Grounding Meditation

Grounding Aura Shield Meditation

Ground & Aura Shield up!

This next exercise is a meditation. Once you do it one time through, you understand the concept of visualizing your root chakra connecting to the Earth and this provides you grounding. You can quickly do this before a meeting, an event, or just to start your day right. 

Another way to quickly ground is to walk on the Earth barefoot, and in the winter you can get a magnetic grounding mat to use indoors. 
   I call this the Empath Protection Meditation Practice

Quick Outline of Meditation:

‚óŹ  Breathe deeply three times

Close your eyes.

Imagine a root growing from your tailbone down into the Earth

It reaches the center of the Earth’s mantle and grabs a glowing crystal

Breathe deeply.

With each breath a glowing light shines up from the crystal up your root.

Up your spine through each chakra in your body.

Up and out over your head

And a white and gold sparkling light and shower pours over you like an umbrella

Forming a secure and luminous bubble around you

You are grounded

You are safe from any outside negative energies

Any time you need to be reminded. Tell yourself. “Shield up.” And set the intention that same bubble is there whenever you need it.


Comment below how you feel after this meditation



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