Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Journal Release Ritual

Full Moon Journal to Release the Pain

How do you feel it to heal it??? 

Print out and refer to the Workbook provided in the Soul Alignment Master Class. And simply journal all of the emotions out. I say “simply”, but I understand it can be hard to feel them and have these negative feelings regurgitate up. Remember, be brave as the divine goddess Inanna. 

If you tap into the feelings and cry through your writing, and wail and scribble and curse in your writing, this can be the most releasing and cathartic work you can do. This is no ordinary sit down and journal. So don’t fear being creative, or even if it is legible. 

First because you are pulling out all of the bottled up words and emotions that have been shoved so far down inside. 

And second it gives you an opportunity to transmute it; or to change the state of it outside your body.  

There are few special steps and reasons why this is even the most powerful healing exercise to begin with. 

We are using the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Starting by writing down your deepest current feelings, honest musings, gratitude and pain using a lead pencil on paper. First incorporate the Earth element of your instruments. 

And the second element of Air – your thoughts. 

This is a very healthy outlet for your thoughts. Take advantage of this exercise any time you are feeling overwhelmed. They say thoughts become things. This means ideas have energy attached to them and the negative ones are toxic if they continue to swirl around in your head. So get them out!

For ultimate release of the energy, do this during a Full Moon or the day or two after during the waning period. 

Why during the Full Moon? This time of the Full Moon is a time of releasing and the most potent energy the moon provides. The Moon rules our emotions, and when it is at its fullest and reflecting the Sun, which rules your identity and self, it’s the perfect time to transmute it up to the Universe. You certainly do not need to wait until the Full moon to write out what you need to release. You can do this practice anytime. 

After you write down all you are feeling currently, tap into when you first felt that feeling before and get it all out. The practice of going back to the root of this trigger is a very powerful process.

Third element is Fire. In this step you burn this paper and journal entry in a safe stainless steel pot outside or in a fireplace. When you burn the journal entry, you are utilizing the Fire element and sacrificing those thoughts up to the Universe and allowing Source to take your pain and burden. 

Why burn it? This is explained through the concept that thoughts become things, and words can manifest and have energy and power for life to thrive or shrivel. It’s important to get the negative emotions and energy out of your mind and body and when you put it onto paper it is now on a conduit that can be transferred up to the Divine. When you burn it you are burning the energy up as a sacrifice and transmuting the energy. The form of the words literally change states from a solid to gas through transmuting them through the fire. 

The Fourth and final element and step is Water. Next, shower as soon as possible to let the cleansing magic of water wash away the residual energy of your thoughts and writings.

It’s important to shower and allow the fresh water to wash away any residual energy surrounding your journal. 

After you have completed this releasing ritual, do so around every consecutive full moon releasing out all your current emotions. This transmutation is incredibly powerful to peel back the layers in your healing process.  

This journal exercise is how you feel it to heal it. 

Comment below how you feel after this ritual



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