbing the Narcissist uses while dating. This unhealthy behavior of stringing you along to not commit and gain benefits from the relationship is a common behavior they use while in relationship.I talk about the 1974 Pigeon student and intermittent reward system. Tune in and subscribe! Access all the links on the Podcast Webpage.Mentioned in this episode:Marina J
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Weekly Cosmic Weather Forecast

THEME: Nourishment

Did You Know?…⁠
That the Human Design Gates rotate around and activate our being just like the astrological planets? ⁠
👇🏼comment below 😍 if you learned something new! ⁠

☀️The Sun Gate is a Taurus gate and YES! We are in Taurus season!!! ⁠
Sun in Gate 27: Responsibility ⁠
I Ching: Nourishment⁠
Sacral Center⁠

This will aid you in a special way to bring caring and nurturing into the world. You will seek many ways to expand caring within your self love practices, and naturally sense who and what has the greatest need for nourishment during these times of great trials and upheavals. ⁠
How can you take action to impact others nourishment needs around you and or in Ukraine?⁠

🌍Earth Gate in Gate 28: Struggle ⁠
I Ching: Preponderance of the Great⁠
Spleen Center⁠

This gate contains the fear that life has no meaning and the struggle to discover that meaning.You may encounter feeling that life is not fair and you will be caught up in comparing your life to other’s that seem more successful or abundant. ⁠
If living life according to your type’s strategy, you will encounter the correct struggle for you to grow stronger. ⁠
Are you pushing or forcing manifesting? / or are you doing what you love and waiting to respond (or for the invitation)? ⁠

Ask yourself: What in your life is worth LIVING for? that could be as simple as feeling the sun on your face at the moment. ⁠
💔Allow that to motivate you to grow and move out of the pain cycle from the narcissist, or emotional abuse, or self sabotage you are in right now. ⁠
Harness that energy and rise up to shine your unique light again. ⁠

✨Sparkle on my empaths! ⁠

Drop a comment below of how these transit updates help you! 👇🏼

Today I share the empaths cosmic weather and energy forecast assessing the Human Design Gates and Astrology planets activity.

Cosmic Weather April

Welcome back to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast and Raven Scott Show on YouTube. The mission of this podcast is to bring you education, inspiration, and empowerment. Through relatable conversations. Empowering information. And self-care self-healing practices.

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

On April 30, 2022 The New Moon in Taurus will be in a Solar Eclipse. While solar eclipse energy can derail our energy. Even though eclipses are significant, they are not rare. Each year there are about three to seven eclipses that occur and often transit in clusters. Eclipses help us end unhealthy relationships and partnerships.

An eclipse is a high-octane lunation that helps illuminate our karmic path

Sophie Saint Thomas, Allure Astrology Writer

This eclipse is in steady and stable Taurus, allowing us to move through the transit with ease and steadfastness. This is an ideal time to start making big plans for the future and being productive, especially when it comes to making money. Taurus, ruled by the abundant planet Venus, loves all things sensual. So make sure to combat any eclipse-triggered stress by indulging in extra self-care, such as taking baths, treating yourself to face masks, and getting plenty of sleep.

Youtube Live Human Design Explained : Is it self improvement?

Do meditation practices reflect out in nature, lay in the grass. Go to a tree. Reflect inward and love and hold yourself. Remember your soul is on a journey.

Raven Scott

Sun is in gate 27 – Responsibility

I Ching – Nourishment

Sacral Center

This gate will aid you in a special way to  bring caring and nurturing into the world. You will seek many ways to expand caring within your self love practices, and naturally sense who and what has the greatest need for nourishment during these times of great trials and upheavals.

Those with the Sun in their conscious gate 27 naturally sense who and what has the greatest need for resources, and assistance at any given moment. You probably have a clearer and quicker view of unexpected situations that other people, and you can become annoyed and demanding when confronted by bureaucratic hold ups and other obstacles in the way of setting things right. Sometimes it is necessary to step back and reevaluate what is really needed and at other times, it is essential that you dive in and provide quick relief and realignment.

You will seek many ways to expand caring within life itself because you sense the unfulfilled needs of others. You try to get people to recognize the powerful compulsion you have within you that life matters, even if others have somehow forgotten that. You have stories to tell about your journey and life experiences, and these enforce your feet understanding that we are all connected and by nature need to care for one another.

You bring a special quality of nurturing and caring to the world, often giving heed and support to he people you meet in ways that far exceed society’s normal expectations. You recognize how precious life is and how many amazing things life can give us. And how precious time is and how life can be taken away. Be watchful that the care-giving and care-taking that happens in your life is balanced. If you are drawn to give your energy and resources, be clear about the real and present needs of the situation as to not overly extend yourself.

Trust your inner guidance of authority and act upon your type’s strategy to know how to proceed and make soul aligned decisions.

How can you take action to impact others nourishment needs around you and or in Ukraine?

How can you take action to impact others nourishment needs around you and or in Ukraine?

Gate 27 Affirmations

Journal Prompts

Some journal questions for you in your quiet time.:

  • What are you doing for others that they can be doing for themselves?
  • What do you need to do to empower them and yourself?
  • Where do you need to focus your energy on to fulfill your goals and manifestation?
  • Are you dependent on approval?
  • Are you doing what you are for pure love and joy of it versus recognition?
  • What new rituals could you start to better take care of yourself?

Earth is in gate 28 – Struggle

I Ching: Preponderance of the Great

Spleen Center

This gate contains the fear that life has no meaning and the struggle to discover that meaning. You may encounter feeling that life is not fair and you will be caught up in comparing your life to other’s that seem more successful or abundant.

The energy of this gate is the life experience to struggle to discover that meaning. But it has to be the correct struggle, otherwise it is a perpetual cycle of wrong struggles that make your life much more difficult that it has to be. If living life according to your type’s strategy, you will encounter the correct struggle for you to grow stronger. When the value of life has been mastered, people with Gate 28 enjoys the challenge. They like pushing the envelope, and taking on the struggle to gain tremendous payoff when they’ve come through the other side.

Those with Gate 28 in their conscious Sun can instantly be ready to commit to life’s adventures. You might also find yourself so fearful about what could happen that it is difficult to move at all. It is only when you realize that in order to grow in emotional intelligence that you need to face, accept and resolve challenges. Find balance between accepting the struggles that confront you and being clear if, you need to commit yourself to them. Your Type strategy and Authority consistently guide your attention to give you clarity.

With your conscious Sun in Gate 28 you love a good challenge, especially if it takes you right to the edge of your seat. You have a talent for expertly making your way though demanding circumstances that take you into and through potentially risky situations, often with a calm smile on your face. You seek out and anticipate conditions that require your gift of aligning everything to work smoothly as deep within you realize that you are a champion who is born to celebrate life and all its wondrous potentials.

You are not driven by the ego, but are always seeking to touch that sense of immortality. In those glorious moments why you reach, touch, and achieve the “impossible,” you experience glimpses of satisfaction that cannot easily be attained by other means. You have generous nature and inspire others to reach further in their own lives. So that they can embrace more of the Divine and mystery of life. When you align yourself with your own Type’s strategy and Authority, you find the people and adventures that truly inspire you in your own life and perceive the limits of what you actually need to achieve to be fulfilled.

Are you pushing or forcing manifesting? / or are you doing what you love and waiting to respond (or for the invitation)?

Gate 28 Affirmations

Journal Prompts

  • What in your life is worth living for?
  • Is this a fight worth the energy?
  • Ask your authority style, is this adventure for me? or not serving my higher calling of finding inspiration?
  • Are you aligned with your higher self?

Mercury in Gate 23: Assimilation

I Ching: Splitting Apart


As the Capricorn moon connects with Mercury in Taurus and the nodes of fate. This cosmic climate will act as a portal between you and the spiritual planes, opening you to guidance from beyond the veil.

Gate 23 is of real foundational change. Similar to Plutos energy of blowing it all up to heal and put it back together properly. This is the power where evolution lies.

The throat is the center of manifestation. Without words there is no communication for change or ideas, or action. With correct timing, invitation, and recognition, the words of Gate 23 can change the world. Or at least the world of the person who is listening.

If gate 23 waits for the right timing, the words are perceived as genius. If not, then the words will be seen as “freakish” and ineffective. Gate 23 job is to find the words to express mental mutation of the Intuitive Knowing Circuit. The gift is it can be split apart into tiny bite size pieces for understanding.

Human Design Gate 23 Affirmation

Apr 24 — Mercury in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius 

The devil is in the details during this frustrating aspect, creating a day of obstacles and delays. Pay close attention to every detail to avoid further issues.

Apr 24 — Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 

A soothing aspect that is perfect for relaxation, healing, and boosting intuition. Spiritual messages can arrive through mediation and dreams.

Apr 24 — Venus in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius 

A harmonious aspect that is ideal for reaching agreements and negating deals that are beneficial to everyone involved.

Apr 27 — Mercury in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Pisces 

An ideal day to make major decisions about our future. This aspect encourages us to trust our gut and make a firm plan. Positive thinking is a must right now.

Apr 27 — Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces 

A day of imagination and inspiration as this aspect brings feelings of unconditional love to all.

Self Worth Poem

Right now you feel like this neglected grapevine 

Appear dead outside with no motivation to go on and are ready to give up. Give up on hope life and your self worth.

You’ve been kept in toxic soil with bugs eating at your roots by someone who is a parasite

But there is a tiny glimpse of hope 

If and when you choose to remove yourself from the toxic soil and plant yourself in sunlight and fertile soil watering and feeding yourself through self worth practices. You start to sprout a leaf then another 

Then all Of a sudden you’ve transformed into a fruit bearing grapevine!!! Providing sustenance to others.  

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining.

How to master your boundaries:

  • Envision yourself saying NO
  • Feel the power of your self sovereignty
  • Dream of yourself saying NO
  • Step into your courage, pushing through fear, and taking action to say NO.
  • Be detached with the others emotional response (which may be like a child’s temper tantrum)

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“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated.”

-Brene Brown
What’s missing in your life right now? comment below.
There is one thing I know… is this.

when you are controlled by a narcissist you will never reach your true potential as a beautiful human being. There is hope though! You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your souls journey. The dark egoistic people are drawn to your empathic light – like a moth to the light.

Raven Scott
What relief tip from this show are you going to start today? Let me know in comments below.

I know what I’m doing. I am running and listening to my Peloton app coaches. It’s a physical and spiritual coaching session every time. What are you doing?

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“I salute the Divinity in you.”

– Indian brotherhood
Raven Scott

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