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Do you have multiple books on your nightstand??

Explore what it means to be the human design type Manifesting Generator.

Here are some key moments:

  • Embrace your natural multitasking
  • Release judgement about living life through “failed” experiences
  • Defined Sacral

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83. I found I’m a Manifesting Generator – Now What?


83. I found I’m a Manifesting Generator – Now What?

[00:00:00] Raven: Welcome to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast, where you regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. I am your host Raven Scott, a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I’m empowering empaths in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse childhood trauma through human design self-care mindfulness advice and expert interviews Subscribe now This is season five Episode 83. I found out that I’m a manifesting generator. Now what?

Well, welcome to your empaths. Today we’re gonna be covering, I found out I’m a manifesting generator. Now what? What does that mean? When you are a manifesting generator, you actually have a combination of two types in the human design system, so you have a bit more of a complex strategy. But it’s really very simple and I’ll talk through it and ground all of this crazy information that looks very daunting to you on your chart. And yeah, don’t worry, we’ll get into this. So I’m gonna share one of our listeners in the podcast chart. Shout out to Tracy. It was such an honor to meet with her. , face-to-face via zoom in her free call. And introductory as well as working with her. One-on-one in coaching if you wish To Have your chart read? Live here on the podcast. Make sure that you book , your 20 minute free call with me. Get that booked in. And when you meet with me for a chance to have a, shout out in the episode. [00:01:46]

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Raven: So Tracy is a manifesting generator. Hello, Tracy. If you’re listening, I’m just gonna give a bit of a reading of your chart here as an example. , you’ll see also that her profile is three five. She has a split definition. Her strategy is to respond, and her inner authority is emotional, emotional solar plexus. This not self theme is frustration for both generators and manifesting generators. When you’re not living according to your strategy and flowing with the ebb and flow of your actual energy, when you hit, speed bumps in the road, resistance blocks to your energy, your go-to emotion is frustration. So the, the thing I wanna explain to you about the not self theme, it’s not actually a bad thing. It is a sign. It is a signal to say, Hey. You’re feeling frustrated. That means that you need to pause and reevaluate if you’ve used your strategy or if you are maybe pushing through or resisting your energy flow and trying to do it a different way that isn’t in alignment and flow with your energy.

So this incarnation cross, the next element here is, The right angle cross of consciousness. And what it does is it takes the earth and the sun gates in the conscious and unconscious and combines them into a purpose, a life purpose, a main life theme. And this is a really beautiful place to kind of dive deeper into the reason why your soul is here. Sometimes it’s personal and it’s just another part of your journey in maturing an evolution and sometimes. It is interpersonal where you’re a bit more of maybe, let’s say an older soul and you have a, a bit of more of a theme that, affects others around you. If that’s the case, typically all soul, you’ll have a profile five, six, and four line. That’s a whole nother. Podcast episode I can talk about are the profile lines and what they all mean. But right now, today in this podcast episode, we’re talking about manifesting generators. What does it mean? Now what, what do I do with this information? So first of all, I’m just gonna affirm you that you’re multitasking and your maybe backwards or complex roundabout thought process thinking. Of not being as methodical as the generators in your life would like you to. I just wanna affirm that that is you. That is okay. That is beautiful, and that’s your energy.

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone tell you that that’s not the right way to do it, because this is your energetic flow. If you have multiple projects going on, you have multiple books on your nightstand that you’re reading, and you may get a little judgment from someone who reads one book at a time. Just know that that’s their energy type and your energy type thrives and multitasking. An example would be you love to cook, work on a craft project. At the same time. If you’ve got something baking and have a TV show or some type of podcast in your ear that you’re listening to, multitasking is your modus of operandi. And it’s a beautiful thing. Manifesting generators know, like, like you have a vision that is coming from your manifestor type energy. You have a vision and you know the end result already. You know what the vision is in your head, and so therefore you may skip a few steps because you are impatient. And you don’t wanna go through all of the mundane details of getting through the process to get to your vision. So for instance, if you have a child who’s a manifesting generator, trying to teach them math, if you’re a different type Y, you’ll just like, your mind will be blown. Like I was just listening to my daughter the other day, explain to me how she got to an answer in her math and it was like it was the end result minus, subtract. And then add back in and there you go. And there’s the answer versus, myself, I had similar but it, I didn’t go all the way to the end. I did just a few different steps. And so this is what’s beautiful about how our brains work, depending on your type, is that you can embrace how you come to the answer in math, which is kind of infuriating with the public school system and having one particular method that works.

Each type has a different way. Of processing information. So when we go back to what does it mean now what I’m a manifesting generator, yes, you’re affirmed, you’re a multitasker, you are affirmed that you don’t have a lot of patience. So that’s something that you need to work on and you are affirmed that you can see the vision. And do the end result. Maybe skip a few steps in the middle and it’s okay to go back and backtrack, especially with a profile three. This particular profile is what we call the martyr, and really what it means is you love to, like you live life through experimentation. You live life through experiences, which is hugely part of the manifesting generator’s mode, your energy. You love to get your hands dirty. You lo, like I said, you love to skip a few steps and say, you know what? I don’t need to do that. I already know what’s gonna happen. And so you experiment, right? You move forward in the experimentation, you skip a few steps and then you go, oh, well that didn’t work out. Let’s just backtrack and try again. And if that is embraced throughout your childhood. If that was okay, then like you have no problem with experimenting, experiencing things, learning lessons the hard way, and then backtracking and gaining that knowledge, and then you have the knowledge to tell other people, like, Hey, this is the five, especially that heretic. This is the way to go. This is what we should be doing. Trust me, I’ve learned from personal experience, don’t take that route. Go this route, right? Ooh, red flag this, this person in your life is treating you like that.

Based on my own personal experiences, I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole. Just letting you know you can do whatever you want. But that five line has the wisdom and that leadership to say, oh no, you probably don’t wanna do that. Just. Based on my personal experience as a manifesting generator who loves to dive in the deep end without planning and that three line of experimenting and experiences. So it’s beautiful actually, if we’re embracing the life journey, it’s beautiful. If you are resisting the life journey and you’re not enjoying it and you’re struggling through a lot of pain, if in your childhood you were raised by, let’s say, a generator type because. Those are more methodical type people who have to dot all the i’s, cross all the T’s and make sure all the mundane details are done. They’re gonna frown upon their child, skipping those steps, and they’re gonna condition them into thinking that that experimentation is wrong. Or let’s say they spill milk or they like, as a child, you’re just kind of rushing through things. You’re not being patient as a Man-Gen and you spill something in the kitchen. Where you, if your parent is like, Ugh, why didn’t you just slow down? Now the giant mess we have to clean up. If you had done it slower, if you had asked me for help or all the lectures we get, from our parents, right? Like, then you start to be conditioned that yes, of course being patient slowing down, is it? But it’s just, and instead of going, oops, oops, did I use these? It’s okay. We can clean it up. Right? This is just a small example of. Real life scenarios that can expand into other things like relationships and work and all of the things.

Then, yeah, there, if you, if it’s not like treated lightheartedly, then you’re gonna be conditioned that your experiences were detrimental versus a place where you really were thriving to learn from. So I hope that all makes sense. As a manifesting generator, you are affirmed that you should be learning through experiences. I’m not gonna say like go through life and make errors, however, that’s part of life and that’s how you learn is, that phrase like learning the hard way. That’s a bit of the line three and the manifesting generator. And not to say that that’s your only way of learning, I’m just saying don’t be so hard on yourself. Now when you look at your chart and you take a look at, all of these numbers, all of these things, we’re not gonna get into that today cause we’re just talking about you as a manifesting generator.

So the next element I really wanna lean into today in the episode is how to respond the strategy. Your strategy is to respond. I would also add the caveat is to inform and respond because you might have a vision, you might have an idea that you would like to start to initiate. This is where the complex strategy comes into play. The manifesting generator has, again, the element of the manifesting energy, the manifestor, as well as the generator, which is. What it means to be a generator, essentially, if you look at the chart here, you have this sacral center. If you have your chart in front of you as you’re listening, sacral center is defined. It’s red, it’s the square right above the bottom square, and that means it’s colored in and you have a consistent motor for work, consistent motor for doing, for, operating and all that stuff, right? Like, I always envision a generator as like a. A factory, like a factory worker or an actual factory of just like pumping stuff out, content ideas, productions creative endeavors. So you have that in you as a manifesting generator, but you also have this vision and you have this tiny bit of initiation, so you have. What the manifestor strategy is, is to inform and then just do it. That’s the manifestor type strategy and for you, you wanna inform so that you can like open up the flood gates to opportunities and ideas and people to respond to about your vision that you just informed people about. So you may have a great vision to. Start a new business endeavor.

So inform all of those people that are important to you in your life that can really have influence or spread the word about your new business endeavor. Continue to work on the nuts and bolts and the, the details. Try and work and embrace your, the generator part of you and working on the structures, the factory of that business endeavor you’re thinking about. And then wait to respond to an opportunity to a door for a door to open for your energy and river to flow on the right path. So it has a lot to do with waiting and faith manifesting is a bit, is part of the manifesting, is putting it out to the universe, informing and then waiting to receive with hands open. Unexpected of where that the universe is gonna bring what avenue. The universe is gonna bring your manifestation to you. It’ll always be in a surprising way cuz that’s how the universe works and magic happens when you do what you love as the generator part. Just let your light shine. Do what lights you up, inform. And then allow the opportunities to flow to you to respond to. Maybe it’s someone asking a question about what you’re doing. It may not be an opportunity, but that may lead into a connection to somebody else to fulfill that opportunity and so on and so forth. We know we’re not an island, we don’t. Thrive on our own. We’re a piece of the puzzle of the whole network of the collective, and you, what lights you up is your contribution to the world and to the collective puzzle piece, which then we could, we go further in depth in the coaching readings and coaching calls. As to what is that? What is your purpose and passion? What gates, these numbers are defined, what channels do you have? A channel is a filled in colored line from one center connecting to another center. And it’s interesting, right now I’m looking at Tracy’s chart. I just talked about the 35 36 channel is happening during this full moon, that we just experienced last weekend. . And , , you’re gonna be feeling this strongly because you have this already, this energy, consistently in your chart. And for the rest of you, take a look at, if you have gate 35. Five or 36 highlighted or circled in, and you’ll be feeling some intense energy as well. And the aftermath of this weekend. Um, and if you’re confused and not sure, book your free call with me. [00:15:54]

Raven: So what it is, an emoting, it’s a transitoriness, it is a cha time for change, which I know that you are experiencing right now. So embrace it, roll with it. Have your hands open to be receiving from the universe what you wish to manifest, as well as feeling through and like just doing your self care to balance your emotions because you have an emotional inner authority. Last bit in this particular chart, not all manifesting generators will have an emotional inner authority. It will either be one of two things. It will either be the. Emotional inner authority or the sacral. There is a small percentage that would have splenic, but typically not because you have this motor, the sacral always defined, so if you have that defined with a white solar plexus, which is the triangle to the right of that square, second bottom from the top, then if you have that solar plexus as white, your inner authority is sacral. If you have it this color, the triangle, the solar plexus is defined, then it is emotional, and so you just feel through the waves. Take that thought process, that question, that quarry the thing that needs to be resolved and feel through your emotional cycle all the way through in order to come to a space of clarity, an understanding for what your next right step and right move is. So that is it for, I found out that out that I am a manifesting generator. Now what, and I hope that really gave you some real clarity and maybe some grounded information as to what to do with your new information as a manifesting generator.


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